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Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary
by Linus Torvalds, David Diamond
from HarperBusiness

To the Finland Station (New York Review Books Classics)
by Edmund Wilson, Louis Menand (Introduction)
from New York Review of Books

Jonas of Kiivijarvi: Finnish Freedom Fighter
by Leslie W. Wisuri
from North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc.

Scandinavia Since 1500
by Byron J. Nordstrom
from Univ of Minnesota Pr (Txt)

Luftwaffe over Finland (Luftwaffe at War Series, 18)
by Kari Stenman, Kalevi Keskinen
from Greenhill Books/Lionel Leventhal

The Winter War: The Soviet Attack on Finland 1939-1940
by Eloise Engle, Lauri Paananen, Eloise Paananen
from Stackpole Books

Villa Mairea: Noormarkku 1938 to 9, Alvar Aalto (Architecture in Detail)
by Richard Weston
from Phaidon Press Inc.

Tom of Finland : His Life and Times (Stonewall Inn Editions)
by F. Valentine Hooven
Listed under Erotic Art

The Maiden of Northland : A Hero Tale of Finland
by Aaron Shepard, Carol Schwartz (Illustrator)

Finland and the Holocaust: The Rescue of Finland's Jews
by Hannu Rautkallio
Listed under Scandinavia WWII

Finland in the New Europe
by Max Jakobson
from Praeger Publishers

To the Finland Station: A Study in the Writing and Acting of History
by Edmund Wilson, Louis Menand (Introduction)
Paperback from New York Review of Books
A Short History of Finland
A Short History of Finland
by Fred Singleton (Author)
Book Description This is a second edition of the successful study of Finland in the English language. A Short History of Finland traces the historical development of the country from its settlement by the Finns in the first millennium AD to the present time, exploring Finland's earlier connection with Sweden, the complex relationship with Russia that has dominated Finnish history in the past two centuries, and the postwar achievements of the second republic. This second edition has been revised and updated by Emeritus Professor A. F. Upton, a leading scholar of Scandinavian history. It covers the impact of the break-up of the Soviet Union and brings events up to Finland's admission to the European Union in 1995.
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 2nd edition
Higher Education and National Identity: Polish Student Activism in Russia 1832-1863 (Bibliotheca Historica (Helsinki, Finland), 57,)
by Johannes Remy
Paperback from Intl Specialized Book Service

Special Order

Hitler's Arctic War: The German Campaigns in Norway, Finland, and the USSR 1940-1945
by Chris Mann, Christer Jorgensen
Listed under Scandinavia WWII

Nokia: The Inside Story
by Martti Häikiö
Hardcover from Financial Times Prentice Hall

Implementing Humanitarian Law Applicable in Armed Conflicts : The Case of Finland

Folk Dance Music of Finland 31 Tunes Arranged for 1-3 Violins, Fiddles, or other "C" Instruments

Five Centuries of Violence in Finland and the Baltic Area (The History of Crime and Criminal Justice Series)

Michelin THE GREEN GUIDE Scandinavia/Finland (THE GREEN GUIDE)

Finnish Modern Design: Utop

The Nokia Revolution : The Story of an Extraordinary Company That Transformed an Industry
by Dan Steinbock
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Finnish Magic: A Nation of Wizard a World of Spirits
by Robert, Phd. Nelson
from Llewellyn Publications
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Art by Design : Reflections of Finland an Exhibition in Collaboration With the Finnish Society
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Finland on DVD
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