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Recommended Books on Perennials

Armitage's Garden Perennials : A Color Encyclopedia
by Allan M. Armitage
Allan Armitage and Michael Dirr are colleagues on the horticulture faculty at the University of Georgia, Athens, and both are among the most influential figures in the plant world today. Each is the author of a definitive textbook: Armitages Herbaceous Perennial Plants and Dirrs Manual of Woody Landscape Plants have gone through several editions and are used in hundreds of college courses. In 1997 we published Dirrs Hardy Trees and Shrubs, a highly illustrated and very personal encyclopedia intended for gardeners, landscape architects, and the nursery trade rather than for students. Already in its tenth printing, it has been phenomenally successful. Armitages Garden Perennials is an equivalent treatment, the most comprehensive single-volume photographic resource on perennial plants. It describes and illustrates the choice of perennials in 136 genera from Acanthus to Zauschneria. The books greatest strengths are the quality of its more than 1400 photographs, all taken by the author, and the exhaustive information on the most interesting, important, or overlooked perennial plants. Based on his own extensive experiencehe has gardened in climates as dissimilar as Quebec and Georgia and studied plants on three continentsArmitage makes a discerning selection of the best cultivars, from classics to cutting-edge recent introductions. The text is concise and delightful, like a private tutorial with a master teacher. The reader will have no doubt about which plants the author most admires ("What else do you know that is big, bold, and beautiful and wants to be planted in a bog?") and which fall short ("Variegated coral bells like Snowstorm ought to be trashed. I am constantly told how wonderful they are. I dont listen. To each his own".). The encyclopedia is rounded out by more than a dozen extensive lists of plants suitable for particular situations or uses, including plants for wet places, for drought tolerance, and for fragrance or color. It is a noteworthy addition to Timber Presss acclaimed series of pictorial encyclopedias that includes Dirrs Hardy Trees and Shrubs and Rick Darkes Color Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses. 
Hardcover - 324 pages (April )
Timber Pr; ISBN: 0881924350
Caring for Perennials : What to Do and When to Do It
Janet MacUnovich, Steven Nikkila (Photographer)
I am a lousy gardener. What I know about gardening could be summarized in a few words: "Plant something and hope for the best." Yet, I love to garden, and keep trying year after year in my tiny flowerbeds around the street trees in a sea of concrete here in San Francisco. I don't even bother to attempt planting annuals or growing things from seed, but for years I've been experimenting with perennials to see if I can find something that will survive for more than one year out there in the urban jungle. If I'd had this book years ago, I might have been successful a long time ago. For me, it's a walking tour of everything I have done wrong. For you, it can be a guidebook to doing things right from the get-go!
Paperback - 200 pages (March )
Storey Books; ISBN: 0882669575

Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Perennials
by Ellen Phillips, C. Colston Burrell
Paperback - 544 pages
Rodale Press; ISBN: 0875969992

More Books on Perennials

Annuals and Perennials
Paperback - 216 pages (August 1993)
Sunset Pub Co; ISBN: 0376030666

Annuals & Perennials
Southern Living (Editor)
Oxmoor House / October 1998

A-Z of Perennials (Successful Gardening)
Readers Digest / January 1998

Border Pinks
Richard Bird / Timber Pr / January 1995

The Complete Book of Perennials
Graham Rice
Readers Digest / April 1996

The Border Book: A Practical Sourcebook of Stylish Planting Ideas for Every Garden;
Anna Pavord
Hardcover - 160 pages
DK Publishing; ISBN: 1564584852

Clematis : The Genus : A Comprehensive Guide for Gardeners, Horticulturists and Botanists
by Christopher Grey-Wilson 
Hardcover - 176 pages (April )
Timber Pr; ISBN: 0881924288

Columbines: Aquilegia, Paraquilegia, and Semiaquilegia
Columbines: Aquilegia, Paraquilegia, and Semiaquilegia
by Robert Nold, Cindy Nelson-Nold
Hardcover from Timber Pr
Gardening With Perennials : Creating Beautiful Flower Gardens for Every Part of Your Yard
Fern Marshall Bradley(Editor), et al
Rodale Pr / February 1996

