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Good Luck and Tight Lines: A Sure-Fire Guide to Florida s Inshore Fishing
Good Luck and Tight Lines: A Sure-Fire Guide to Florida's Inshore Fishing
by R. G. Schmidt
Paperback from Taylor Trade Publishing
ISBN: 0884151581

Packed with the wheres, whys, and hows of fishing Florida's inshore water, vacationers, new residents, and even longtime anglers will discover what to look for, which lures to use, and where to go.
Fish Florida Saltwater: Better Than Luck--The Foolproof Guide to Florida Saltwater Fishing
Fish Florida Saltwater: Better Than Luck--The Foolproof Guide to Florida Saltwater Fishing
by Boris Arnov
Paperback from Taylor Trade Publishing
ISBN: 088415002X

Whoo, tarpon, snook, barracuda! Florida's saltwaters have always been the best places in the world to catch these and many other feisty game fishes. Now, Boris Arnov, avid Florida fisherman and fishing school proproetor, has written a unique guide to tell you when, where, and how to catch more than 35 varieties of sport fish. Here you'll find the best bait, the best season, the best techniques, and the very best places to make the catch.
Secrets from Florida s Master Anglers (Wild Florida)
Secrets from Florida's Master Anglers (Wild Florida)
by Ron Presley
Paperback from University Press of Florida
ISBN: 0813033977
Like hiring twenty fishing guides for the price of one book!

"Ron's highly privileged interviews with many of Florida's top guides expose lots of secrets that are sure to improve fishing success."--Phil Chapman

"A great peek into twenty of the finest fishing minds of Florida! No matter your current skill level, this book will improve your confidence on the water."--Brett Fitzgerald

"Overall, this is a great guidebook for anyone interested in getting started in saltwater fishing, and even those who have been at it for years can't help but learn plenty from its pages."--from the Preface by Frank Sargeant

"Unique in that it includes a variety of approaches to inshore saltwater fishing, provided by a broad selection of some of Florida's finest fishing guides. There is something for almost everyone who fishes the Florida coast."--Richard A. Davidson

Secrets from Florida's Master Anglers offers both tourists and natives a fishing resource like no other. Professional fishing guide Ron Presley conducted privileged interviews with twenty of the state's top charter boat captains. The result is this collection of tips and techniques sure to make your next excursion a success.

Presley reveals the secrets of choosing the right equipment, using bait and tackle, proper casting, and the art of landing a fish. He explains the key differences between fishing from shore or boat, good manners for the angler, and insights into hiring a captain who'll give you the adventure of a lifetime. Throughout, anecdotes and stories from the master fishing guides bring the lessons of the book to life.

So whether you want to spend the day on the shallow flats or the nearshore ocean, start by learning these secrets!

Fishing Florida
Fishing Florida
by Kris Thoemke
Paperback from Falcon
ISBN: 156044231X
More than 600 places to fish, in both fresh and saltwater systems.
Sport Fish of Florida
Sport Fish of Florida
by Vic Dunaway, Vic Dunaway
Paperback from Wickstrom Pub
ISBN: 0936240164


The good, the bad, the ugly--for the very first time, they're all here together in a book of their own, a book that illustrates and describes virtually every kind of fish an angler in Florida--or the Bahamas or Caribbean Islands--could expect to find on the end of a line.

In this book you'll find the scoop on every hook-and-line species from the mightiest Marlin to the lowliest Lizardfish, along with advice on how to catch each one and how good it is to eat.

Because it's designed as a practical guide for fishermen, every effort has been made to keep biological jargon at bay. However, there is one nod to the world of science that is unavoidable--the inclusion of scientific names so that each of the species can be definitely pinpointed. Without scientific names, confusion would reign, because most species are known by more than one common name and, in many cases, two or more different species share the same common name.

It would have been nice to sort the species by their preferred environment--offshore, inshore, reef, flats or whatever. But as fishermen realize all too well, fish have tails and can swim where they please. The same kind of fish you catch on a flat today and in a bridge channel tomorrow may well strike your bait out on the deep reef next weekend. The constant element of surprise is one of the most appealing aspects of angling in this great area.

Alphabetical and strictly scientific classifications would have other drawbacks, so it was decided to use a mixed system that lets the species fall into whatever groupings would be natural. Most of the chapters cover a particular family of fishes. Some, however, deal with species that are not related but have certain habits or attributes in common. All are listed in a complete index at the end of the book. BE SURE TO ABIDE BY THE LAW

A great many kinds of fish are protected by conservation laws that may include licenses, daily bag limits, possession limits, minimum and maximum size limits, permitting and other legal requirements. Many different jurisdictions and agencies are involved in managing the fisheries--at least a half-dozen in Florida alone, to say nothing of other countries-and their regulations sometimes conflict.

