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Associated Press Guide to Photojournalism (Associated Press Handbooks)
Associated Press Guide to Photojournalism (Associated Press Handbooks)
by Brian Horton
Paperback from McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 0071363874

Written by noted AP photographer and photoeditor Brian Horton, this is an insider's manual to one of the most glamorous and exciting media professions. Emphasizing the creative process behind the photojournalist's art, Brian Horton draws upon his three decades of experience, as well as the experiences of other award-winning photojournalists, to instruct readers in the secrets of snapping memorable news photos every time. With the help of more than 100 photographs from the AP archives, he analyzes what constitutes successful news photos of every type, including portraits, tableaux, sports shots, battlefield scenes, and more, as well as offering tips on how to develop a style of your own.
Associated Press Sports Writing Handbook
by Steve Wilstein
Listed under Sports Journalism
The Sierra Club Guide to Close-Up Photography in Nature
The Sierra Club Guide to Close-Up Photography in Nature
by Tom Fitzharris
Paperback from Sierra Club Books
ISBN: 0871569132

This book is filled with dozens of vibrant color photos of animals, plant life, and myriad other canvasses of nature in all its most sensational elements. From shooting a broad-tailed hummingbird in mid-flight, to a sunflower set against an azure sky, the Sierra Club Guide to Close-Up Photography in Nature shows you the most stunning shots of nature and goes through step by step the equipment, settings, angles, and techniques required to get them.

Table of Contents

Part One: Terms and Tools
What is Close-Up Photography?
Magnification and Reproduction Ratio
A Camera System for Close-Ups
Lenses and Accessories
Camera Supports
Electronic Flash

Part Two: Field Techniques
Recording Maximum Sharpness
Attaining Brilliant Color
Close-Up Focusing Technique
Aperture/Shutter Speed Compromises
Creating a Set
Automatic Exposure Procedures
Close-Up Accessory Combinations
Using Telephoto Lenses
Using Wide-Angle Lenses
Using Tilt-Shift Lenses
Greater Than Life-Size Magnification
Working the Electronic Flash

Part Three: Artful Approaches
Designs of the Subject
Nothing But Color
Natural Light: Found Art
Wet Dreams
Working a Theme
Off-Center Centers of Interest
Artistic Ethics
Recomposing on the Computer
Inspiring Subjects

Part Four: Subjects in the Wild
Spiders and Insects
Frogs and Toads

The Art of Adventure
The Art of Adventure
by Galen A. Rowell
Paperback from Sierra Club Books for Children
ISBN: 0871568810

Now in paperback, this astounding visual memoir, featurin gnew notes on the 140 remarkable color photos, displays the range of skills and sensibilities of this accomplished artist. Here is the passion for exploration and physical challenge that drove a young auto mechanic to become one of the world's greatest outdoor photographers.

Requiem: By the Photographers Who Died in Vietnam and Indochina
by Horst Faas (Editor), Tim Page (Editor), David Halberstam (Introduction)
Listed under Images of War
Friends on the Water: Fly Fishing in Good Company
Friends on the Water: Fly Fishing in Good Company
by Valentine R. Atkinson
Hardcover from Stewart, Tabori and Chang
ISBN: 1584795735

Of all of life's companionable activities, there's nothing like fly fishing to cement new friendships or renew old ones. In Friends on the Water, internationally acclaimed fly-fishing photographer Val Atkinson captures the experiences of camaraderie and communion that seem always to happen when good friends travel together to fly-fishing's wondrous kingdom.
Atkinson's evocative images record the many moments that build and bind relationships--moments that angling companions remember for a lifetime. Longtime and newfound friends, husbands and wives, fathers with their sons and daughters--all the permutations of human bonding are to be found in this wonderful book's pages. And it's not just person-to-person relationships that Atkinson cares about; there's a special place in his heart for the friendship between a fisherman and his dog.
Friends on the Water assembles the photos that, in his words, best illustrate Atkinson's enthusiasm for wild and romantic places, and for the family, friends, and acquaintances with whom he has enjoyed them. Complementing the book's beautiful pictures are quotes, essays, and stories from famous angler-writers including Ernest Schweibert, Nick Lyons, Zane Grey, Tom McGuane, and Margot Page. This year, there's no better Father's Day or birthday gift for the fly-fishing companion in your life.
To the Ends of the Earth: Adventures of an Expedition Photographer
To the Ends of the Earth: Adventures of an Expedition Photographer
by Gordon Wiltsie
Hardcover from W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393060284

Unforgettable stories and images from America's preeminent adventure photographer on his most challenging, exhilarating expeditions.
Renowned as one of the world's foremost expedition photographers, Gordon Wiltsie has climbed Himalayan mountains, mushed dogs on the frozen Arctic Ocean, skied in Antarctica, and hacked through the Amazon jungle to photograph the most remote reaches of the planet. For the last three decades he has accompanied many of the great modern explorers--Alex Lowe, Conrad Anker, Will Steger, Jon Krakauer, David Breashears, Norman Vaughan--on incredibly challenging climbs and epic adventures. Despite carrying his own share of the weight--along with cameras, film, and lenses--he has matched these companions pitch for pitch and mile for mile, photographing them every inch of the way.
In this journey through ten unique expeditions, Wiltsie illustrates the daily life of an explorer--from the thrill of summiting a virgin peak to the fear of surviving a storm, to the humorous and unexpected everyday moments of life on the edge.

A Guide to Extreme Lighting Conditions in Digital Photography
A Guide to Extreme Lighting Conditions in Digital Photography
by Duncan Evans
Paperback from AVA Publishing
ISBN: 2884790861
The extremes of lighting--too much and too little--offer photographers some of their toughest challenges, but also provide opportunities to achieve extraordinarily beautiful effects. Whether the subject is shimmering with light or veiled in otherworldly shadows, this comprehensive guide shows how to use today's versatile digital equipment to capture the image perfectly. Offering 250 inspiring examples, it covers a wide variety of extreme lighting conditions, from the blaze of noon to the glow of a single candle. It explains the secrets of long exposures and specialist techniques for controlling reflections, avoiding burn out, and painting with light.

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