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A-Z of Motorcycles (Illustrated Encyclopedias)
by Roland Brown
From vintage Scott two-strokes and Velocette sportsters, to modern Grand Prix racers and specialist off-road weaponry, the A-Z of Motorcycles covers all major motorcycle marques. It includes more than 300 excellent colour photos.
Lorenz Books, 1 Ed. October 1999
ISBN: 0754800296
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The New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Motorcycles
by Erwin Tragatsch
Updated version of the classic work by one whose name has entered the motorcycle lexicon.
Hardcover - 560 pages May 2000
Book Sales; ISBN: 078581163X
Encyclopedia of the Motorcycle : Ultimate Reference and Comprehensive Companion for Motorbike Enthusiasts
by Peter Henshaw
Hardcover - 448 pages 
Book Sales; ISBN: 0785810471
The Encyclopedia of the Motorcycle
Hugo Wilson
This book contains photos of more than 1000 motorcycles, and lists over 3000 manufacturers, arranged alphabetically. It includes basic information on each marque including insignia, country of origin and other data, and many makes are treated in considerable detail - including of course Harley-Davidson and Indian. The photographs are of machines in the AMA Motorcycle Heritage Museum of Westerville, Ohio and several other museums in Germany and the UK.
Hardcover 1995
Doring Kindersley; ISBN: 0789401509
Encyclopedia of Motorcycles
by Roger Hicks (Editor), Roy Bacon (Editor), Mac McDiarmid, John Tipler (Editor)
Thunder Bay Press
Hardcover - 544 pages (September 1, )
Classic Bikes
Peter Henshaw
Includes articles and photos covering: Ariel, AJS, BMW, Brough Superior, BSA, Douglas, Ducati, Excelsior U.K.,
 Excelsior U.S.A., Harley Davidson, Henderson, Hesketh, Indian, James, Jawa, Laverda, Matchless, Morini, Moto Guzzi, MV, New Hudson,  New Imperial, Norton, NUT, Panther, Royal Enfield, Rudge, Scott, Sunbeam, Triumph, Velocette, Vincent and Zenith.
Paperback, Stoeger 1995
Dimensions: 12 x 9.2 x 0.3 inches
ASIN: 088317183X

Miller's Classic Motorcycles : Yearbook & Price Guide
by Mick Walker
Miller's Classic Motorcycles

Mick Walker's Japanese Grand Prix Racing Motorcycles
by Mick Walker
Paperback: 220 pages
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0953131181; 

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Motorcycle Classics
by Doug Mitchel
This book profiles more than 100 bikes from the US, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, & Japan. It covers over 90 years of motorcycling history.
Hardcover (November )
Publications International; ISBN: 078530889X

An Illustrated History of Motorcycles
Roy Bacon
Hardcover, Published 1996
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Intertec's Vintage Collection Series: Two-Stroke Motorcycles
Intertec's Vintage Collection Series : Four-Stroke Motorcycles
Clymer Vintage British Street Bikes
Clymer Vintage Japanese Street Bikes
Listed under Vintage Motorcycles

From: Stefano Milani
dedicated to multicylinder motorcycles for road use, with 3 to 8 cylinders, made in the world from 1895 to 1968 (i.e. 
before Honda 4 and Kawasaki 3).
-110 producers
-pp 320
-Pictures: more than 1000 original+ 16 important motorcycles survived.
-All company history.
-All models produced year by year with original pictures.
It'a book for specialist printed in few copies.
It cost: €100

Moto Italiane - I Primi 50 Anni
Italian motorcycles 1895-1945
by Stefano Milani
Four Volumes

I primi 50 anni della moto. Storia delle genti e delle motociclette dal 1894 al 1944.
Editor: D. Zanetti 
Index: Caerano di San Marco (TV), 2003; pp. 104. 
ISBN: 88-87982-40-6

The Motorcycle; A Definite History
by John Carroll, Garry Stuart
Hardcover - 192 pages (March )
Smithmark Publisher's; ISBN: 0831762926
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The Motorcycle a Definitive History : A Comprehensive Chronicle of Motorcycles Throughout the World
John Carroll, Hardcover Published 1997
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The Complete Encyclopedia of Classic Motorcycles
De Cet, Mirco (). Quentin Daniel. ed (in English). . Rebo International. ISBN 13: 978-90-366-1497-9. 

Classic British Motorcycles of over 500cc.
Currie, Bob (1988).  Patrick Stephens Ltd. ISBN 1-85260-083-7.

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