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Ron Schara s Minnesota Fishing Guide
Ron Schara's Minnesota Fishing Guide
by Ron Schara
Paperback from Tristan Outdoors
ISBN: 097265044X

In this exceptional guide to fishing in Minnesota, beloved outdoorsman, Ron Schara gives tips that are useful for the beginner as well as experienced anglers. Host of ESPN's "Backroads with Ron & Raven;" KARE 11's "Minnesota Bound;" and "The Call of the Wild" on The Outdoor Channel; Ron is widely recognized as an expert fisherman and outdoorsman. The book contains useful how-to information and the ONLY hard copy of vital Minnesota DNR lake statistics. Full color throughout, plus photography that is breathtaking and informational.
The Great Minnesota Fish Book
The Great Minnesota Fish Book
by Tom Dickson
Hardcover from Univ Of Minnesota Press
ISBN: 0816651353
Fishing is one of Minnesota's consummate pastimes. The North Star state boasts the highest number of anglers per capita in the nation and the most fishing lakes. Minnesota is abundant in knowledge about how to catch game fish, but there is little information on the lore and natural history of such prized species as the walleye and largemouth bass, not to mention lesser-known varieties such as the brook stickleback and pirate perch. From trophies to bait, The Great Minnesota Fish Book tells stories of these aquatic species in rich, colorful detail.
The Great Minnesota Fish Book pairs engaging and revealing stories about the history, habitat, and culture of more than one hundred species with strikingly lifelike depictions by world-renowned fish illustrator Joseph R. Tomelleri. Providing defining features for easy identification, descriptions of habitat, growth patterns, and behavior, as well as historical anecdotes, Dickson makes a convincing case for the appreciation of all fish and their important place within Minnesota's aquatic ecosystems. Where else can you learn about the American eel, a fish that lives throughout southern Minnesota yet spawns in the Caribbean Sea? Or the Johnny darter, which reproduces upside down? Or the monstrous lake sturgeon that can reach more than 300 pounds and swims in waters from Lake of the Woods to the Mississippi River? Nowhere, until now. Tom Dickson takes us on a lively tour of Minnesota fish--the good, the bad, and the ugly.
An elegant full-color work for everyone from the passionate angler to the up-north cabin dweller, The Great Minnesota Fish Book conveys the love and fascination--and in the case of eelpout, the disdain--that people have for the fishes of our home state. 
Fishing Minnesota: Angling with the Experts in the Land of 10,000 Lakes
Fishing Minnesota: Angling with the Experts in the Land of 10,000 Lakes
by Greg Breining
Paperback from Univ Of Minnesota Press
ISBN: 0816641765

Fishing is more than catching fish. It is travel, nature, adventure, friendships, and discovery. In Fishing Minnesota, Greg Breining tags along with expert anglers and reports what they have spent years learning. He fishes for Lake Superior steelhead with Shawn Perich, small-stream smallmouth bass with Tim Holschlag, stream trout with Jay Bunke, and north-country muskies with Mark Windels. Along the way, Breining comes to understand not only how they catch fish, but why they go to the trouble.

Nowhere else will you find a comprehensive how-to guide for fishing Minnesota's many lakes and streams, full of tips from the region's best tournament anglers, most experienced fisheries biologists, and never-fail professional guides. Breining shares their secrets on such topics as how to snell a yarn fly, where to find the biggest muskies in any lake, and how to pick the best minnows for Mille Lacs. Breining gives us that coveted experience of being in the boat with the pros.

Greg Breining is the managing editor of the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer and the author of many books, including Wild Shore (Minnesota, ), Minnesota (), and Return of the Eagle (). He lives in St. Paul.

Trout Streams of Wisconsin and Minnesota: An Angler s Guide to More Than 120 Rivers and Streams, Second Edition
Trout Streams of Wisconsin and Minnesota: An Angler's Guide to More Than 120 Rivers and Streams, Second Edition
by Jim Humphrey, Bill Shogren
Paperback from Countryman Press
ISBN: 0881504971

The definitive guide to this trout-fishing mecca, which includes several of Trout Unlimited's top 100 trout streams in the country.

Wisconsin and Minnesota together boast more than 12,500 miles of designated trout waters in more than 3,000 streams. Thanks to conservation efforts by governmental and volunteer organizations, fishing is better than it has been in decades. In this completely updated and expanded second edition, the authors have added information on many new streams. Veteran anglers Humphrey and Shogren describe their native trout waters with an evocative sense of place that conveys not only the details but also the experience an angler can expect.

Features include: profiles of more than 120 productive trout rivers and streams; information on hatches, access points, and wading conditions; travel directions, map references, and information on nearby facilities; 55 detailed maps; hatch charts for the region's major hatches; advice on tackle, flies, and tactic; local hatch charts and fly patterns; information on tackle shops and guide services; and much more.
5 illustrations and 55 maps

A Hard-Water World: Ice Fishing and Why We Do It
A Hard-Water World: Ice Fishing and Why We Do It
by Greg Breining
Hardcover from Minnesota Historical Society Press
ISBN: 0873516249
To the uninitiated, ice fishing seems improbable, wacky, and dangerous. But every winter, more than 2 million hardy northerners go to their place on the lake: literally on the lake.

