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Apremont : A French Folly (Small Books of Great Gardens)
by Gabrielle Van Zuylen, et al 

The Cook and the Gardener : A Year of Recipes and Writings for the French Countryside
by Amanda Hesser, Kate Gridley (Illustrator)
The Cook and the Gardener is Amanda Hesser's first book. From the opening lines of its introduction, her literary gifts are as evident as her passion for good food. Since this work combines recipes with her essays about Monsieur Milbert (the gardener at the Chateau du Fey in Burgundy, where Hesser worked as the cook), readers get to enjoy both of her talents.

Country Series: English Country Gardens
by Ethne Clarke, Clay Perry 

Dumbarton Oaks : Garden into Art
by Susan Tamulevich , et al
Hardcover: 240 pages
Monacelli Pr; ISBN: 1580930697;

Garden Guide New York City (Garden Guides)
by Nancy Berner, et al
(Paperback -- June )

Gardens of the French Riviera
by Louisa Jones
The terraced hillsides, rocky capes, and secluded coves of the French Riviera provide some of the world's most spectacular garden settings, and its delightful climate has drawn legendary figures in the arts, literature, and international society since the eighteenth century. In this beautifully designed volume, Louisa Jones turns her gardening and literary talents to the magnificent gardens of the French Riviera, some beloved by visitors for over a century, but most private and hitherto unphotographed. The author's love of plants and gardening really shines through in the text that weaves history, charming anecdotes, and a detailed description of the gardens and plants featured, from the Rothschild villa to the rustic vigor of a well tended olive grove. Abundantly illustrated with stunning photographs by Vincent Motte, and complete with a list of gardens to visit as well as a buyer's guide to the best nurseries and plant suppliers in the region, Gardens of the French Riviera is a marvelous gift for any garden lover planning to visit the South of France.
Paperback: 212 pages 
Flammarion; ISBN: 2080107178;
Italian Villas and Their Gardens
by Edith Wharton, Maxfield Parrish (Illustrator)
Paperback (May 1977)
Da Capo Pr; ISBN: 0306800489

Edith Wharton's Italian Gardens
by Vivian Russell 
Hardcover: 192 pages
Bulfinch Press; ISBN: 0821223976; (March )

Italian Gardens: A Guide
by Helena Attlee, et al 

Garden Lover's Guide to Italy
by Penelope Hobhouse 

The Secret Gardens of Paris
by Alexandra D'Arnoux, et al

Tiger Balm Gardens: A Chinese Billionaire's Fantasy Environments
by Judith Brandel, Tina Turbeville
Haw Par Villa in Singapore

Private Gardens of the Fashion World
by Francis D'Orleans, et al 

Italian Parks and Gardens
by Massimo Listri (Photographer), Cesare M. Cunaccia 

Garden and Grove : The Italian Renaissance Garden in the English Imagination, 1600-1750
by John Dixon Hunt 

Italian Gardens of the Renaissance
by J. C. Shepherd, G. A. Jellicoe (Contributor)
(Hardcover - July 1993)

The Italian Garden : Art, Design and Culture (Cambridge Studies in Italian History and Culture)
by John Dixon Hunt (Editor)

French Garden
by Jean-Pierre Babelon, et al
The English garden, no matter how grand, is an outgrowth of nature, while the French garden, or "jardin a la francaise, " is a place of formality and grandeur. The origins of the latter are to be found in the Italian Renaissance, which sought inspiration in antiquity. Architects were hired for gardens for the first time, and expected to create a work of art by taming nature to their purposes. The French garden makes use, above all, of geometric design, symmetry, repetition of decorative elements, and perspective created by seemingly endless rows of trees, carefully tended paths, and man-made linear bodies of water, cascades, and fountains. The French garden is an intellectual conception that culminated with Andre Le Notre and the sumptuous and vast gardens he created for the Sun King at Versailles. The King, the court, and the newly rich all sought to express their power through the chateaux they built, inherited, or bought, as well as through the richness of the gardens that surrounded them on all sides. Into these, they integrated statuary by the great sculptors of the day, as well as stone and metal pavilions and other follies. Versailles set the tone for Europe's palace builders, and thus it is no surprise that the French garden became part of every royal or aristocratic residence built since. For the first time, all the major French gardens have been gathered here in one book, all specially photographed over several years. Among the thirty-six seen here are Versailles, the Tuileries, Saint Cloud Marly, and Villandry in France, as well as Queluz in Portugal, Drottinghulm in Sweden, Peterhof near St. Petersburg, and Schonbrunn, the Habsburg Versailles. This is a major reference book that will delight travelers, gardeners, and historians.
La Mortella: An Italian Garden Paradise
by Susana Walton, Prince of Wales, John Ferro Sims, Lady Susana Walton
Hardcover from New Holland Publishers
Mirrors of Infinity : The French Formal Garden and 17th-Century Metaphysics
by Allen S. Weiss 