In Florida, information is available from such sources as Florida Sportsman Magazine, county courthouses and many tackle shops. Visitors to Florida or the Islands usually are able to get the needed information from their travel agents, resorts, fishing camps or charter captains. BEWARE OF TOXIC FISH

Ciguatera is a type of poison carried by certain individual fish in tropical waters. Although only a minute number of fish are affected, people sometimes acquire the toxin, mostly by eating very big specimens of predatory types, such as the Great Barracuda, Amberjack, and even some larger varieties of Grouper and Snapper. The resulting illness can be serious and lingering, but is rarely fatal.

Ciguatera seems to be more common in some species than in others, but its occurrence is rarely predictable. In a given area, a few fish of a particular species may be carriers of the toxin while the majority of individuals of that same species are perfectly safe to eat.

The toxin comes from microscopic organisms called dinoflagellates that attach themselves to marine algae. Grazing fishes acquire the toxin by eating the algae. Predators acquire it by eating the grazers; however, it must accumulate in the muscle tissue of the predator for a considerable amount of time before reaching levels that are dangerous to human beings. It is always wise to let the big predators go and eat the smaller ones.

A second kind of marine fish illness--Puffer poisoning--is more serious--often fatal, in fact. But it is also far more easily avoided. All you have to do is refrain from eating a

Fishing Florida s Flats: A Guide to Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, and Much More (Wild Florida)
Fishing Florida's Flats: A Guide to Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, and Much More (Wild Florida)
Paperback from University Press of Florida
ISBN: 0813031451
Shallow ocean, or "flats," fishing is one of the most popular coastal activities in Florida. No other place has such a large combination of different shallow water species. In Fishing Florida's Flats, world-champion angler Jan Maizler draws on the expertise of numerous "flatsmasters" who share their wisdom on how to land a trophy catch. Their advice--suitable for a range of first-time and experienced anglers--includes tackle selection, techniques, and directions to "hot spots" for each flats species. From habitat, biology, and feeding patterns to spotting tactics and state records, each flats fish is covered in detail. Maizler offers invaluable knowledge of the many vessels available, the different kinds of flats and the best ways to wade them, and important weather safety information. Maizler also reviews the recent technical and electronic developments in flats fishing, such as websites, software programs, and Global Positioning System devices that are now necessary additions to the Florida flats angler's arsenal. For the large and growing number of anglers who have chosen flats fishing as their sport, this is the ultimate guide for catching bonefish, tarpon, permit, barracuda, sharks, redfish, seatrout, and snook in the state. Get hooked on Fishing Florida's Flats.
Fishing the Local Waters: Gulf Shores to Panama City (Fishing the Local Waters series)
Fishing the Local Waters: Gulf Shores to Panama City (Fishing the Local Waters series)
by Jim Hoskins
Paperback from Maximum Press
ISBN: 1931644497
Two local fishermen share their favorite spots and special techniques in this tackle-box sized guide to angling in Florida's gulf coast waters. From inland jaunts to shore fishing to a day trip on a boat, the chapters cover everything a tourist or curious local needs for a fruitful outing. Information on the best bait, tackle, and methods are included, as are important safety tips, maps showing choice fishin' holes, and local recipes for cooking up the catch of the day. LORAN coordinates to more than 50 proven spots to drop a line are included, and a directory of fishing businesses on the Emerald Coast completes this angling guide.
Saltwater Florida Fishes
Saltwater Florida Fishes
by Rube Allyn
Paperback from Great Outdoors Publishing Co
ISBN: 0820001228
The Saltwater Angler s Guide to Florida s Big Bend and Emerald Coast (Wild Florida)
The Saltwater Angler's Guide to Florida's Big Bend and Emerald Coast (Wild Florida)
by Tommy L. Thompson
Paperback from University Press of Florida
ISBN: 0813033381
A comprehensive travel guide for fishing Florida's Gulf Coast

"Thompson provides anglers headed for Florida's Big Bend and Emerald Coast an unlimited trip ticket to nearshore and offshore fishing adventures. Seasoned with insight and know-how, if this book were alive it would be a member of the Florida Guides Association."--Steve Kearl

"Comprehensive and up-to-date information for anglers and their families on exactly where to go and how to catch lots of fish and have lots of fun."--Russ Roy

Whether you're an experienced angler looking for a new fishing spot or a newcomer to the sport just testing out the waters, everything you need for the perfect saltwater fishing trip is in this book. The Saltwater Angler's Guide to Florida's Big Bend and Emerald Coast explores all the inshore and offshore fishing locales from Pensacola to Homosassa--with GPS coordinates so you'll never get lost!

