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Everything Corgi: Wit and Wisdom for Lovers of Cardis and Pems
Paperback from CorgiAid, Inc.

Welsh Corgis 2012 Calendar
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Welsh Corgis: Pembroke and Cardigan: Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Grooming, Behavior, and Training (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
by Richard G. Beauchamp, Pam Tanzey
Paperback from Barrons Educational Series

The Guide to Owning a Pembroke Welsh Corgi
by Sheila Webster Boneham
Paperback from TFH Publications

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi : An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet
by Deborah S. Harper
Hardcover from Howell Book House

Cardigan Welsh Corgis
by Henning Helms, Michael Pym, Mrs Pym, Henning Nelms
Hardcover from TFH Publications
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Pembroke Welsh Corgis (Kw Series , No 176s)
by Ria Niccoli, Ria Niccolli
Paperback from TFH Publications

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi : Family Friend and Farmhand
by Susan M. Ewing
Hardcover from Howell Book House

The Queen : A Biography of Elizabeth II 
by Ben Pimlott 
Books on a famous corgi lover listed under Queen Elizabeth II

Brood Bitch: A Mother's Reflection
by Celia Townsend Wells
Brood Bitch is a fearlessly candid account of a woman's coming to terms with what she considers to be her failure as a mother. Years after her daughter has grown to adulthood, the narrator is compelled to hand-raise the orphans of her Pembroke Welsh corgi bitch, who died after a Caesarean delivery. Awed by the task of saving the puppies, she is surprised to discover she enjoys this exclusive commitment, which prompts her to reflect on her feelings of maternal inadequacy. 

In light of her tentative success as a surrogate corgi mother, she examines other commitments--usually conflicted--that are behind her now: her education, career, marriage, and mothering. Looking at the parallels between the birth and care of her bitch's litter and her daughter, she finds the unqualified praise from puppy-lovers distinctly preferable to the cultural expectations of human mothers. The Publisher.
Hardcover from Purdue University Press

Titus Rules!
by Dick King-Smith, John Eastwood
Listed under Children's Books on Dogs

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