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Arizona Cactus: A Guide to Unique Varieties (Arizona Traveler Guidebooks)
by Deborah Smith, Deborahann Smith
(Paperback - May 1989)
Growing Classic Cacti : An Illustrated Guide to over 150 Representative Species
by Marcus H. Schneck
Book Description: From tropical jungles to the driest deserts, from sea level to the tops of snow-packed mountains, cacti thrive in a multitude of environments. This wonderful, fact-filled reference introduces 150 of the most common and popular species. Each entry has a color photo and includes information on its origins, growing season, discovery, naming, and domestication. Take a look at the bright red flowering rat-tail cactus; the sea urchin cactus with pale yellowish petals; and the tall saguaro--the one you'll have seen in all those Westerns--and 147 more! Understand the process they use to extract water in areas of limited moisture, and examine the variety of their spines and the shapes of their flowers. See how to care for these exotic but hardy plants, using the important details to provide an atmosphere in which they can flourish and flower. You'll get the secrets of successful propagation (whether by seed, soil, or grafting); growing mediums and tools; recipes for soil mixes for particular species; facts on watering and feeding; and careful guidance on common problems. It's everything you need to know about cultivating cactus in the home and garden.
Paperback - 112 pages Reprint edition
Sterling Publications; ISBN: 0806937890
Cactus Family
by Edward F. Anderson
Hardcover: 776 pages
Timber Pr; ISBN: 0881924989; (March 16, )

The Cactaceae : Descriptions and Illustrations of Plants of the Cactus Family, Volumes 1 and 2 of a 4 volume set
by Nathaniel Lord Britton, John N. Rose 
(Hardcover - June 1963)

Cactus and Succulents : Simple Secrets for Glorious Gardens-Indoors and Out (Garden Style Book)
by Mimi Luebbermann, Faith Echtermeyer (Photographer)

Cactuses of Big Bend National Park (Corrie Herring Hooks Series)
by Donglas B. Evans, et al 
When the cactuses bloom in Big Bend National Park, their vivid pinks and purples, reds and yellows bring an unforgettable beauty to the rugged Chihuahuan Desert landscape. In fact, many people visit the park just see the cactus blossoms and the wildflowers. If you're one of them, this book will increase your enjoyment by helping you identify the wonders at your feet. And if you've never been to Big Bend when the cactuses are blooming, you'll discover here what you've been missing. Douglas B. Evans describes twelve kinds of cactus--living rock, topflower, stout-spined, hedgehog, pineapple, button, barrel, fishhook, nipple, chollas and pricklypears, and Texas nipple--and their individual species known to occur in the park. Color photographs taken by Doris Evans and Ro Wauer accompany the species descriptions. As you hike or drive through the park, you can identify most of the cactuses you see simply by leafing through these splendid pictures and then checking the descriptions, which indicate the cactuses' characteristic features and habitat. To make the book even more useful, Evans also briefly defines the parts of a cactus, explains how scientific names work, and offers a quick introduction to the geography and ecology of Big Bend National Park and the Chihuahuan Desert. With this information, you'll enjoy not only seeing the cactuses of the Big Bend but also being able to tell one from another and knowing just what makes each one special. 

Cacti : The Illustrated Dictionary
by Rod Preston-Mafham, Ken Preston-Mafham (Contributor)

The Cactaceae: Descriptions and Illustrations of Plants of the Cactus Family: Volume III and Volume IV
by Nathaniel L. Britton, Joseph N. Rose
(Hardcover - March 1979)

Columnar Cacti and Their Mutualists: Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation
by Theodore H. Fleming (Editor), Alfonso Valiente-Banuet (Editor)

Cacti and Succulents: Step-By-Step to Growing Success (Crowood Gardening Guides)
by Bill Keen, W. C. Keen
(Paperback - July 1991)

Cactus and Succulents: Simple Secrets for Glorious Gardens-Indoors and Out (Garden Style Book)
by Mimi Luebbermann, Faith Echtermeyer (Photographer)

Cacti of the Desert Southwest
by Meg Quinn

Cacti: Biology and Uses
by Park S. Nobel (Editor)

Complete Book of Cacti & Succulents
by Terry Hewitt
Book Description:
The Complete Book of Cacti & Succulents features the history, cultivation, and imaginative use of more than 300 plants -- in step-by-step color stages. This is a feast of in-depth information and eye-catching photography. DK's new line of paperback titles combines all the qualities of its hardcovers with the advantages of the soft cover format. Each of these already popular books will now be available to a large new readership who will delight in the essential elements of every DK title: clarity, educational value, and visual appeal. 

Cactus : The Most Beautiful Species and Their Care
by Elisabeth Manke 
Paperback - 160 pages 1st edition (March 15, )
Barrons Educational Series; ISBN: 0764112260
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cacti
by Clive Innes, et al 

Peyote : The Divine Cactus
by Edward F. Anderson 

Peyote : And Other Psychoactive Cacti
by Adam Gottlieb, et al 

Succulents : The Illustrated Dictionary
by Maurizio Sajeva, et al 

Succulents II : The New Illustrated Dictionary
by Maurizio Sajeva, Mariangela Costanzo 
Hardcover: 240 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.97 x 11.13 x 8.87 
Publisher: Timber Pr; ; (March )
ISBN: 0881924490 

Succulents : The Illustrated Dictionary
by Maurizio Sajeva, Mariangela Costanzo

Simon and Schuster's Guide to Cacti and Succulents
by Mariella Pizzetti, Stanley Schuler (Editor)
(Paperback - December 1985)

Stuck on Cactus : A Beginning Grower's Guide
by David E. Wright

101 Essential Tips: Cacti & Succulents
by Terry Hewitt, Deni Bown

The Plantfinder's Guide to Cacti & Other Succulents
by Keith Grantham, Paul Klaassen

Northern Chihuahuan Desert Wildflowers
by Steve West

All About Saguaros
by Carle Hodge, et al

A Gardener's Directory of Cacti & Succulents: An Illustrated A-Z Guide to over 400 Varities
by Miles Anderson

Mac's Field Guide to Cacti and Common Trees and Shrubs of the Southwest
by Craig MacGowan

Succulent and Xerophytic Plants of Madagascar (Volume I)
by Werner Raugh

Succulent and Xerophytic Plants of Madagascar (Volume II)
by Werner Rauh, Herman, Dr. Schwartz (Editor)

Saguaro: The Desert Giant
by Anna Humphreys, Susan Lowell

Trees, Shrubs, and Cacti of South Texas
by Dale Lynn Drawe, et al

Wild Cactus
by George H. H. Huey, Rose Houk (Contributor)

Dry Climate Gardening With Succulents : The Huntington Botanical Gardens
by Debra Brown Folsom et al.
ISBN: 0679758291
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Encyclopedia of Cacti and Succulents CD-ROM
by Philippe Faucon 
CD-ROM - 1600 pages (July 1, ); ISBN: 097134020X
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The Succulent Garden : A Practical Gardening Guide
Yvonne Cave / Timber Pr / May 1997
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Ultimate Book of Cacti and Succulents
by Miles Anderson 
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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