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Flyfisher s Guide to Idaho (Flyfisher s Guides)
Flyfisher's Guide to Idaho (Flyfisher's Guides)
by Ken Retallic, Rocky Barker
Paperback from Wilderness Adventures Press, Inc.
ISBN: 193209881X

A complete revision of the best-selling guidebook, including new waters

This comprehensive guidebook covers all major Idaho rivers, including the Henry's Fork and Island Park Reservoir, Teton, South Fork of the Snake, Big Wood and Little Wood, Silver Creek, Salmon, Boise, Payette, Clearwater, St. Joe's, Lochsa, Selway and more. A detailed, easy to read text also addresses the popular gamefish with descriptions of each, including: cutthroat, rainbow, brown and brook trout, steelhead, smallmouth and largemouth trout.

Fishing Idaho, An Angler s Guide
Fishing Idaho, An Angler's Guide
by Joe A. Evancho
Paperback from Cutthroat Pr
ISBN: 0964915804

Whether chasing steelhead in Hell's Canyon or panfish in one of the state's many reservoirs, Fishing Idaho will help you find the right place to dip your line. Dividing the state into regions--complete with maps and area information (camping, docks, boat ramps, etc.)--this is a useful guide for plunkers, spin casters, and fly-fishers alike. Major (as well as out-of-the-way) lakes and streams are covered, as are the author's suggestions for best bets and catch-and-release areas. Whether you live in Idaho or just plan to fish there, Fishing Idaho is a valuable resource for the state's vast angling opportunities.

Idaho s Best Fishing Waters
Idaho's Best Fishing Waters
by Inc. Wilderness Adventures Press
Paperback from Wilderness Adventures Press
ISBN: 1932098585

The 6th book in our Best Fishing Waters series has 167 detailed full-color maps of 26 of Idaho's finest fishing waters. This is the most comprehensive book of angling maps ever created for Idaho's rivers, streams, and lakes. Each 8-1/2 x 11 map shows all the access sites with GPS coordinates, along with boat ramps, campgrounds, roads, trails, rapids, dams, tributaries, and a wealth of other useful information. Each water starts with an overview map. Then the water is covered with a number of detailed maps. For example, the Henry's Fork of the Snake River has an overview map and eight detailed maps, for a total of nine maps. The Clearwater River has a total of ten maps. The waters include, Big Lost River, Big and Little Wood Rivers, Boise, Clearwater, Coeur d Alene, Fort Hall bottoms, Kelly Creek, Kootenai, Lochsa, Payette, Salmon, Selway, Silver Creek, South Fork of the Boise, St. Joe, and the Teton River. Public land is clearly identified in color, and every possible access or state lease is easy to find with just a glance.
Fishing Idaho: An Angler s Guide, Second Edition
Fishing Idaho: An Angler's Guide, Second Edition
by Joe Evancho
Paperback from Cutthroat Press
ISBN: 0964915812

The first edition of Fishing Idaho, An Angler's Guide, was the first book of its kind to catalog so many fishing waters (and some non-fishing) in the state of Idaho, though it was definitely not a catalog. The first thousand copies of the book sold-out in a month in the mid 1990s. The book has been out of print for more than a year and Evancho worked hard to get the second edition ready by second week of December 2004.

The first edition contained more than 200 pages of fishing information about Idaho's rivers, stream, lakes and reservoirs and took two years to compile. It was written for everyone from worm dunkers to fly casters, beginners to veterans, for winter and summer.

The second editions contains the same, though updated, type of information, plus three additional chapters and new backcountry fly-in fishing information. With approximately 260 pages, the new chapters cover Native Lands, high mountain lakes and a thorough, albeit brief, section on fishing Yellowstone National Park.

In the Native Lands chapter, Evancho shows that Fort Hall and the Duck Valley reservations have some of the finest fishing around and that the Nez Perce and Coeur d'Alene tribes manage their fisheries with great pride and care. Each of the reservations has specific regulations of which angler's should be aware.

High-mountain lakes are an important part of Idaho's fishing heritage, but not a lot has been written about them. Fly-in (backcountry/wilderness) fishing can be as dangerous as it is fun. Because of the influx of new pilots working the backcountry, many inexperienced pilots are going where experienced pilots fear to go. This chapter goes on to explain some of the common sense aspects of backcountry flying as well as the water that is available. The section is also a prelude to Evancho's next book, Idaho High Mountain Lakes, to be published in the spring of 2005

And because a small portion of Yellowstone National Park is in Idaho, a brief overview of the park is included as well as comments on several of its better-known waters.

