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Companion Parrot Handbook
by Sally Blanchard
Listed under Parrots

The Complete Bird Owner's Handbook
by Gary A. Gallerstein (Author)

Living With Chickens : Everything You Need to Know to Raise Your Own Backyard Flock
by Jay Rossier (Author), Geoff Hansen

Pathology of Pet and Aviary Birds
by J. Scott Hamilton, et al

The New Duck Handbook: Ornamental and Domestic Ducks Everything About Housing, Care, Feeding, Diseases and Breeding With a Special Chapter...
by Heinz-Sigurd Raethel, et al
(Paperback - March 1989)

Cockatiels : A Complete Pet Owner's Manual
Annette Wolter
Listed under Cockatiels

The Essential African Grey
by Pam Higdon (Editor), Eric Ilasenko (Editor), Ian Dunbar (Editor)
Listed under African Grey Parrots

Gourmet Bird Food Recipes : For Your Cockatiel, Parrot, and Other Avian Companions
by Holly Armstrong

Lovebirds As a New Pet
Oliver Denton, Herbert R. Axelrod (Illustrator)
Listed under Lovebirds

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