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Whippets: Everything About Purchase, Adoption, Care, Nutrition, Behavior, and Training (Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)
by D. Caroline Coile, Michelle Earle-Bridges
Paperback from Barrons Educational Series

Whippet: A Complete and Reliable Handbook
by Dean Keppler
Hardcover from TFH Publications

Pet Owner's Guide to the Whippet
by Anne Vickerstaff
Book Description: A new addition to the best-selling Pet Owner’s Guide series, this book contains information on how to choose a healthy pet. Topics include choosing the right housing, establishing a regular routine of care, and advice on feeding and exercise. In addition, special attention is paid to health care and preventative treatments, while breeding from your pet is also discussed. 

Anne Vickerstaff has been involved with Whippets for nearly 30 years. She established her kennel of Rystone Whippets in 1973, and has built up a reputation for breeding sound, top-quality dogs. She has enjoyed considerable success in the show ring, and she also judges the breed. Vickerstaff is a member of the Whippet Club, and has recently started racing her whippets, which she—and her dogs—enjoy immensely. 
Hardcover from Ringpress Books Ltd

Whippets 2012 Calendar
Calendar from Browntrout
Listed under Dog Calendars

Wallace and Gromit 2: The Whippet Vanishes
by Ian Rimmer, Jimmy Hansen
Hardcover from Titan Books

Whippets: An Owner's Companion
by Shirley Rawlings
Hardcover from Crowood Pr

Whippet Champions, 1996-2001
by Jan Linzy
Plastic Comb from Camino Books Inc.

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Whippet Champions 1952-1980
Paperback from Camino Books Inc.
Special Order

Whippet Champions: 1981-1986
by Dorothy Johnson, Mary Jane Pruett, Camino E E & Bk Co
Paperback from Camino Books Inc.
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The Whippet and Race Dog (Canine Library)
by Lloyd Freeman
Paperback from Beech Publishing House

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Whippet Champions, 1987-1995
by Camino E. E., Book Co. Staff, Camino Book Co. Staff
Spiral-bound from Camino Books Inc.

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The English Whippet
by E. G. Walsh, Mary Lowe
Hardcover from Boydell & Brewer
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Whippets Today
by Patsy Gilmour
Hardcover from Hungry Minds, Inc
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