The Artist & the Garden
by Roy C. Strong 

One Hundred English Gardens : The Best of English Heritage Parks and Gardens Register
by Patrick Taylor 

China and Gardens of Europe of the Eighteenth Century (Dumbarton Oaks Reprints and Facsimiles in Landscape Architecture ; 1)
by Osvald Siren
Hardcover: Dumbarton Oaks Pub Service; ISBN: 0884021904; (November 1990)

Knot Gardens and Parterres : A History of the Knot Garden and How to Make One Today
by Robin Whalley, Anne Jennings
Hardcover: 160 pages
Barn Elms Pub; ISBN: 1899531041;
The English Flower Garden
by William Robinson
Hardcover: 734 pages
Sagapress; ISBN: 0898310318; Reprint edition (December )

The English Garden : Through the 20th Century
by Jane English Garden in Our Time Brown 

English Garden Ponds : A Beginner's Guide (Complete Authoritative Guide)
by Derek Lambert 

Country Series: English Country Gardens
by Ethne Clarke, Clay Perry 

English Topiary Gardens (The Country Series)
by Ethne Clarke, George Wright 

World of Garden Design: Inspiring Ideas from Around the Globe to Your Backyard
by Susan Dooley, Editors of Garden Design Magazine 
You'll find it hard to tear yourself away from the gorgeous world tour of garden photos of this colorful book. More inspiration than practical guide, there's plenty to admire no matter what your style preference. Choose from among stately formal gardens, shady riverbanks, tidy herb beds, or complex succulent showcases, all presented with stunning depth of color on pleasingly glossy paper. Each photo has accompanying suggestions and design hints from the gardeners responsible for such glory. The text is scant, but what there is makes for interesting reading. Design histories, the practical needs for each environment that resulted in creative and stunning plant choices, important elements of each type of design--these are all included as the sidelines to the incredible pictures. In the section entitled "Bringing It Home," the text expands to practical tips to help you duplicate the looks you've admired on previous pages--each style is covered in slightly greater depth, but the focus is on design, rather than plant care or environmental suitability. The perfect book to pore over on a cold and rainy day, The World of Garden Design is fabulous fodder for brainstorming sessions in developing fresh ideas for your own gardens. For those lucky enough to travel the world seeing various gardens in person, this book will give you ideas for new places to visit, or lovely reminders of the places you've been. --Jill Lightner -
Hardcover - 320 pages (April 15, )
Chronicle Books; ISBN: 0811826562
Hawaiian Gardens are to Go to, A Treasury of Tropical Plants and Gardens
by Clayton Oslund, et al 

The Gardens at Giverny : A View of Monet's World
by Stephen Shore, John Rewald (Introduction)
Listed under Claude Monet

The Chinese Garden
by Joseph Cho Wang
Hardcover from Oxford University Press
The Chinese Garden : History, Art and Architecture, Third Edition
by Maggie Keswick
Hardcover from Harvard Univ Pr

Gardens in China
Gardens in China
by Peter Valder
Book Description:
In this new companion book to The Garden Plants of China, Peter Valder describes more than 200 gardens he has visited in China. He documents temple courtyards and gardens, evocative enclosures of ancient burial grounds and imperial tombs, and public parks, botanical gardens and arboreta, most of which have sprung up since 1949.

Gardens in China includes more than 500 color photographs, many depicting gardens not previously illustrated in any Western publication, as well as reproductions of illustrations of historical interest. With their distinctive characteristics, the gardens of China are among the most fascinating in the world. This book is essential reading for visitors to China with an interest in gardens, garden history, and Chinese culture. 
Hardcover from Timber Pr

Garden Lover's Guide to Germany (Garden Lover's Guides)
by Charles Quest-Ritson

The Garden Lover's Guide to Britain (Garden Lover's Guides)
by Patrick Taylor, Penelope Hobhouse

The Garden Lover's Guide to the Northeast (Garden Lover's Guides)
by Paul Bennett

The Garden Lover's Guide to the Midwest (Garden Lover's Guides)
by Paul Bennett, Paul Bennet

The Garden Lover's Guide to Spain and Portugal (Garden Lover's Guides)
by Barbara Segall

Garden Lover's Guide to the Netherlands and Belgium (Garden Lover's Guides) Listed under World Gardens
by Barbara Abbs

The Garden Lover's Guide to the South (Garden Lover's Guides)
by Paul Bennett, Paul Bennet

The Garden Lover's Guide to the West (Garden Lover's Guides)
by Kathleen McCormick

