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Fly Fishing Small Streams
Fly Fishing Small Streams
by John Gierach
Paperback from Stackpole Books
ISBN: 0811722902

Small-stream fishing wisdom with the same insight and pungent humor that has become Gierach's trademark. Advice on tackle selecting, reading water, and scouting.

The author, being that most unusual creature--an honest angler--offers this caveat on the opening page: "Many of us have elevated fly fishing (especially our favorite kind) to the highest category of human endeavor: something we don't need to explain unless we feel like it. Of course, if we do feel like explaining it, look out. We're liable to start referring to it as an 'art' and maybe even sit down and write a book or something." The rest you can guess. This is one man's opinion about the art of fishing small streams with a fly rod--a guide that is always entertaining and frequently worthy of underlining. Readers familiar with the John Gierach of Dances with Trout and Even Brook Trout Get the Blues will recognize in Fly Fishing Small Streams the folksy wisdom and amiable writing that has made this trout-bumming author's books of essays so popular. However, like Flyfishing: The High Country and Fishing Bamboo, it's an instructional. This isn't to say it's not a fun read, but it remains foremost a guidebook--and a very useful one at that. --Langdon Cook, Sports & Outdoors editor

L.L. Bean Saltwater Fly-Fishing Handbook (L. L. Bean)
L.L. Bean Saltwater Fly-Fishing Handbook (L. L. Bean)
by Lefty Kreh
Paperback from The Lyons Press
ISBN: 1585741515

The L.L. Bean Saltwater Fly-Fishing Handbook is an indispensable guide to the most exciting fly fishing from one of the world's foremost authorities.

Whether you've never fished before or are a classic trout-stream angler, or you have fly fished in the sea for years, the L.L. Bean Saltwater Fly-Fishing Handbook is the definitive guide on the subject for beginners and experts alike. Fly fishing in salt water makes special demands on the angler, and Lefty explains every aspect of this challenging and exciting sport in this comprehensive, practical, and easy-to-read handbook. Readers will learn about: basic tackle choices; simple and effective knots; how to cast from shore or boat; learning the tides; fly selection; striped bass, bluefish, false albacore, bonefish, snook, tarpon, redfish, permit, barracuda and sharks; fishing the flats, around structure, and in estuaries.

There is something here for all anglers, whether they are just learning to cast or looking for successful tips from the master himself to catch that elusive, one-in-a-lifetime trophy. (7 x 10, 192 pages, color photos, illustrations, diagrams)

A Fly Fisher s Guide to the South Platte River: A Comprehensive Guide to Fly-Fishing the South Platte Watershed
A Fly Fisher's Guide to the South Platte River: A Comprehensive Guide to Fly-Fishing the South Platte Watershed
by Pat Dorsey
Hardcover from Pruett Publishing Company
ISBN: 087108936X

A FLY FISHER'S GUIDE TO THE SOUTH PLATTE RIVER is a complete how-to fly-fishing manual for the entire South Platte River drainage. It encompasses a thorough look at the each section of the river detailing the hatches and recommended fly patterns for each of the four seasons of the year. This book represents decades of experience from the top guide on this demanding river.

Regarded as one of the most challenging trout streams in the country the South Platte is fed from the icy peaks of the Continental Divide. The South Platte is primarily a river of small insects imitated by small fly patterns fished to some of the most selective trout in North America. It is said of this river that, "if you can catch a trout on the South Platte, you can catch them anywhere."

To Fish in Common: The Ethnohistory of Lummi Indian Salmon Fishing
by Daniel L. Boxberger
Hardcover from University of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 0803212062

'A study of the Lummi Indians of northwestern Washington and the political and economic forces that have determined their changing fortunes over the past 150 years. Daniel Boxberger has made excellent use of documentary sources, oral history, and his own observations...The book is compelling and well documented; it is also understated, frequently allowing the actions of the myriad contending interest groups to speak for themselves' - "Ethnohistory".'Boxberger knows his subject. He displays an impressive understanding of the technical development of fishing, and he repeatedly uses his interviews with Indians to inform and test archival and secondary sources' - "American Indian Quarterly". 'By focusing on the history of control over productive resources (in this case salmon, methods of harvest, processing, capital investment, and markets) Boxberger shows how the Lummi slid from independence and self-sufficiency to dependency, underdevelopment, and poverty...Not only is it an excellent, in-depth study of the Lummi case, it can also serve as a metaphor for the larger question of Native American treaty rights and the resource provisions of agreements' - "Pacific Historical Review". Daniel L.Boxberger is professor of anthropology at Western Washington University, Bellingham.



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