Brough Superior with Dusting Sidecar. American Motorcycles Gallery

Manufacturer; George Brough, Nottingham UK
Engine No; LTZ-P-66683-S
Chassis No; 2190
Colour; Black
Original Dusting Sidecar

These Bikes Were Purpose Built Outfits

Mechanical Specifications
Engine; J.A.P V-Twin 1096Cc
Gear Box; 4 Speed

Manufactured by George Brough of Nottingham, the Brough Superior's were widely regarded as the Rolls-Royce of motorcycles and each was virtually hand  crafted to the customer's individual specifications.  The "11-50 Special", to quote  the 1939 Sales Brochure, was "specially built fo the tough guys of the  motor-cycling game" and was available in Colonial form with long rear-swept  handlebars, twist-grip controls, foot-boards, foot-clutch and gearchange. 

The  engine was a J.A.P 60-degree V-Twin 1100cc with a single Amal carburettor.   The Monarch patented bottom link type front fork was specially designed for  sidecar work.  The advanced four-speed gearbox was pivotal mounted and had  three close ratios with a low bottom gear.  The 11-50 was capable of a highly  repectable 65-70 mph with sidecar fitted, even more riding solo.

Originally one of 31 Brough outfits purchased by the Victorian Police Force. Purchased by the previous owner in the 1980's from the Birdwood Mill museum in South Australia and subsequently fully restored.
The owner rode it to events and showed it as a solo, and later restored a Dusting sidecar for it.


It was sold about 2 years ago [in 2007], for AUD$38,000 it was passed in at a Shannons auction and sold later via a contact of my fathers - I think a dealer ended up buying it and it went back to Victoria.

It was a Dusting sidecar as I' am sure you are aware of my error. I have owned a BMW an R80 about a 1990's model, it was one of my favourite bikes but just a little too tall for me. I also inherit my Dads 1939 Triumph speed twin, which is immaculate. We attended a Girder Fork rally in Cooma NSW together on the Triumph and the Brough and it was a true highlight of my life being able to share it with my Dad.


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