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The Hemingway Book Club of Kosovo
by Paula Huntley
Hardcover from J. P. Tarcher
Nikola and Milena, King and Queen of the Black Mountain: The Rise and Fall of Montenegro's Royal Family
by Marco Houston
Hardcover from Leppi Pubns
The Serbs: History, Myth and the Destruction of Yugoslavia
The Serbs: History, Myth and the Destruction of Yugoslavia
by Tim Judah
The recent war in Bosnia re-ignited ancient hatreds and led to acts of brutality that echoed World War II atrocities: large-scale massacres and "ethnic cleansing". Bosnian Serbs, aided by Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic, systematically murdered, raped, and terrorized Bosnian Muslims as they strove to create a Greater Serbia. Now, journalist Tim Judah provides some perspective on the horrors of the Bosnian conflict with The Serbs. Make no mistake, Judah is not an apologist for Serbian excesses; rather, he aims to explicate the Balkans' long and violent history leading to this latest tragic conflict. 

The Serbs begins with the establishment of a Serbian state in the Middle Ages, then follows Serb fortunes through ensuing centuries of conquest, conflict, and oppression. Ethnic cleansing in the Balkans is hardly unique to the Bosnian war; it has been a horrific element of all Balkan conflicts, and Judah convincingly argues that Serbian nationalism is an outgrowth of the Serbs' own sufferings as victims of ethnic cleansing in past conflicts. Anyone interested in current affairs--particularly in the Balkans--will find Tim Judah's The Serbs an engrossing and important exploration of the Bosnian conflict.
Paperback: 382 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.08 x 7.72 x 4.98
Publisher: Yale Univ Pr; ; 2nd edition
ISBN: 0300085079

Madness Visible : A Memoir of War
by Janine di Giovanni
Hardcover from Knopf
Black Aces High: The Story of a Modern Fighter Squadron at War
by Robert Wilcox
Hardcover from Thomas Dunne Books
Frontiers and Ghettos : State Violence in Serbia and Israel
by James Ron
Paperback from University of California Press
Indictment at the Hague: The Milosevic Regime and Crimes of the Balkan Wars
by Norman L. Cigar, Paul Williams, Ivo Banac
Hardcover from New York University Press
Modernism in Serbia : The Elusive Margins of Belgrade Architecture, 1919-1941
by Ljiljana Blagojevic
Hardcover from MIT Press
War Over Kosovo
by A. J. Bacevich, Eliot A. Cohen
Paperback from Columbia University Press
Virtual War : Kosovo and Beyond
by Michael Ignatieff
Paperback from Picador USA

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