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The Book of North American Owls
by Helen Roney Sattler, Jean Day Zallinger (Illustrator)
Humans have long regarded owls with a mixture of fear and fascination. Since most owls are nocturnal, and many live in remote habitats, they were not well studied until the past two decades. The owl remains a symbol of wisdom; however, the birds' keen senses, hunting ability, and contributions to their ecosystem are equally impressive. Packed with scrupulously accurate information and meticulous watercolor illustrations, "The Book of North American Owls" covers owl classification and history, habitat, life cycle-and the complex relationship between owls and humans. The comprehensive glossary includes all of the twenty-one North American species. 
by Floyd Scholz, Tad Merrick (Photographer)
Book Description: The most complete collection of visual reference material on North American owls including over 700 stunning photos of 16 species of owls. Physical features offer insight into hunting, feeding, flying, and communication. Renowned carver Floyd Scholz presents the much anticipated follow-up to his best-selling Birds of Prey. In this new book, hundreds of stunning full-color photos and useful line drawings offer detailed studies of 16 species of owls-from the tiny Elf Owl to the impressive Great Horned Owl. All are illustrated in full detail, with focus on body and wing design, plumage patterns, flight characteristics, and predatory behavior. Also includes a section on carving and painting techniques and a gallery of Floyd Scholz's finished carvings. A must-have reference for carvers, artists, ornithologists, naturalists-anyone interested in these magnificent birds. 
Hardcover - 384 pages 
Stackpole Books; ISBN: 0811710211
The Eastern Screech Owl : Life History, Ecology, and Behavior in the Suburbs and Countryside (The W.L. Moody, Jr., Natural History, No 16)
Frederick R. Gehlbach
Hardcover / Published 1995

Guide to Owl Watching in North America
Donald S. Heintzelman
Paperback / Published 1992

North American Owls: Journey Through a Shadowed World
North American Owls: Journey Through a Shadowed World
by Jim Burns
Book Description
There are 19 species of owls in North America and a spectacularly-illustrated chapter is devoted to each in this intriguing natural history narrative. Author Jim Burns takes the reader on a journey of discovering owls during his travels across the United States. His two rules of owling—that owls never appear when and where they are expected, and that owls always appear when and where they are least expected—set the tone for this informative and exciting excursion into the world of owls. The essays are combined with stunning full-color images of these elusive birds, and as these birds are so often heard and not seen, an audio CD is part of this complete owl package, showcasing the magnificent calls of these beautiful and mysterious birds. Jim Burns has been photographing birds for over 20 years. Widely known and appreciated in the birding world, he has been published in Birding, Birders World, and the Cactus Wrendition. 
Hardcover from Willow Creek Press
The Book of North American Owls
The Book of North American Owls
by Helen Roney Sattler
Paperback from Clarion Books
North American Owls: Biology and Natural History
North American Owls: Biology and Natural History
by Paul A. Johnsgard
Hardcover from Smithsonian Books
Birds of Prey: An Introduction to North American Hawks  Owls
Birds of Prey: An Introduction to North American Hawks & Owls
by James Kavanagh
Paperback from Waterford Press
Jeffrey Whiting's Owls of North America (Whiting's Reference of Birds, Vol 1)
Jeffrey Whiting
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Adopted by an Owl
by Gijsbert Van Frankenhuyzen, et al

Messages from an Owl
Max R. Terman / Hardcover
"Terman gives an engaging account of his experiences in training and tracking a captive-reared great horned owl." Publishers Weekly
Also in Paperback

One Man's Owl
Bernd Heinrich, Alice Calaprice (Designer)

Owls : An Artist's Guide to Understanding Owls
by Floyd Scholz 

Owls in the Family
by Farley Mowat, Robert Frankenberg (Illustrator)
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Owls Calendar 2012
by Lisa Husar
Listed under Bird Calendars

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