Striking storytelling photographs by Layne Kennedy and engaging essays by outdoor writer and fisherman Greg Breining capture the quirky world of ice fishing-its natural beauty and solitary subzero vigils, along with its oddball practices and practitioners.
Kennedy and Breining take readers to fun-filled if bizarre festivals that include "Guys on Ice" in Door County, Wisconsin, and the supremely self-mocking International Eelpout Festival on Minnesota's Leech Lake, which honors a slimy, potbellied, finny critter. Photos offer peeks inside ice houses that range from a plastic-bag cocoon to an impossibly luxurious Adirondacks ice residence with front porch and wet bar. Travel to a frozen lake in the Boundary Waters, to ice cities that form and disband overnight, and to the Volga River near Moscow, shadowed by the KGB.

Most importantly, A Hard-Water World allows the reader to enjoy the beauty, wonder, and, yes, insanity of ice fishing in the comfort of home.
Layne Kennedy's photographs have been published in National Geographic Traveler, Sports Illustrated, Life, Newsweek, Smithsonian, and other magazines. Greg Breining writes frequently about the outdoors for national magazines and newspapers.

Fishing for Buffalo: A Guide to the Pursuit and Cuisine of Carp, Suckers, Eelpout, Gar, and Other Rough Fish
Fishing for Buffalo: A Guide to the Pursuit and Cuisine of Carp, Suckers, Eelpout, Gar, and Other Rough Fish
by Rob Buffler, Tom Dickson
Paperback from Univ Of Minnesota Press
ISBN: 081666532X
Is a carpsucker a carp or a sucker? Where can you find the largest eelpout in the United States? Can you catch creek chubs and fry them for supper?
These questions and more are answered within the pages of Fishing for Buffalo. Rob Buffler and Tom Dickson dispel myths and rumors about rough fish with credible biological information while also demonstrating the joy of angling for nontraditional fish. The wealth of information within qualifies this book as a fishing bible for the growing number of rough fishing enthusiasts in the United States and makes it easy to identify the rough fish you may catch. It even includes a sampling of Dickson and Buffler's favorite recipes, such as Burbot Boulangère and Deviled Grilled Cisco.
Rough fish may be a lot of things--ugly, unruly, or elusive--but they are definitely not boring.
Classic Minnesota Fishing Stories: A Rare Collection of First-Hand Accounts, Anecdotes, and Reports
by Joe Fellegy
Paperback from Waldman House Pr
ISBN: 0931674042
Buck Peterson s Complete Guide to Fishing
Buck Peterson's Complete Guide to Fishing
by Buck Peterson
Paperback from Ten Speed Press
Media Published: 2006-
ISBN: 1580087361

Outdoor jokester Buck Peterson turns his bloodshot eyes to the piscatorial world of lakes and streams. This revised edition of his original classic includes techniques for catching the latest hybrid fuel-efficient fish, turning fish into rosebush food, and capitalizing on recent innovations in military fishing weaponry.Reviews"Supremely funny, patently irreverent, and modestly salty information on just about everything to do with anything fishing."-In-Fisherman"Offers angling info tinted with sexism, drinking references, bad puns and dumb jokes. Which undoubtedly will make this guidebook parody a hit among many anglers." Recommended for "an easily amused fishing buddy."-Sacramento Bee

A Boundary Waters Fishing Guide
by Michael J. Furtman
Hardcover from Birch Portage Pr
ISBN: 0916691012

Updated and revised, this is an indispensable part of any serious fishing trip to the Boundary Waters or Quetico. With more information, this latest version incorporates new fishing techniques, new equipment and an updated index of nearly every lake. Even seasoned anglers will want this book!

Mille Lacs: Thirty Years on the Big Lake : Memoirs and Secrets of a Walleye Fishing Guide
by Joe Fellegy
Paperback from Mille Lacs Press
ISBN: 0962690708

A first-person account of 30-plus years of adventure, experiences, and fishing savvy in small boats and charter boats on Minnesota's most popular sport fishing lake. What it's like to be an intense fishing guide with a gruelling daily schedule on a huge lake: meeting the challenges of weather, competition on the fishing grounds, matching wits with the fish, and hosting an interesting mix of clientele. Captures the fun and flavor of group fishing.


A Boundary Waters Fishing Guide
by Michael Furtman, Alan Linne
Paperback from Adventure Publications

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Brainerd-Whitefish & Atkin County Area
by Sportsman's Connection
Spiral-bound from Sportsmans Connection

Bemidji & Grand Rapids-Winni Area
by Sportsman's Connection
Spiral-bound from Sportsmans Connection

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Flyfisher's Guide to Minnesota
Flyfisher's Guide to Minnesota
by Mickey O. Johnson
Paperback from Wilderness Adventures Press
Ron Schara's Minnesota Fishing Guide
by Ron Schara
Paperback from Tristan Outdoors

Fishing Minnesota: Angling with the Experts in the Land of 10,000 Lakes
by Greg Breining
Paperback from Univ of Minnesota Pr (Trd)

Fishing for Myth: Poems (Minnesota Voices Project Series, No 79)
by Heid E. Erdrich
Paperback from New Rivers Press

Fish in the Lakes, Wild Rice, and Game in Abundance: Testimony on Behalf of Mille Lacs Ojibwe Hunting and Fishing Rights
by James M. McClurken, Charles E. Cleland, J. D. Nichols
Hardcover from Michigan State Univ Pr

Fly Fishing Minnesota's Trout Lakes
by John Hunt
Paperback from Highweather Press

Trout Fishing in Southeast Minnesota
by John Van Vliet, J. Van Vliet
Paperback from Second Avenue Bait/Highweather Press

Northern Waters
by Janice Zita Grover, Jan Zita Grover
Paperback from Consortium Book Sales & Dist


Trout Streams of Wisconsin and Minnesota: An Angler's Guide to More Than 120 Rivers and Streams, Second Edition
by Jim Humphrey, Bill Shogren
Paperback from Countryman Pr

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