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All About Your Cockatiel (All About Your Pets Series)
by B. Bradley Viner

ABC's of Cockatiels
by Wilfried Loeding
(Hardcover - April 1989)
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Breeding Cockatiels
by Julie Sturman, Dorothy Schults
(Hardcover - December 1990)

Cockatiels (Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)
by Thomas Haupt, et al

The Cockatiel Handbook
by Matthew M. Vriends, Michele Earle-Bridges (Illustrator)
Barron's Pet Handbooks provide information on healh care, proper feeding and housing, training and other animal-care details of interest to pet owners. All books are filled with handsome full-color photos, and instructive line art. Cockatiels - parrot-related birds that originated in Australia - come in a variety of color mutations. This handbook gives detailed purchase advice, considerations related to caging, proper nutrition, grooming, health care, and keeping the bird safe from household hazards.
Cockatiel Handbook
by Gerald R. Allen, Connie Allen (Contributor)
(Hardcover - May 1990)

Gourmet Bird Food Recipes : For Your Cockatiel, Parrot, and Other Avian Companions
by Holly Armstrong

Guide to Owning a Cockatiel : Ailments, Breeding, History, Feeding, Accommodations
by Anmarie Barrie

Cockatiels : A Complete Pet Owner's Manual
Annette Wolter
Paperback / Published 1991

Cockatiels: Getting Started
Jack C. Harris
Paperback / Published 1992

Cockatiels (Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)
by Thomas Haupt, et al

Cockatiels! Pets-Breeding-Showing
by Nancy A. Reed, Rainer R. Erhart (Editor)
(Hardcover - May 1991)

The Complete Book of Cockatiels
by Diane Grindol (Photographer)

Cockatiels (Complete Introduction Series)
Elaine Radford
Paperback / Published 1988

Cockatiels As a New Pet
by John Coborn
Paperback - 63 pages (September 1990)
TFH Publications; ISBN: 0866226125

Encyclopedia of Cockatiels
by George A. Smith
Hardcover - 256 pages (July 1984)
TFH Publications; ISBN: 0876669585

Step by Step Book About Training Cockatiels
by Elaine Radford
Paperback - 64 pages (September 1990)
TFH Publications; ISBN: 0866229647

Cockatiels for Dummies (For Dummies)
by Diane Grindol
Paperback - 216 pages
Hungry Minds, Inc; ISBN: 0764553119

The Cockatiel : An Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet
by Julie Ann Rach

The Essential Cockatiel
by Pam Higdon (Editor), et al

Why Do Cockatiels Do That?: Real Answers to the Curious Things Cockatiels Do
Why Do Cockatiels Do That?: Real Answers to the Curious Things Cockatiels Do
by Nikki Moustaki
Book Description: From craving constant attention to creating dust, the Cockatiel is a curious creature. This book factually answers 24 common questions about this remarkable animal in a humorous and entertaining way, so next time Checkers grinds his beak, his owner will know he’s happy and content rather than being alarmed. 
Paperback from Bowtie Press
Your First Cockatiel (Your First Series)
by J. E. Lohr
(Paperback - July 1991)

The New Cockatiel Handbook : Everything About Purchase, Housing, Care, Nutrition, Behavior, Breeding, and Diseases
by Matthew Vriends
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