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Betrocks Guide to Landscape Palms
by Alan Meerow
Hardcover 4th edition
Betrock Information Systems, Inc.; ISBN: 0962976113 

Cycads of the World
David L. Jones, Dennis Stevenson 
Book Description: When the first edition of this book was published in 1993, the popularity of cycads in the United States was just beginning to expand beyond public gardens and arboretums in the South. Today, with many species of these tropical plants readily available at local greenhouses and nurseries, cycads have become a favorite of many home gardeners; their palm-like appearance lends a taste of the tropics to any garden. 

For this second edition David Jones has added information covering over one hundred new species and subspecies and updated his material on the two hundred species from the first edition. Each entry includes a full description, distribution and habitat information, and a detailed cultivation and propagation guide. The text is easily accessible for the home gardener yet maintains the highest standards of scientific accuracy. Over 360 color photographs plus many other illustrations and maps facilitate easy identification of all living species. Additionally, since cycads truly are living fossils- having existed for at least 250 million years-much information is provided on their prehistory and history. 

This second edition of Cycads of the World makes a fine addition to the library of anyone interested in exotic plants, including gardeners, landscape architects, horticulturalists, and botanists.
Smithsonian Institution Press / June 1993

Diseases and Disorders of Ornamental Palms
by A.R. Chase, T.K. Broschot 
(Paperback - June 1991)

Field Guide to the Palms of the Americas
by Andrew Henderson, et al 
Hardcover - 376 pages (July 3, )
Princeton Univ Pr; ISBN: 0691085374

Palms Throughout the World
by David L. Jones, John Dransfield
Palms for Development
by Bryan Brunner, Frank Martin (CD-ROM)
The family of the palms, Arecaceae, is very large and is well distributed in the tropics. Among the palms there are three--the coconut, the date, and the African oil palm that serve humankind throughout the world with their local uses and their shipped products. Among the up to three thousand species, there are many hundreds with useful products, as this volume will document. And among palms in general, there are perhaps thousands of uses and potential uses, some documented in this book, among the well-known and unknown palms of the world. Thousands? The coconut palm itself is said to have at least a thousand uses. Around the world, members of the palm family are "staffs of life" providing food, fuel, thatch, timber, and many other items. Palms for Development introduces the reader to the fascinating world of palms with an emphasis on their use and potential for incorporation into development projects. It includes instruction on cultivating palms and an extensive listing of multi-purpose palms and their possible uses. All information is contained in screen optimized and print optimized formats. Almost fourty full color images and a searchable index are included. The CD is PC and Macintosh compatible and includes Adobe Reader. Published by ECHO, Inc.

Palms of South Florida
George B. Stevenson 
Paperback - 251 pages (April )
University Press of Florida; ISBN: 0813014417

Field Guide to the Palms of the Americas (Princeton Paperbacks)
by Andrew Henderson, et al 
Paperback - 363 pages (July 7, )
Princeton Univ Pr; ISBN: 0691016003

Insects on Palms
by F. W. Howard (Editor), et al

Ornamental Palm Horticulture
by Timothy K. Broschat, et al
The most comprehensive book on ornamental palms available. "The best palm book on the market."-Henry Donselman, former State Palm Specialist, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida 
Comprehensive in scope and based on research from worldwide sources, "Ornamental Palm Horticulture" presents virtually everything ever published about the subject in a concise, readable format, illustrated with 110 color plates and 81 black-and-white photographs. The Publisher
Manual to Palms of Ecuador
by F. Borchsenius, et al 
Special Order

A Taxonomic Treatment of the Palm Subtribe Attaleinae (Tribe Cocoeae) (Illinois Biological Monographs, 59)
by Sidney F. Glassman
Special Order

Cell and Tissue Culture in Forestry: Case Histories: Gymnosperms, Angiosperms and Palms (Forestry Sciences, 26)
by J.M. Bonga, Don J. Durzan (Editor)
(Hardcover - March 1987)

Palms in Forest Ecosystems of Amazonia (Ecological Studies, Vol 95)
by Francis Kahn, Jean-Jacques De Granvill
(Hardcover - November 1992)

An Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms
by Robert Lee Riffle, Paul Craft

Oil Palms and Other Oilseeds of the Amazon (Studies in Economic Botany, No 2)
by Celestino Pesce, Dennis V. Johnson (Editor)
(Hardcover - December 1985)

Evolution, Variation, and Classification of Palms (Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden, V. 83)
by Andrew Henderson (Editor), Finn Borchsenius (Editor)
Special order

Forest Trees and Palms : Diseases and Control
by S. P. Raychaudhuri (Editor), Karl Maramorosch (Editor)
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Genera Palmarum: A Classification of Palms Based on the Work of Harold E. Moore, Jr.
by Natalie W. Uhl, et al
(Paperback - September 1987)
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Handbook of Landscape Palms.
by Jan Aclyn
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Jessenia and Oenocarpus : Neotropical Oil Palms Worthy of Domestication (Fao Plant Production and Protection Paper, No 88)
by Michael J. Balick
(Paperback - December 1988)
Out of Print - Try Used Books

A revision of B. E. Dahlgren's Index of American palms
by Sidney F. Glassman
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Palms : The New Compact Study Guide and Identifier
by Martin Gibbons
Book Sales; ISBN: 1555218377
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Palms and Cycads Around the World
by Jack Krempin 
(Hardcover - June 1990)
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