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Brough Superior - The Rolls-Royce of Motorcycles
Ronald H. Clark 
Reissued for the 40th anniversary of the Brough Superior Club, this complete story of the most distinguished name in the history of British motorcycles was written with the full cooperation of the Brough works and of George Brough himself. For more than 30 years, it has been the definitive book on Brough Superior, containing a wealth of technical data, archival photographs, cutaway drawings, diagrams, and nine detailed appendices of engine specs and competition histories. The Publisher
Hardcover - 192 pages 3rd edition
Haynes Publishing; ISBN: 1859604382
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An Excerpt:

Brough Superior 1938 - 1939

The 997cc Golden Dream

Brough Golden DreamThe "Dream", like some previous examples, had four cylinders, but there all resemblance finishes for here we have the cylinders arranged after an "H" on its side or, if one prefers it, two horizontally opposed twins one above the other and geared together. Perfect balance was obtained by causing them to rotate in opposite directions but with each pair of pistons (when considered vertically) reciprocating together. George called it a "flat vertical" - flat for balance, vertical for cooling.

As first designed, the four cylinders each were about 68x68 mm., 996 cc., with the camshafts gear-driven ... Much development work was done on this engine and as might be expected many modifications resulted, culminating in the second design ... and it was this engine that was used in the first "Dream" exhibited at Olympia in 1938.

Final drive was by the propeller shaft ... and an underslung worm and wormwheel on the rear axle, and even the propeller shaft was enclosed in a tube.

Quite apart from its original features, this remarkable engine had one advantage over all the OHV twins so far produced - the valves and springs are now totally enclosed. It was the most original and outstanding attempt to break away from the ... conventionalism in motorcycles this country had, up to 1938, ever witnessed.

 ... four or five were produced during the early part of 1939 and with the four-speed box was being erected [sic] for Olympia that year.

Then, in September, England was at war for the third time this century, and for the second time the productive capacity of the house of Brough applied to the war effort.

T. E. Lawrence
Books by, and about, Lawrence of Arabia

Brough Superior The "Rolls-Royce" of Motorcycles.
T.E. Lawrence, a great proponent of the Rolls-Royce marque, was also a magnificent motorcyclist. He owned a succession of Brough Superiors and travelled at speed over distances which in this day and age seem quite respectable, but in the 1920's & 30's were little short of incredible.
Lawrence of Arabia

  Railton & Brough Superior Gold Portfolio 1933-50 (Gold Portfolio)
by R Clarke
Paperback from Brooklands Books

Hudson and Railton Cars (Including Terraplane and Brough Superior) 1936-1940

Paperback from Brooklands Books

Brough Superior from 1923: Road Tests and Features from the Motor Cycle, Motor Cycling & Motor Cycle Sport
by Cyril Ayton
Hardcover from Motorbooks International

Brough Superior: The Rolls-Royce of Motorcycles (Foulis Railway Book)
by Ronald H. Clark
Hardcover from Haynes Publications

Brough Superior S. S.100 (Super Profile)
by Colin Simms
Hardcover from G T Foulis & Co Ltd

Brough Superior from 1923 : Road Tests and Features from the Motor Cycle, Motor Cycling & Motor Cycle Sport
C.E. Allen, Published 1990
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Brough Superior SS100
Colin Simms
Haynes ASIN: 0854293647
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"To explain the lure of speed you would have to explain human nature; but it is easier understood than explained. All men in all ages have beggared themselves for fast horses or camels or ships or cars or bikes or aeroplanes: all men have strained themselves dry to run or walk or swim faster. Speed is the second oldest animal craving in our nature, and our generation is fortunate in being able to indulge it more cheaply and generally than our ancestors. Every natural man cultivates the speed that appeals to him. I have a motor-bike income." T.E. Lawrence.


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