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Doves : Everything About Purchase, Housing, Care, Nutrition, Breeding, and Diseases : With a Special Chapter on Understaning Doves (Complete Pet Owner)
Matthew M. Vriends
Encyclopedia of Pigeon Breeds
by Wendell M. Levi
Hardcover from Wendell Levi Publishing Company
Extraordinary Pigeons
Extraordinary Pigeons
by Stephen Green-Armytage
Book Description: The author and photographer who opened a glorious window into the world of exotic birds with his hugely successful Extraordinary Chickens and its well-received follow-up, Extraordinary Pheasants, continues his startling photographic exploration with another singular and charming book. The striking images in Stephen Green-Armytage's first book showed that "the world of chickens is a world of wonders" (New York Times Book Review). Now this arresting new volume-a look at pigeon breeds from around the world-captures as we have never seen before the eccentric and often surprising features of these amazing creatures. 

Pigeons of all sizes, shapes, and colors parade through these pages-from the Volga Tumbler Pigeons to the Philippine Bleeding Heart Doves (doves are actually pigeons, just small ones), from the flamboyant Jacobins who wear their lavish feathers like a boa, and the Pouters who puff out their chests to absurd proportions, to the Trumpeters who sport floppy crowns reminiscent of moptop 1960s pop groups. The astonishing color photographs, enhanced by a brief, informative text, make this a perfect gift for birders, breeders, animal lovers, and photography buffs alike. 
Hardcover from Harry N. Abrams

Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, William Munoz (Illustrator)
For young readers
Book Description: Through a friendly text and full color photographs, the history and habits of pigeons are described and detailed. Describes the physical characteristics, behavior, and usefulness of these birds, which have lived with people since prehistoric times.

Racing Pigeons
by David Glover, Marie Beaumont
Hardcover from Crowood Pr

Pigeons (Barron's Pet Owner's Manual)
Matthew M. Vriends
Paperback / Published 1988
Pigeons & Doves
by David Gibbs, Eustace Barnes & John Cox
Pigeons and doves are a large family of birds occurring throughout the world. This book-the first to be dedicated to the field identification of these birds and to be fully illustrated in color-incorporates much recent information about them.Many species of pigeons and doves are specialist frugivores, say the authors, while others feed on seeds. Most are arboreal, and the tropical species in particular are often brightly colored. The family includes gregarious migratory species as well as shy, ground-dwelling forms such as the exotic crowned pigeons of New Guinea. The comprehensive text is accompanied by 76 exquisite color plates that capture the essence of these varied birds and illustrate all species and subspecies.David Gibbs is a freelance ecologist and naturalist. He has recently worked as a field assistant in the production of wildlife films. The Publisher
Hardcover - 480 pages
Yale Univ Pr; ISBN: 0300078862
Pigeons, Racing Homer Facts and Secrets
by Leslie C. Swanson
Paperback (June 1958)
L. C. Swanson; ISBN: 0911466177

Shooting Pigeons (and other satisfactions)
Jack Spiegelman
Not actually about pigeons - but read the reviews!

The Pigeon
by Wendell M. Levi
First published in 1941, this is a classic work. 5 stars.
Hardcover (June 1981)
Wendell Levi Publishing Company; ISBN: 0910876010
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Bsava Manual of Raptors, Pigeons and Waterfowl
Peter H. Beynon (Editor), et al
A guide for veterinary practitioners and students.
Special Order

A Guide to Pigeons, Doves & Quail
Danny Brown / Paperback / Published 1995
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Lofts for Racing Pigeons
by Charles Heitzman
Paperback (June 1963)
L. C. Swanson; ISBN: 0911466207
Special Order
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The Sport of Racing Pigeons : Everything One Needs to Know When Organizing, Participating In, or Breeding and Grading Racing Pigeons
by Herman J. Simpson
Hardcover (February 1993)
Bayouview Pr; ISBN: 0963518003
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Laboratory Anatomy of the Pigeon
Paperback / Published 1984
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