Growing Perennials in Cold Climates (Contemporary Gardener)
Mike Heger, et al
NTC/Contemporary Publishing / January 1999

The Harrowsmith Perennial Garden: Flowers for Three Seasons
Patrick Lima; Paperback

The Harrowsmith Perennial Garden
Patrick Lima, Marta Scythes (Illustrator)
Camden House Pub / December 1987

Perennials for American Gardens
by Ruth Rogers Clausen, Nicolas H. Ekstrom
Hardcover - 631 pages (June 1989)
Random House; ISBN: 0394557409

The Perennial Garden : Color Harmonies Through the Seasons
Jeff Cox, Marilyn Cox; Paperback

Perennial Garden Color : Perennials, Cottage Gardens, Old Roses, and Companion Plants
William C. Welch, Neil Sperry 
Taylor Pub / March 1989

Perennial Combinations : Stunning Combinations That Make Your Garden Look Fantastic Right from the Start
C. Colston Burrell 
Rodale Pr / March 1999
Perennial All-Stars : The 150 Best Perennials for Great-Looking, Trouble-Free Gardens
Jeff Cox 
Rodale Pr / February 1998 
5 stars
Perennials for Dummies
by Marcia Tatroe, National Gardening Association (Editor)
Paperback - 384 pages (February 14, )
IDG Books Worldwide; ISBN: 0764550306

Rodale's Successful Organic Gardening Landscaping With Perennials
Elizabeth Stell, C. Colston Burrell (Contributor)
Rodale Pr / April 1995

Successful Perennial Gardening : A Practical Guide
Lewis Hill; Paperback
Taylor's Guide to Perennials
Norman Taylor, Gordon P. Dewolf (Editor)
Paperback - 479 pages 1st edition (April 1986); Houghton Mifflin Co
ISBN: 0395404487
Special Order

Well-Tended Perennial Garden : Planting & Pruning Techniques
Tracy Disabato-Aust, Steven M. Still 
Timber Pr / April 1998
5 stars

Eyewitness Garden Handbooks: Perennials
Deni Bown 
DK Publishing / June 1996

Hemerocallis, the Daylily
R.W., Jr. Munson, R. W. Munson Jr
Timber Pr / July 1993 
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Gardening With Perennials Month by Month
Joseph Hudak 
Timber Pr / December 1993

Easy-Care Perennial Gardens : Techniques and Plans for Beds and Borders You Can Grow and Enjoy : Plus : 10 Beautiful Garden Designs
Susan McClure / Rodale Pr / March 1997

Daylilies : The Perfect Perennial
Lewis Hill, et al / Storey Books / April 1991

Poppies : A Guide to the Poppy Family in the Wild and in Cultivation
Christopher Grey-Wilson / Timber Pr / September 1993 
Special Order

The Gardener's Guide to Growing Peonies (Gardener's Guide Series)
Martin Page / Timber Pr / September 1997

Perennial Ground Covers
David S. MacKenzie
Timber Pr / May 1997

Perennials for American Gardens
Ruth Rogers Clausen, et al / Random House / June 1989

What Perennial Where
Roy Lancaster / DK Publishing / October 1997

The Gardener's Guide to Growing Lilies
Michael Jefferson-Brown, Harris Howland
Listed under Bulbs

The Art of Perennial Gardening : Creative Ways With Hardy Flowers
Patrick Lima, John Scanlan (Photographer) / Firefly Books / March 1998

100 Favorite Perennials (100 Favorite Series)
Teri Dunn / Metro Books / February 1998

Perennial Gardens for Texas
Julie Ryan
Univ of Texas Pr / November 1998

Perennials for Shade : Easy Plants for More Beautiful Gardens (Taylor's 50 Best Series)
Houghton Mifflin Co (Pap) / February 1999

Encyclopedia of Perennials : A Gardener's Guide
Christopher Woods
Facts on File, Inc. / March 1992

Step-By-Step Perennials (Step-By-Step Series)
Patricia Taylor, Better Homes and Gardens
Better Homes & Gardens Books / January 1997 

The Smaller Perennials
Jack Elliott / Timber Pr / June 1997

The Perennial Garden : Color Harmonies Through the Seasons
Jeff Cox, Marilyn Cox (Contributor) / Rodale Pr / May 1992