The Garden Lover's Guide to Canada (Garden Lover's Guides)
by Larry Hodgson

Garden Lover's Guide to France (Garden Lover's Guides)
by Patrick Taylor, Penelope Hobhouse
Packed with information on over 100 public and private gardens, the slim Garden Lover's Guide to France offers the perfect tour for anyone who's passionate about plants and wants to explore the tailored greenery of France. Author Patrick Taylor is an experienced garden historian who includes a balanced mixture of information, photographs, and diagrams to describe what he calls the two distinctive types of cultivated areas in France: the 17th-century Baroque gardens and public gardens. Covering mostly grand and formal gardens, the book is divided into five major regions and includes helpful tour maps and directions. In each garden's profile, readers will find detailed descriptions of the garden, its history, color photographs, plant species and varieties, special landscape or architectural features, facilities information, and nearby sites of interest. Some of the larger and more renowned gardens such as Versailles and Chateau de Courances have three-dimensional garden plans, which are helpful when exploring the grounds. From the Jardin des Plantes in Paris to Monet's garden at Giverny to the desert specimens of Jardin Exotique in Monaco, visitors are sure to find la plus belle of this picturesque country. --Karen Karleski -
Paperback: 144 pages
Princeton Architectural Press; ISBN: 1568981287; (May )

The Garden Lover's Guide to Ireland
by Terence Reeves-Smyth

Notes from an Italian Garden
by Joan Marble 

Utopias Garden : French Natural History from Old Regime to Revolution
by E. C. Spary
A history of the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle and the botanical gardens of Paris.
Paperback: 304 pages
University of Chicago Press; ISBN: 0226768635; (December )

Secret's of Monet's Garden : Bringing the Beauty of Monet's Style to Your Own Garden
by Derek Fell (Photographer)
Listed under Claude Monet

The Tropical Garden
The Tropical Garden
by William Warren, Luca Invernizzi Tettoni
Book Description: Tropical gardens are some of the most spectacular to be found anywhere. The rich diversity of tropical flora and climates allows for an astonishing variety of forms, both native and introduced. Modern tropical gardens afford a display of striking plants from all over the world, in arrangements that blend the traditions of many countries and cultures. This highly successful compendium presents a selection of the most beautiful gardens of Hawaii, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, including Bali. Traditional and modern types are considered, and the origins and individual features of each example are discussed in full. With a special section giving information on garden features, the book will be a source of ideas and inspiration to gardeners both in the tropics and in temperate regions. 
Paperback from Thames & Hudson
The Wildest Place on Earth : Italian Gardens and the Invention of Wilderness
by John Hanson Mitchell, James A. Mitchell (Illustrator)

A Year in the Garden : In England, Wales, and Northern Ireland
by John Sales, Margaret Willes, Nick Meers (Photographer), Stephen Robson (Photographer)
English gardens are known for their well-tended beauty. And Great Britain's National Trust--a charitable organization that has been caring for and protecting historical sites and beautiful natural treasures throughout England, Wales, and Northern Ireland for more than 100 years--boasts some of the most beautiful gardens in all of Britain. A Year in the Garden offers a breathtaking photographic tour of these national treasures in all their glory. 

Photographers Nick Meers and Stephen Robson provide the lenses for us to view the outstanding panoramas and gorgeous details of these magnificent gardens. Through their eyes, readers will see the splendor of Cambridgeshire's Anglesy Abbey with its drifts of delicate snowdrops, and the rich autumn colors of Sheffield Park in Sussex. Readers will practically smell the heady scent of midsummer roses at Mottisfont Abbey in Hampshire and feel the chill of winter's frost sparkling on topiary yews at Lytes Cary in Somerset. 

Garden consultant John Sales and National Trust publisher Margaret Willes describe these and many other horticultural delights in informative text accompanying the photographs. Information is provided on necessary growing conditions for the plants pictured, as well as historical and other interesting information about the gardens. 

This stunning book provides a fascinating visual record of some of the most beautiful gardens in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland and appeals to both the enthusiast and armchair gardener. However, the book's strictly Anglocentric bent may prevent it from being particularly useful for American gardeners. --Robin Donovan -
Hardcover: 144 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.75 x 8.66 x 9.78 
Publisher: Harry N Abrams; ; (March )
ISBN: 0810967316 

Zoo : A History of Zoological Gardens in the West
by Eric Baratay, Elisabeth Hardouin-Fugier 

Celebrating A Small English Garden
by Maureen Jabour 
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Follies and Garden Buildings of Ireland
by James Howley 
(Hardcover - November 1993)
Out of Print - Try Used Books

From Folly to Follies : Discovering the World of Gardens
by Michael Saudan (Editor), et al
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Gardens in Provence
Jones, Louisa
Hardcover - 272 pages (August 1992)
Flammarion; ISBN: 2080135236
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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