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The Proper Care of Canaries
by John Porter, John Coborn

The Canary : An Owner's Guide To A Happy Healthy Pet
by Diane Grindol (Author)

Canaries: How to Keep Them, Feeding Them Correctly, Understanding Their Behavior (Family Pet.)
by Sigrun Rittrich-Dorenkamp, Sigrun Ritrich-Dorenkamp

Barron's Canaries (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
by Otto Von Frisch, Otto Von Frisch

The Canary Handbook (Barron's Pet Handbooks)
by Matthew M. Vriends, Tayna M. Heming-Vriends

My Canary and Me
by S.R. Dorenkamp (Author), Monika Wegler (Photographer)

Canaries As a New Pet (As a New Pet Series)
by Maja Muller Bierl, Maja Muller-Bierl
(Paperback - May 1991)

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