Morning Glory Clouds of the Gulf of Carpentaria

Hang Gliders on the Morning Glory, 1995

Soaring the Morning Glory

William Olive

19th to the 28th September 1995. Our 1st exposure to morning glories, we weren't really sure what to expect. In hindsight what we had in this 10 day period was 2 wave sets with about a 2 dry day break between them. Included in each set were two waves which were definitely moderate to good strength and at least 2 of these were very strong. Bear in mind all our observations are done no further north than the mud flats. Systems out at sea don't impress themselves on us very much if at all.

29th September 1995  Al Giles and CMAC soared a particularly strong wave from Burketown to Adeles Grove where it dissipated. CMAC soared at 8000' which would put the cloud height at 5000' to 6000' . Propagation speed seemed about 30 to 35 knots, direction SSW

30th September 1995 Billo, Al and PK soared a strong glory to Gregory Downs. The cloud dissipated about 5k short of Gregory but the lift and turbulence increased. Notably, the system speed INCREASED as the cloud died, contrary to other's experience. This may be due to the land air interface as distinct to a sea air interface, different friction etc. Cloud height was about 3500' and soaring height was 5000'. Propagation direction SSW at speed approx 30Knt.

1st October 1995 Weak system, could not soar effectively.

Russ, you recall my experience in 98 in the trike with Mum as passenger. The sink on the lee side of that clear air monster definitely went to the ground. The trike has a climb rate in excess of 1000 fpm and at full noise we were decked from 1000' in VERY short order with almost no control over where we hit the deck. Very lucky to be over the mud flats had we been out at sea we would have discovered how well the noahs like 76 year old women on the menu.



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