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Pugs : Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Behavior, and Training (Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
by Phil Maggitti
The Pug is an ancient breed that originated in China, and is well known as an alert, loyal, and obedient household pet. This volume tells new and prospective Pug owners virtually everything they need to know about caring for their pet.
Paperback - 48 pages 2nd edition
Barrons Educational Series; ISBN: 0764110454

Book of the Pug
by Joan McDonald Brearley
(Hardcover - October 1984)

The Essential Pug
by Ian Dunbar (Editor), Howell Book House 

For the Love of Pugs
by Robert Hutchinson, et al 

Pugs in Public
by Kendall Farr, George Bennett (Photographer)

A New Owner's Guide to Pugs
by Sonja Neu, Richard G. Beauchamp

Pugs 2012 Calendar
Listed under Dog Calendars

Pug Shots Deluxe Notecards
by Chronicle Books, Jim Dratfield
Cards from Chronical Books

Clara the Early Years: The Story of the Pug Who Ruled My Life
by Margo Kaufman
Paperback from Plume

The Tao of Pug
by Nancy Levine, Wilson
Hardcover from Viking Press

The Complete Pug
by Ellen S. Brown, Ringpress Books
Hardcover from Ringpress Books Ltd

For the Love of a Pug
by Woodleigh Marx Hubbard
School & Library Binding from Putnam Pub Group Juv

Pug Shots
by Jim Dratfield
Hardcover from Penguin USA

PugSpotting: A True History of How Pugs Saved Civilization 
by Susanne McCaffery-Saville
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