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Lessons From A Sheep Dog
by Phillip Keller
Hardcover from W Publishing Group

Border Collie 2012 Calendar
by David Paul
Listed under Dog Calendars

Beardie Basics: Beginner's Guide to Bearded Collies
by Barbara Hagen Rieseberg, Betty J. McKinney, Jo Parker
Paperback from Alpine Pubns

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Bearded Collie: A Complete and Reliable Handbook
by Carol Gold
Hardcover from TFH Publications

Collies: How to Take Care of Them and to Understand Them
by Hal Sundstrom, Harold W. Sundstrom, Fredric L. Frye, M. Sundstrom
Paperback: 95 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.27 x 7.85 x 6.53 
Publisher: Barrons Educational Series;  
ISBN: 0812018753

The Collie
by Katherine Anna Nicholas, Anna Katherine Nicholas
Hardcover from TFH Publications

Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men
by Donald McCaig
There is a Scottish saying: "There is no good flock without a good shepherd, and there is no good shepherd without a good dog." Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men is the story of Donald McCaig's search through rural Scotland for just the right sheepdog to bring back to his farm in America. Beyond the vivid stories of his Scottish travels, McCaig delves into the mysterious pact between dog and man, which involves trust and deep communication. Traveling from town to town to competitions and farms, meeting shepherds and trainers, McCaig introduces us to unforgettable animal and human characters. This is a book not only for dog lovers, but for anyone interest in the communication and trust between animal and human. (6 X 9, 240 pages, b&w photos) - The Publisher.
Paperback from The Lyons Press

A New Owner's Guide to Collies
by Alice Wharton
Hardcover from TFH Publications

The Magnificent Collie (The Pure-Bred Series)
by Patricia Starkweather, Luana Luther, John Buddie
Book Description: Everybody knows Lassie, the dog that made Collies famous. This is the definitive work on Collies. There are contributions from luminaries in the breed which help to give depth to the treatment of the history and success the breed has enjoyed in this country. Both rough and smooth coats get equal attention. There are chapters on breeding (artificial and natural), the care and feeding of the brood bitch and the stud dog, and how to select the best puppies in the litter. There are 225 photographs and drawings including a colored pictorial on how to breed for color. 
Hardcover from Doral Publishing

The Versatile Border Collie
by Janet Elisabeth Larson
Hardcover from Alpine Pubns

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A New Owner's Guide to Border Collies
by Robyn L. Powley
Hardcover from TFH Publications

Your Border Collies Life : Your Complete Guide to Raising Your Pet from Puppy to Companion
by Joanne Howl, Kim D. R. Dearth
Listed under Border Collies

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