Morning Glory Clouds of the Gulf of Carpentaria

Historical Burketown Images

Almost all of these images have been supplied by Amanda Wilkinson of Savannah Aviation. Many of these she sourced from the John Oxley Library, and permission for the publication of those has been granted. My thanks to both parties.

8109 Bowen St, Burketown c1908
23702 Qld National Bank 1931; Mr & Mrs P.J. Logan (couple on right.)
38890 Burketown School c1904
40855 Burketown Personalities, 1950's (Kevin Cheny, Lyla Jackson & Bonnie S(mith?)) (Withdrawn due possible copyright problem)
45628 Burketown Views 1932
45630 Burketown Views c1935
45629 Burketown Wharf c1932
46491 Burketown Wharf and Camels, 1918
46493 Burketown Post Office & Burketown - Camooweal Mailcoach  c1923
47291 Customs Officer & children, Burketown 1904
64169 Shooting Party 1904
67336 Burketown view, 1870 (badly damaged negative, may not reproduce)
69062 Burketown Hospital c1906
108557 Burketown view 1931 (Commonwealth Hotel, looking north towards Customs House)
108558 Transportation, Burketown 1920 (Coach & Four)
108559 Burketown Racecourse c1904
108560 Commonwealth Hotel, Burketown 1920 (with pig)
108561 R.H. Shadforth, a Burketown firm, 1905
108562 Albert River Bridge 1920
108563 Burketown Post Office c1923
108564 Albert River Bridge, 1931
108565 Burketown c1915 (from a distance, may not reproduce)
108566 Albert River Bridge, 1905
108567 "A peculiar storm formation called 'morning glory', no rain, which appears daily about 9.00 am.
    Taken from the Police Station".
108568 Tree blazed by Landsborough & Meatworks. Undated.
108569 Termite nest, Burketown district (undated glass plate)
143586 Customs House, Burketown 1904
143587 Govt Bore, Burketown 1904

All above supplied by John Oxley Library


bkt001 Burketown Wharf, undated
bkt002 Salt-Getting, Escott Station, Burketown, undated.
bkt003 Vats? undated
bkt004 Swimmers, possibly Escott, undated.
bkt005 Rabbit hunter? undated
bkt006 Swimmers, possibly Escott, undated
bkt007 Building, Burketown?, undated
bkt008 Wool bales at Burketown? wharf, with truck, undated.
bkt009 Govt Bore, Burketown, undated. Somewhat dilapidated.
bkt010 Coach & Four, Burketown? undated.
bkt011 Shadforth's Home, Burketown. Two adults & four children. Undated
bkt012 C. Stadams and friends with crocodile. Undated.
btk013 The Bond, Burketown. Undated. (Customs House)
bkt014 In front of Hotel. Burketown. Undated. (with crocodile)
bkt015 Alice Schaffe at Dot Stadhams (Shadforth) Undated. (with very large snake)
bkt016 Connellan Airways Limited aircraft, Burketown. Undated.
bkt017 Burketown Wharf, Undated. (Colour)
bkt018 Burketown Post Office, Undated.
bkt019 Burketown Houses. Undated

An updated version may be available at the Burke Shire Council site

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