Seasoned fisherman and licensed charter boat captain Tommy Thompson offers insider information on techniques and equipment to make the most of each trip. And, in case you and your boat trailer are far from home, Thompson recommends lodging, restaurants, bait and tackle shops, marinas, and local fishing guides for each area. In addition to pinpointing locations to find the biggest fish, he also provides a list of artificial reefs and information on scalloping, the Big Bend's alternative to South Florida's lobster season.

From on-the-water etiquette to fishing regulations, from fish species to tackle and rigging, Thompson covers every subject of concern to both pro and novice anglers. The only reason you'll put this book down is because it's not waterproof.

Flyfisher s Guide to the Florida Keys (Wilderness Adventures Flyfishing Guidebook)
Flyfisher's Guide to the Florida Keys (Wilderness Adventures Flyfishing Guidebook)
by Ben Taylor
Paperback from Wilderness Adventures Press
ISBN: 1885106742

This is the most comprehensive travel/flyfishing guidebook to be published on flyfishing in the Keys. Captain Ben Taylor uses his profound knowledge and experience to write a solid guidebook which covers the Upper, Middle and Lower Keys, the Fringe Keys, Key Largo, the open water of the Everglades, as well as the Marquesas and Dry Tortugas. Fish included are Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit, Redfish, Snook, Seatrout, Sharks in addition to illustrations for more than 25 game fish with descriptions and tactics.

Included are over 120 detailed lake and river maps showing lake depths, river access and areas of special interest in addition to hatch charts, stream facts and recommended flies and leaders, gear and tackle. Also includes information on tides, charts, and Florida Keys ethics. In keeping with the guidebook series, this book also includes essential travel information such as accommodations, campgrounds, listings for fly shops, boat rentals, vacation rentals, RV sites and campgrounds, restaurants, car repair and rental, hospitals and much more.

Frank Sargeant's Secret Spots: Southwest Florida (Coastal Fishing Guides)
by Frank Sargeant, Frank Sargeant
Paperback from Larsens Outdoor Publishing

Tales from a Florida Fish Camp: And Other Tidbits of Swamp Rat Philosophy
by Jack Montrose
Paperback from Pineapple Pr

Flyfisher's Guide to Freshwater Florida
by Larry Kinder
Paperback from Wilderness Adventures Press

Fish Florida: Saltwater/Better Than Luck-The Fool Proof Guide to Florida Saltwater Fishing
by Boris Arnov, Susan Jyl Feldman
Paperback from Gulf Publishing

Fly-Fishing the South Atlantic Coast : Where to Find Game Fish from North Carolina's Outer Banks to the Florida Keys
by Jimmy Jacobs
Paperback from Countryman Pr

Fishing Florida
by Kris Thoemke
Paperback from Falcon

West of Key West
by John N. Cole, Peter Corbin, David Harrison Wright, Hawk Pollard
Hardcover from Stackpole Books

Fishing Florida's Coast
by Jan S. Maizler
Paperback from Writers Club Press

Larry Larsen's Guide to Central Florida Bass Waters
by Larry Larsen, Lillian M. Larsen
Paperback from Larsens Outdoor Publishing

Larry Larsen's Guide to North Florida Bass Waters (Bass Water Series)
by Larry Larsen
Paperback from Larsens Outdoor Publishing

Sport Fish of Florida
by Vic Dunaway
Paperback from Wickstrom Pub

Sport Fish of the Gulf of Mexico
by Vic Dunaway, Kevin R. Brant
Paperback from Wickstrom Pub

Tarpon Fishing in Mexico and Florida
by Edward George Spencer-Churchill, Randy Wayne White, Edward G. Spencer-Churchill, John Rice
Hardcover from Meadow Run Pr

Lake Tarpon: Fishing Florida's Top Ten Bass Lakes Vol. 1
by Larry Barker, Lenny Crispino
Paperback from Trafford

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Fishing Adventures in Florida: Sport Fishing With Light Tackle
by Max Hunn
Paperback from Pineapple Pr

Florida Fishing and Diving the Wrecks and Artificial Reefs
by Barry Levey
Paperback from Fishermans Tales
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Fish and Dive Florida and the Keys
by M. Timothy O'Keefe, Larry Larsen
Paperback from Larsens Outdoor Publishing

Fishing Planner Florida
by Wickstrom Publishers
Paperback from Wickstrom Publishers

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Good Luck and Tight Lines!: A Sure-Fire Guide to Florida's Inshore Fishing
by R. G. Schmidt
Paperback from Gulf Publishing

Larry Larsen's Guide to South Florida Bass Waters
by Larry Larsen
Paperback from Larsens Outdoor Publishing

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