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Fishing Alabama: An Angler s Guide to 50 of the State s Prime Fishing Spots
Fishing Alabama: An Angler's Guide to 50 of the State's Prime Fishing Spots
by Floyd Edwin Mashburn
Paperback from Lyons Press
ISBN: 1599213001
Fishing Alabama is the essential guide to fishing in this surprisingly diverse southern state.
Fishing the Local Waters: Gulf Shores to Panama City (Fishing the Local Waters series)
Fishing the Local Waters: Gulf Shores to Panama City (Fishing the Local Waters series)
by Jim Hoskins
Paperback from Maximum Press
ISBN: 1931644497
Two local fishermen share their favorite spots and special techniques in this tackle-box sized guide to angling in Florida's gulf coast waters. From inland jaunts to shore fishing to a day trip on a boat, the chapters cover everything a tourist or curious local needs for a fruitful outing. Information on the best bait, tackle, and methods are included, as are important safety tips, maps showing choice fishin' holes, and local recipes for cooking up the catch of the day. LORAN coordinates to more than 50 proven spots to drop a line are included, and a directory of fishing businesses on the Emerald Coast completes this angling guide.
Fishing for Gold: The Story of Alabama s Catfish Industry (Alabama Fire Ant)
Fishing for Gold: The Story of Alabama's Catfish Industry (Alabama Fire Ant)
by Karni R. Perez
Paperback from Fire Ant Books
ISBN: 0817353445

A captivating story of the industry's rise in Alabama.
With a wonderful ear for dialogue and in flowing narrative style, Karni Perez weaves together oral histories collected from early hatchery owners, catfish farmers, processors, and researchers to recount the important contributions made by Alabamians to the channel catfish industry. Perez describes the struggles and glories of fish culture from its early days as an experimental venture to the thriving present-day commercial enterprise that supplies warmwater fish for the American food industry. 
As Perez states, "The catfish industry started out in Alabama as a do-it-yourself and figure-it out-yourself kind of enterprise." We hear how men who were mostly cattle farmers learned to nudge male and female fish into spawning in crudely constructed aquaria, how growers discovered the dissolved oxygen needs of their "herd" when big die-offs occurred, how Lenson Montz and Otis Breland designed the first paddle aerator to remedy the problem, how farmers eventually trained a bottomfeeding species to rise to the water surface to eat so their numbers could be better estimated. In one dramatic story, we learn how a man experimenting with the first skinning machine lost a piece of his hand in front of a crowd of horrified locals. (After it was retrieved from the skin basket, it was reattached by a town doctor and healed perfectly.) Ironically, the man was a representative of the engineering firm tasked with designing the machine; he had never before seen a catfish in his life. The machine was modified and became an essential component of modern fish processing. 
In addition to telling the remarkable stories of individual contributions by farmers and researchers, Perez explains the positive effects played by improved public infrastructure, continued biological research, state legislation, and federal recognition of aquaculture as agriculture.

In the Path of the Storms: Bayou La Batre, Coden, and the Alabama Coast
In the Path of the Storms: Bayou La Batre, Coden, and the Alabama Coast

Paperback from University Alabama Press
ISBN: 0817355049
 The Gulf Coast villages of Bayou La Batre and Coden are two of Alabama's most distinctive, with roots going back to the French settlements of the 18th century. For generations, the proud inhabitants of these communities have extracted their modest livings from the sea, sustained by a lesson handed down over time-- that providing for the needs of one's family is the only true measure of success. But the world has changed drastically for them. A global economy of higher gas prices and cheap imported seafood has threatened the lifeblood of the area. And in recent years a rash of hurricanes, culminating with Hurricane Katrina, has battered the hopes and dreams of these Bayou towns.But they have known hard times and massive changes before. In the 1970s, refugees from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos flooded into the area and within a few years made up a third of the local population. Three Buddhist temples soon took their places among the Catholic, Baptist, and Pentecostal churches that predominated, and for a time the different ethnic groups coexisted in a kind of uneasy peace. But now they are learning to pull together in an uncertain struggle to rebuild their communities.In the Path of the Storms is a powerful portrait in words and photographs of a unique and unforgettable place. It is a story of tradition, and forces of change, and the epic struggle of these Gulf Coast communities to survive and thrive.

Alabama fish ponds: Planning, building, stocking, managing, fishing
by Johnie H Crance from Alabama Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources, Game and Fish Division, Fisheries Section
Eastern Cherokee Fishing (Contemporary American Indians)
Eastern Cherokee Fishing (Contemporary American Indians)
by Dr. Heidi M. Altman
Hardcover from University Alabama Press
ISBN: 0817315144
Cherokee identity as revealed in fishing methods and materials.In Eastern Cherokee Fishing, life histories, folktales, and reminiscences about fish gathered from interviews with Cherokee and non-Cherokee people provide a clear and personal picture of the changes in the Qualla Boundary (Eastern Band of the) Cherokee in the last 75 years. Coupled with documentary research, these ethnographic histories illuminate changes in the language, culture, and environment (particularly, aquatic resources) since contact with Europeans and examine the role these changes have played in the traditions and lives of the contemporary Cherokees. 
Interviewees include a great range of informants, from native speakers of Cherokee with extensive knowledge of traditional fishing methods to Euro-American English speakers whose families have lived in North Carolina for many generations and know about contemporary fishing practices in the area. The topic of fishing thus offers perspective on the Cherokee language, the vigor of the Cherokee system of native knowledge, and the history of the relationship between Cherokee people and the local environment. Heidi Altman also examines the role of fishing as a tourist enterprise and how fishing practices affect tribal waters.
New records of Alabama fishes.: An article from: Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science
by W. Mike Howell, L.J. Davenport, Ronald L. Jenkins
Digital from Alabama Academy of Science
Media Published: 2005-

Availability: Available for download now
This digital document is an article from Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science, published by Alabama Academy of Science on January 1, 2004. The length of the article is 1231 words. The page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Digital Locker immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.
Citation Details
Title: New records of Alabama fishes.
Author: W. Mike Howell
Publication: Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science (Refereed)
Date: January 1, 2004
Publisher: Alabama Academy of Science
Volume: 75 Issue: 1 Page: 22(3)
Distributed by Thomson Gale

The Complete Alabama Fisherman
The Complete Alabama Fisherman
by Mike Bolton
Paperback from Seacoast Publishing
ISBN: 1878561464
The Barefoot Fisherman's Guide to the Emerald Coast: From Gulf Shore, Alabama, to Apalachicola, Florida
The Barefoot Fisherman's Guide to the Emerald Coast: From Gulf Shore, Alabama, to Apalachicola, Florida
by Gregory Dew
Paperback from Crane Hill Publishers

The Complete Alabama Fisherman
by Mike Bolton, Tom Bailey, Chris Roberts
Paperback from Seacoast Publishing
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