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Battle over Malta : Aircraft Losses & Crash Sites 1940-42
by Anthony Rogers
Listed under Malta in World War Two

Great Siege : Malta 1565 (Wordsworth Military Library.)
by Ernle Bradford

The Jew of Malta (Revels Student Editions)
by Christopher Marlowe, David Bevington (Editor)

The Jukebox Queen of Malta
by Nicholas M. Rinaldi
...Set during the early years of World War II, the story begins with the arrival of American soldier Rocco Raven, late of Brooklyn, during an air raid. While running from an attacking Messerschmitt, Raven is rescued by Jack Fingerly, a shadowy character who may--or may not--be an Army intelligence officer. To Rocco, a car mechanic in civilian life with a taste for Melville, Nietzsche, and Edgar Allan Poe, nothing about Malta makes sense--except his feelings for Melita Azzard, the eponymous heroine whom he meets during one of the incessant bombings that punctuate life on the island...
Publisher: Scribner Paperback Fiction;

The Knights of Malta
by H. J. A. Sire
Paperback from Yale Univ Pr

Malta 1565 : Last Battle of the Crusades (Osprey Military Campaign Series : 50)
by Tim Pickles, Christa Hook, Lee Johnson, Osprey
Paperback from Osprey Pub Co

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Malta: The Last Great Siege 1940 - 1943
by David Wragg
Listed under Malta in World War Two

Malta (The American Geographical Society Around the World Program)
by Roger Balm
Paperback from McDonald & Woodward Pub Co

Malta's Ancient Temples and Ruts (Institute for Cultural Research Monograph, No 26)
by Rowland Parker, Michael Rubinstein, David Trump
Paperback from I S H K Book Service

Punic Antiquities of Malta and Other Ancient Artefacts Held in Ecclesiastic and Private Collections (Ancient Near Eastern Studies. Supplement, 10)
by Claudia Sagona, C. H. J. Geus
Hardcover from Peeters Publishing

Splendor of Malta
by Shirley Jackewicz Johnston, Anthony Cassar De Sain, Marquis Anthony Cassar de Sain (Photographer)
Book Description Malta is entirely indebted to the Knights of St. John, who, arriving in the 16th century, transformed its three islands into the Renaissance and Baroque splendor that it is today. Divinely inspired, the knights built the exquisite palaces of the Grand Master, the Inquisitor, and the Bishop; the equally grand auberges (knight's quarters); the magnificent cathedral; and beautiful gardens, estates, and villas.

The only large all-color book on Malta, this volume by insiders captures the mystery and awe-inspiring romance behind the Mediterranean paradise, which attracts close to 1.5 million visitors a year.
Publisher: Rizzoli;

The Role of Malta in British Strategic Policy, 1925-43 (Military History and Policy Series)
by Douglas Austin
Hardcover from International Specialized Book Services

Hospitallers: The History of the Order of St. John (Crusader Worlds)
by Jonathan Simon Christoph Riley-Smith
Hardcover from Hambledon Pr

Special Order

The Kappillan of Malta
by Nicholas Monsarrat
Hardcover from William Morrow
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The Knights Hospitaller
by Helen Nicholson
from Boydell & Brewer
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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