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The Baltic Revolution : Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Path to Independence
by Anatol Lieven
Listed under Eastern Europe

The Baltic States : The National Self-Determination of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania
by Graham Smith (Editor)
Listed under Eastern Europe

Estonia and the Estonians (Studies of Nationalities)
by Toivo U. Raun
Paperback from Hoover Inst Pr
Estonia: Return to Independence (Westview Series on the Post-Soviet Republics)
by Rein Taagepera
Paperback from Westview Press

In Search of the Elusive Peace Corps Moment: Destination: Estonia
by Douglas Wells

Immigrants and Nationalists : Ethnic Conflict and Accommodation in Catalonia, the Basque Country, Latvia, and Estonia
by Gershon Shafir

The Radical Right in Interwar Estonia
by Andres Kasekamp
Hardcover from Palgrave Macmillan

Special Order
Private Views: Spaces and Gender in Contemporary Art from Britain and Estonia (I.B.Tauris in Association With the Women's Art Library)
by Angela Dimitrakaki, Pam Skelton
Paperback from I.B. Tauris
Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania: Country Studies (Area Handbook Series)
by Walter R. Iwaskiw, Library of Congress Federal Research Division, Claitors Publishing Division
Hardcover from Claitor's Law Books and Publishing

Islescapes: Estonian small islands and islanders through three centuries (Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis Stockholm Studies in Human Geography, No. 8)
by Tiina Peil
Paperback from Almqvist & Wiksell Intl.

Special Order
Economic Nationalism and Industrial Growth State and Industry in Estonia 1934-39 (Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis Studia Baltica Stockholmiensia)
by Anu-Mai Koll, Jaak Valge, Anu Mai Kõll
Paperback from Almqvist & Wiksell

Special Order
Baltic Cities - Perspectives on Urban and Regional Change in the Baltic Sea Area
by Martin Aberg, Martin Peterson, et al., Martin Ã…berg
Paperback from Almqvist & Wiksell

Special Order
The Effects of Planned Change on Estonian Morphology (Studia Uralica Upsaliensia)
by Virve Raag
Paperback from Almqvist & Wiksell

Special Order

Estonia (Cultures of the World)
by Michael Spilling

Forest and Forest Products Country Profile : Estonia
by K. Karoles, A. Leemet, O. Lugus

Peeling Potatoes, Painting Pictures: Women Artists in Post-Soviet Russia, Estonia, and Latvia. The First Decade
by Renee Baigell, Matthew Baigell
Listed under Women Artists

Private Views : Spaces and Gender in Contemporary Art from Britain and Estonia (I.B.Tauris in Association With the Women's Art Library)

Overcoming Obstacles to Liberalization of the Telecom Sector in Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Hungary : An Overwiew of Key policy

The Temporal Structure of Estonian Runic Songs (Phonology and Phonetics, 1)
by Jaan Ross, Ilse Lehiste
Hardcover from Mouton de Gruyter

Water Light
by Jonas Zdanys
Unknown Binding from The White Birch Press

War in the Woods: Estonia's Struggle for Survival 1944-1956
by Tiina Ets, Mart Laar, Larr
Hardcover from The Compass Press

Estonia : Independence and European Integration
by David Smith
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