Letter from T.E. Shaw to George Brough


5. 3. 32 Hythe, Southampton

Dear Mr. Brough, 

     It is the silkiest thing I have ever ridden: partly because of the perfect tune, partly from the high gear: but mostly because of the spring sprocket, I suppose. The gear is not too high. I can get down to 16 m.p.h.: and she pulls fairly at 30 m.p.h: and at 50 she is a dream. Just popples along so mildly that I can count the revs.

     It was very cold but a beautiful ride. The back plug lasted till I got to Welwyn. The second plug is still running. I took two from your stores: so have made the cheque for 10/- extra, which I hope will cover them.

     I think this is going to be a very excellent bike. The crowds that gape at her, just now, will stop looking after she gets dirty: and that may be soon, if only the R.A.F. give me spare time enough to use the poor thing.

     I am very grateful to you and everybody for the care taken to make her perfect. 

     Yours ever

     T E SHAW

 The Letters of T. E. Lawrence page 738, letter #458.
Lawrence had assumed for purposes of anonymity the name of his friend and mentor,
George Bernard Shaw.


    TEL on his Brough
    Lawrence on one of his many Brough Superior motorcycles
    Cranwell, 1925-6

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