Perennial Gardens for Texas
Julie Ryan / Univ of Texas Pr / November 1998 

Ortho's All About Perennials (Ortho's All About)
Ann Lovejoy, et al / Ortho Books / January 1999

Hardy Perennials
Graham Rice / Timber Pr / October 1997

Hardy Perennials
Graham Rice / Timber Press / October 1995

Perennial Garden Plants : Or the Modern Florilegium : A Concise Account of Herbaceous Plants, Including Bulbs, for General Garden Use
Graham Stuart Thomas / Sagapress / November 1990

Lois Hole's Perennial Favorites
Lois Hole, et al / Lone Pine Publishing / June 1996

The Siberian Iris
Currier McEwen, Jean G. Witt (Illustrator) / Timber Pr / May 1996

Hemerocallis : Daylilies
Walter Erhardt, et al / Timber Pr / September 1992

Perennials : How to Select, Grow and Enjoy
Pamela Harper, Frederick McGourty / H.P. Books / March 1985

Easy Care Perennials
Patricia A. Taylor / Fireside / March 1989

Vireyas : A Practical Gardening Guide
Jacqueline Walker, John Kenyon (Contributor) / Timber Pr / June 1997

Perennial Gardening Guide
John M. Valleau, John D. Schroeder (Editor)
Valleybrook Internation Ventures Inc. / June 5, 1998

Taylor's Pocket Guide to Perennials for Sun
Maggie Oster(Editor), Norman Taylor 
Houghton Mifflin Co (Pap) / April 1989

Annuals & Perennials
Sunset Pub Co / August 1993

Native Perennials : North American Beauties
(21st-Century Gardening Series)
Nancy Beaubaire(Editor) / Brooklyn Botanic Garden / June 1996

Successful Perennial Gardening : A Practical Guide
Lewis Hill, et al / Storey Books / April 1988

Southern Living Garden Guide Perennials
Oxmoor House / February 1996

American Horticultural Society Practical Guides: Perennials
Ray Edwards, Inc Staff 
Dk Publishing / Dk Pub Merchandise / April 1999

Perennials for the Lower Midwest
Ezra Haggard 
Indiana Univ Pr / October 1996

Carnations and Pinks for Garden and Greenhouse : Their True History and Complete Cultivation
John Galbally, et al
Timber Pr / October 1997

Perennials for Sun : Easy Plants for More Beautiful Gardens (Taylor's 50 Best Series)
Houghton Mifflin Co (Pap) / February 1999

Landscaping With Perennials (Rodale's Successful Organic Gardening)
Elizabeth Stell, et al
Rodale Pr / April 1995

Rodale's Successful Organic Gardening : Perennials
Susan McClure, C. Colston Burrell (Contributor) / Rodale Pr / October 1993 

Trouble Free Clematis : The Viticellas
John Howells / Antique Collectors Club / December 1998 

Perennial Gardening With Derek Fell : Practical Advice and Personal Favorites from the Best-Selling Author and Television Show Host
Derek Fell / Michael Friedman/Fairfax Publishing / March 1996

Wildflower Perennials for Your Garden : A Detailed Guide to Years of Bloom from America's Native Heritage (American Garden Classics)
Bebe Miles, et al / Stackpole Books / February 1996

Perennials : Growing & Design Tips for 200 Favorite Flower (Derek Fell's Handy Garden Guides)
Derek Fell
Michael Friedman/Fairfax Publishing / February 1997

A Proper Garden : On Perennials in the Border
Elisabeth Sheldon, Allen Patterson
Stackpole Books / September 1989 

Sunset Pub Co 
January 1992 

Perennials for the Lower Midwest
Ezra Haggard 
Indiana Univ Pr / October 1996

Perennial Gardening With Derek Fell : Practical Advice and Personal Favorites from the Best-Selling Author and Television Show Host
Derek Fell
Special Order

Pictorial Guide to Perennials
M. Jane Helmer, et al
Merchants Pub Co / January 1992 
Special Order

The Gardener's Guide to Growing Hellebores
Graham Rice, Elizabeth Strangman / Timber Pr / December 1993
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