Morning Glory Clouds of the Gulf of Carpentaria

Morning Glory Pilots

A Partial List of Morning Glory Pilots
Rob Thompson first flew the wave in company with the author in 1989, and has returned many times. His documentary on the Morning Glory airs on the National Geographic channel.

Geoff Sim was a member of the first group of pilots to make the trek in '91 or 92. His most recent visit was in an ASW25.
Geoff Sim - City Coast Motorcycles

Ian McPhee needs no introduction, I'm sure.

ARA: Airborne Research AustraliaRudi Gaismaier brought his LS3 Top by trailer from  South Australia. He did not get any spectacular flights, but managed a creditable 300km on a blue wave. He's busy with the amazing Grob G520T, flying the jetstream up in the stratosphere. He says the air traffic controllers get most confused tracking an aircraft which is slowly proceeding backwards.
Airborne Research Australia

Triple Pete is a legend in the hang-gliding community. He made the trip to Burketown in 1997, but did not catch a wave.
Triple Pete

John Levett has been a staunch member of the gliding community for more years than he'd care to remember. He has travelled from Tasmania to take part in the fun & games twice, and has had some memorable flights.

Paule Poole and Amanda Wilkinson have been willing hosts to the September invasion for many, many years. Their amazing energy has helped make the event a great success. Both have soared the Glory - and Paul has actually soared a powerplane on it!

Alaric Giles (alias Dr Death) is a serious competition hang-glider pilot who commands considerable respect in that community both for his airmanship and his long-term service to the sport. He has also achieved some .... err, renown, for his antics in sailplanes.
"Any landing you can swim away from ..."

Others include Colin Brock, Barry Bowerman & Nikki, PK, CMac, Harry HangGlider, Alan Blake, Russell Ferrier and most of the gliding population of Byron Bay. My apologies any omissions - I'm sure there are several.

A partial list of pilots who soared the Morning Glory prior to 2001.
Rudi Gasmaier (LS3 Top), Colin Brock (G109 ZAK), Al Giles, CMac, Billo and PK (Hang Gliders), Rob Thompson (G109 FFN), Russell White (G109 FFN, Stemme), Karen Jurgenson, Nigel Baker, Ian McPhee (G109 FFN) Geoff Sim (G109 FFN, ASH25), Geoff Pratt (Monerai, ASH25, Pik 20E), Brian Marshal and Paul Midson, and Rick Hultgren and Rick Bowie of Byron Bay (MotorFalke, Ximango, G109B), Hans Gut (IS28M2), Ross Duncan - Rosco (Mitchel Wing), Paul Poole (Bonanza, G109 FFN), Amanda Wilkinson (G109 FFN) Ross Edwards and Jim Barraclough of Keepit (G109 XQX), Barry Bowerman & Nicki Price (Ximango).

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