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Belgian Cinema/Le Cinema Belge/De Belgische Film
by Marianne Thys (Editor), Cinematheque Royale De Belgique
Listed under Cinema

Belgian Fashion Design
by Luc Derycke (Editor), Sandra Van De Veire (Editor)

A Bishop's Tale: Mathias Hovius Among His Flock in Seventeenth-Century Flanders
by Craig E. Harline, Eddy Put

The Burdens of Sister Margaret: Inside a Seventeenth-Century Convent [ABRIDGED]
by Craig E. Harline

Creating Community With Food and Drink in Merovingian Gaul
by Bonnie Effros
Listed under The Franks

A Storm in Flanders: The Ypres Salient, 1914-1918: Tragedy and Triumph on the Western Front
by Winston Groom

Bruges and the Renaissance: Memling to Pourbus
by Maximiliaan P. J. Martens (Editor), et al

Wages, Manufacturers and Workers in the Nineteenth-Century Factory: The Voortman Cotton Mill in Ghent
by Peter Scholliers

Tapestries for the Courts of Federico II, Ercole, and Ferrante Gonzaga, 1522-1563 (Monographs on the Fine Arts, Vol 52)
by Clifford M. Brown, et al

Painting in Bruges at the Close of the Middle Ages: Studies in Society and Visual Culture
by Jean C. Wilson

Realms of Ritual: Burgundian Ceremony and Civic Life in Late Medieval Ghent
by Peter J. Arnade

The King Incorporated: Leopold the Second and the Congo
by Neal Ascherson
Listed under Congo

King Leopold's Soliloquy: A Defense of His Congo Rule
by Mark Twain
Listed under Congo

History of the Low Countries
by J. C. H. Blom and Emiel Lamberts
Listed under Netherlands

The Low Countries, 1780-1940 (Oxford History of Modern Europe)
by E. H. Kossmann
Listed under Netherlands

Historical Dictionary of Belgium
by Robert Staellaerts
Book Description Belgium has perhaps been overshadowed by the doings of its powerful neighbors in Western Europe: France, Germany, and The Netherlands. Nevertheless, Belgium is an important point of cultural contact, straddling as it does a major linguistic and cultural divide. Additionally, with its important and proactive role in the European Union, and the increasing tensions within the state, Belgium and Belgian culture cannot remain in the shadows of the larger European states. Robert Stallaerts's "Historical Dictionary of Belgium" is an important and useful work for scholars of Belgium and of Western Europe. In it he presents a broad overview of the many, sometimes contradictory trends and currents in Belgian culture. The "Dictionary" presents Belgium as it has been and as it is. The dictionary itself highlights the most significant persons, parties, and organizations, describes the political and social institutions, and touches on Belgian economy and culture. The thorough dictionary is bolstered by an extensive chronology, a broad introduction, and a comprehensive bibliography. Of special interest to historians, political scientists, and travelers, this ready reference is an essential tool for any collection.

A Tour of the Bulge Battlefield
by William C. C. Cavanagh
Listed under Battle of the Bulge

A House Divided
by Carl Strikwerda
Book Description The first book to explore the historical development of Belgian politics, this groundbreaking study of the rivalry between Catholicism, Socialism and nationalism is essential reading for anyone interested in Europe before World War I.
Paperback: 480 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.06 x 8.84 x 5.78
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishing; (August )
ISBN: 0847685276

Gregory of Tours: History and Society in the Sixth Century
by Martin Heinzelmann (Author), Christopher Carroll (Translator)
Listed under The Franks

Before France and Germany: The Creation and Transformation of the Merovingian World
by Patrick J. Geary
Listed under The Franks

Roman to Merovingian Gaul: A Reader
by Alexander Callendar Murray (Editor)
Paperback: 550 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.50 x 9.50 x 6.25
Publisher: Broadview Press; (January 27, )
ISBN: 1551111020

Organists and Organ Playing in Nineteenth-Century France and Belgium
by Orpha C. Ochse
Listed under Organ


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