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Schutzhund : Theory and Training Methods
by Susan Barwig, Stewart Hilliard
Book Description: An outstanding analysis of why and how protection, Obedience, and Tracking all play an integral part in Schutzhund training, with emphasis on selecting and raising a dog to suit the owner's needs. 
Hardcover from Howell Book House
Advanced Schutzhund
Advanced Schutzhund
by Ivan Balabanov, et al
Book Description: Training methods for the top competitor. Advanced Schutzhund takes a problem-solving approach to Level III work that will help competitors bring their dogs to the highest level. Tracking, obedience and protection are dealt with individually, analyzing specific problems that crop up in each skill and offering step-by-step solutions. The approach uses operant conditioning techniques that steer clear of compulsion methods and build a dog's confidence, courage and problem-solving ability. You'll also find tips on how to compete at the National and World levels, including traveling with your dog.
Top Working Dogs: A Training Manual--Tracking, Obedience, Protection
by Dietmar Schellenberg
Paperback from Dog Behavior Consultants
K9 Schutzhund Training: A Manual for Tracking, Obedience and Protection
K9 Schutzhund Training: A Manual for Tracking, Obedience and Protection
by Resi Gerritson, Ruud Haak, Resi Gerritson
Hardcover from Detselig Enterprises
Studies of the French dog sport's (Ring, Campagne, IPO, Tracking) "Championships of France" (1982-1989) ; and, The Belgian shepherd dog breed's (Malinois, Tervuren, Groenendael and Laekenois) in Schutzhund competition in the U.S.A. (1979-1988)
by John A. R. Jons
Unknown Binding from John Jons

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Schutzhund Training
by Mary B. Adelman
Hardcover from Denlinger's Publishers, Ltd.

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