On the Fly Guide to the Northern Rockies: A Traveler s Guide to the Greatest Flyfishing Destinations in Idaho, Montana and Northern Wyoming (On the Fly Guide To... (Wilderness Adventures Press))
On the Fly Guide to the Northern Rockies: A Traveler's Guide to the Greatest Flyfishing Destinations in Idaho, Montana & Northern Wyoming (On the Fly Guide To... (Wilderness Adventures Press))
by Chuck Robbins
Paperback from Wilderness Adventures Press
ISBN: 1932098011
Silver Creek: Idaho s Fly Fishing Paradise
Silver Creek: Idaho's Fly Fishing Paradise
by David Clark, David Glasscock
Paperback from Caxton Press
ISBN: 087004382X

Fed by the purest water from a natural spring near Sun Valley Idaho, Silver Creek has become a destination for the serious fly fisherman or woman that wants to try his or her skill against the wiliest of trout in a region as beautiful as it is challenging.
Idaho Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide (Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guides)
Idaho Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide (Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guides)
by John Shewey
Paperback from Frank Amato Publications
ISBN: 1571881352
Idaho Fishing Guide: Hook, Line and Sinker
Idaho Fishing Guide: Hook, Line & Sinker
by Pete Zimowsky
Paperback from Frank Amato Publications
ISBN: 1571880135

A beautifully illustrated, all-color treatment of Idaho's best sport fishing for everything from trout and steelhead to walleye and sturgeon. Best areas described as well as all types of tackle from flies to lures. Scores of colorful, instructive illustrations. Idaho features much of the finest fishing in the U.S. and this book will help you find it! 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Watercolors by Patrick Davis.

This is a useful introduction to fishing Idaho waters for a variety of game fish. Each species receives a narrative description plus suggested tackle and fishing areas.

Best Flies for Idaho (Greycliff Best Flies Series, Vol. 1)
Best Flies for Idaho (Greycliff Best Flies Series, Vol. 1)
by Greg Thomas
Paperback from Greycliff Publishing Company
ISBN: 1890373028

Idaho fly-tyers are innovators by necessity. This mostly rural state, with large areas of designated wilderness, is not the sort of place where anglers can always run around the corner to pick up a few hot flies at the local shop. It makes sense, then, that there's a guidebook devoted solely to a state with a wide variety of fly-fishing opportunities and a renowned history of fly-tying. Thomas gives a brief overview of a tradition that dates back to 1901 when Carter Harrison created the Trude as a joke (a joke that caught on big), then launches into an alphabetical who's who of the many varied patterns that have evolved over the course of a century. While eschewing step-by-step tying instructions, he details requisite materials and includes a few notes about the history of each fly and its proper usage. Some flies, like Kaufmann's Stimulator, while not developed specifically for Idaho waters, are included because of their popularity. Final chapters cover in brief selected Idaho fly-fishing waters and key flies.

Idaho River Maps and Fishing Guide
Idaho River Maps & Fishing Guide
by Greg Thomas, Gary Lewis
Paperback from Frank Amato Publications, Inc.
ISBN: 1571884556

Maps and fishing information for the best Idaho rivers. Included for each river are the best seasons, species, available illustrated fishing methods (both fly and gear), best flies and best gear for individual rivers and species, fly hatches, knots, launches, parks, number of hookups per year, size of runs, parks, services, guides.
Bill Mason's No Nonsense Guide to Fly Fishing in Idaho : Learn About Fly Fishing Idaho's Finest Rivers, Streams, Lakes and Reservoirs
by Bill Mason, David Banks (Editor)

Snake River Country Flies and Waters
by Bruce Staples
Paperback from Frank Amato Pubns

Henry's Fork (River Journal, Vol 3, No 1)
by Larry Tullis
Paperback from Frank Amato Publications, Inc.

Guide to Fly Fishing in Idaho
by Bill Mason, David Banks, Kaushik
Paperback: 48 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.22 x 10.90 x 8.47
Publisher: David Communications;
ISBN: 0963725610

Fly Fishing the Henry's Fork
by Mike Lawson, Gary LaFontaine
Paperback from The Lyons Press

Silver Creek (River Journal, Vol. 1, No 2, 1993)
by W. David Joye, Jeff Findley
Paperback from Frank Amato Publications, Inc.

Silver Creek: Idaho's Fly Fishing Paradise
by Dave Clark, David Glasscock, Dave Glasscock
Paperback from Caxton Press

On the Fly Guide to the Northern Rockies: A Traveler's Guide to the Greatest Fly Fishing Destinations in Montana, Idaho & Northern Wyoming
by Chuck Robbins
Paperback from Wilderness Adventures Press


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