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Les Motos Peugeot 1950-1960 de Mon Pere
by Patrick Negro
Hardcover from ETAI, Paris

Monet & Goyon la moto Francaise
Hardcover from ETAI

Les motos francaises: Cent ans d'histoire (French Edition)
by Bernard Salvat
Paperback from EPA Editions

Motos Francaises 1869-1962
by Patrick Negro
Hardcover from ETAI

Motobecane les deux-temps 1921-1984
Paperback from ETAI

La motobécane de mon père : D45 & série Z
by Patrick Negro
Hardcover from ETAI

Les Archives du collectionneur. Motobécane-Motoconfort
by Etai
Paperback from ETAI

Velocette (French Edition)
by Jean-Pierre Dauliac
Paperback from ETAI

Motobecane Owner's Handbook [In English]
by Motobecane Editors
Paperback from Motobecane

Motorized Bicycles
by Tom Bartlett
Paperback from

The Illustrated Directory of Motorcycles
Paperback from Motorbooks

Funky Mopeds!: The 1970s Sports Moped phenomenon
by Richard Skelton
Paperback from Veloce

La moto dans l'Armee francaise: Des origines a nos jours (French Edition)
by Michel Durand
Paperback from M. Durand

Les motards: Le phenomene moto, les jeunes et leur vie communautaire (Epoque) (French Edition)
by Chantal Favre
Paperback from Privat

The Motorcycle
by Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues
Paperback from Zebra Books - Grove Press

French-English dictionary, with explanatory notes, of terms and expressions relating to the construction and management of bicycles, motor cycles and motor cars
by W. E Bayles from Boyveau and Chevillet

Continental Circus, 1949-2000 (English and French Edition)
by Jean-Claude Schertenleib
Hardcover from Vine House Distribution

Le Petit Futé La Corse à moto (French Edition)
by Xavier Bonnin

La moto (French Edition)
by Christian Lacombe
Hardcover from Larousse

Guide des voyages a moto (French Edition)
by Fenouil
Paperback from Flammarion

Les motos (French Edition)
by Agnès Vandewiele
Paperback from FLEURUS

Les fondus de la moto (French Edition)
by Richez
Comic from Bamboo Editions

Mini Bible de la moto (French Edition)
by Roland Brown
Hardcover from YB

Motos (French Edition)
by Loïc Depailler
Hardcover from Gründ

Un siècle de motos (French Edition)
by Gilbert Lecat
Hardcover from Sélection du Reader's Digest

Les motos (French Edition)
by Bob Holliday
Library Binding from ATLAS

Paperback from FLAMMARION

Guzzi Girls: Photographs
Hardcover from Goliath Books
Guzzi Girls are a dream come true. Moe Moore’s two favorite obsessions – vintage Moto Guzzis and beautiful girls - melt into each other perfectly as he picks up the camera and shoots in his garage the hottest women around. The soft curves and bumps of the bike blend right into soft curves and bumps of these women. Born to be wild, sexy and fun! 


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