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Advanced Schutzhund
by Ivan Balabanov, et al
Listed under Schutzhund

Always Faithful : A Memoir of the Marine Dogs of WWII
by William W. Putney
Hardcover from Free Press

Aero and Officer Mike: Police Partners
by Joan Plummer Russell, Kris Turner Sinnenberg
A photo essay about a police dog and his human partner at work and play. Suitable for young readers.
School & Library Binding from Boyds Mills Pr

Bomb Detection Dogs (Dogs at Work Series)
by Charles George, Linda George
Hardcover from Capstone Press

Dogs At War
by Blythe Hamer
Paperback from Carlton Books
28 October, 2002
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Buddies: Men, Dogs, and World War II
by L. Douglas Keeney
Paperback from Motorbooks International

Detector Dogs: Sniffing Out Trouble (Dogs Helping People)
by Alice B. McGinty
Library Binding from Rosen Publishing Group

Cadaver Dog Handbook: Forensic Training and Tactics for the Recovery of Human Remains
by Andrew J. Rebmann, Marcia Koenig, Edward David, Marcella H. Sorg
Hardcover from CRC Press

How to Train Dogs for Police Work
by Jay Rapp
Hardcover from Denlinger's Publishers, Ltd.
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K-9 Soldiers: Vietnam and After (Hellgate Memories Series.)
by Paul B. Morgan
Paperback from Hellgate Press

Animals In War: Valiant Horses, Courageous Dogs, and Other Unsung Animal Heroes
by Jilly Cooper
Paperback from The Lyons Press

Yorkie Doodle Dandy: Or, the Other Woman Was a Real Dog
by William A. Wynne
Amazing story of a 4 pound Yorkshire Terrier named Smoky in WWII. Db.
Paperback from Wynnesome Pr

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War Dogs: A History of Loyalty and Heroism
by Michael G. Lemish
Paperback from Batsford Brassey, Inc.

Dogs of War: And Stories of Other Beasts of Battle in the Civil War
by Marilyn Seguin, Adolph Caso
Paperback from Branden Publishing Co

War Dog
by Martin Booth, Joanne Pendola, Joann Pendola
School & Library Binding from Margaret K. McElderry

K-9 Cops: Stories from America's K-9 Police Units
by Richard Rosenthal
Paperback from Pocket Books

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Police Dogs (Animals With Jobs)
by Judith Janda Presnall
Hardcover from Kidhaven

The Lost Pet Chronicles : Adventures of a K-9 Cop Turned Pet Detective
by Kathy Albrecht
Hardcover from Bloomsbury USA

Police Dogs (Dogs at Work)
by Charles George, Linda George
School & Library Binding from Capstone Press

Police Dogs: Helping to Fight Crime (Dogs Helping People)
by Alice B. McGinty
Library Binding from Powerkids Pr

None Came Home: The War Dogs of Vietnam
by John E. O'Donnell
Paperback from 1stBooks Library

Trackers: The Untold Story of the Australian Dogs of War
by Peter Haran
Paperback from New Holland/Struik


Training Dogs for Protection Work
Training Dogs for Protection Work
by Fred Mandilk, Marv Gangloff
Book Description:
In Training Dogs for Protection Work, experts Fred Mandilk and Marv Gangloff emphasize the importance of attitude and commitment on the part of the owner/handler in creating an effective partnership with their dog. In clear, conversational language, they guide the reader through the selection and early training of the puppy; they then explain obedience, protection, and tracking, which combine to produce the working protection dog. Pulling no punches in their condemnation of abusive techniques, they also tackle popular training misconceptions. An invaluable guide for both amateur and professional handlers and trainers of all working breeds, as well for dog owners who wish to better understand the basics of correct handling and training. 
Hardcover from J A Allen & Co Ltd
A Soldier's Best Friend: Scout Dogs and Their Handlers in the Vietnam War
by John C. Burnham, John C. Burnam
Paperback from Carroll & Graf

Remember the Alamo: A Sentry Dog Handler's View of Vietnam from the Perimeter of Phan Rang Air Base
by Carl S. Adams
Hardcover from Lost Coast Press


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