Morning Glory Clouds of the Gulf of Carpentaria

Escott Lodge, Burketown

Written some years ago when Escott Lodge was thriving.

18 km sw Burketown (15-20 min drive during the dry), Escott is often a hive of activity, hosting rodeos and other bush attractions. Escott has a good bush airstrip , accommodation, a caravan park, remote or local campsites, and bar & restaurant.

They often put on a good barbie, and almost always have good steaks & barra; they have a modest cellar. They have a grove of mango trees, and plenty of avocados, tame wildlife, boating, fishing and yes, you guessed it, croc watching (please no swimming anywhere but in the pool adjacent the bar).

Morning Glory season is right at the end of the tourist season, so often you'll have the place more or less to yourself. The atmosphere is relaxed.

Escott History

It wasn't so long ago that if you asked for red in Burketown, they'd bring out the port. These days they keep the shiraz in the fridge, not so silly when room temperature is rarely below 30 Celsius during the hot months. The Albert Hotel had quite a reasonable wine collection back in the early 1990s, and I picked a good looking label from the wine list. Corked. They brought me another. Worse. I went out to the cellar. A tin shed, with hundreds of bottles stacked against the western wall. Heated to 50 deg C day after day by the sun beating mercilessly on the corrugated iron against which they lay, every bottle was ruined.

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