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The Alabama Confederate Reader (Library of Alabama Classics)
by Malcolm C. McMillan, Malcolm MacMillan, C. Peter Ripley
Paperback from Univ of Alabama Pr (Txt)

Bloody Banners and Barefoot Boys: "A History of the 27th Regiment Alabama Infantry Csa": The Civil War Memoirs and Diary Entries of J. P. Cannon M. D.
by J. P. Cannon, Noel Crowson, John V. Brogden
Hardcover from White Mane Publishing Co.

Battle of Mobile Bay
by John F. Wakefield, Franklin Buchanan, David G. Farragut
Paperback from Honors Press

A Blockaded Family: Life in Southern Alabama During the Civil War
by Parthenia Antoinette Hague, Elizabeth Fox-Genovese (Introduction)

Confederate Mobile
by Arthur W., Jr. Bergeron
Paperback from Louisiana State University Press

The Cruise of the Alabama and the Sumter
by Raphael Semmes
Hardcover from Digital Scanning Inc

CSS Alabama: Anatomy of a Confederate Raider
by Andrew Bowcock
Hardcover from Naval Institute Press

Cush: A Civil War Memoir
by Samuel H. Sprott, Andrew Quist, Robert Sprott, Louis Smith
Hardcover from Livingston Press


The Flags of Civil War Alabama
The Flags of Civil War Alabama
by Glenn Dedmondt
Paperback from Pelican Pub Co

From Huntsville to Appomattox: R. T. Coles's History of 4th Regiment, Alabama Volunteer Infantry, C.S.A., Army of Northern Virginia (Voices of the Civil War)
by R. T. Coles, Jeffrey D. Stocker
Hardcover from Univ of Tennessee Pr

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Gracie's Pride: The 43rd Alabama Infantry Volunteers
by Arthur E. Green
Hardcover from White Mane Publishing Co.

History of the Fourteenth Regiment Alabama Volunteers
by M. B. Hurst, Elgin Carver
Hardcover from Paint Rock River Press

Manet and the American Civil War: The Battle of U.S.S Kearsarge and C.S.S. Alabama
by David Degner, Juliet Wilson-Bareau
Paperback from Yale Univ Pr

Law's Alabama Brigade in the War Between the Union and the Confederacy
by J. Gary Laine, Morris M. Penny
Hardcover from White Mane Publishing Co.

The Lightning Mule Brigade: Abel Streight's 1863 Raid into Alabama
by Robert L., Jr. Willett, Edward G. Longacre
Paperback from Guild Press of Indiana

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The Long Night (The Library of Alabama Classics)
by Andrew Lytle, Frank Lawrence, Jr. Owsley
Paperback from Univ. of Alabama Press

History of the Fourteenth Regiment Alabama Volunteers
by M. B. Hurst, Elgin Carver
Hardcover from Paint Rock River Press

The Seventeenth Alabama Infantry: A Regimental History and Roster
by Illene D. Thompson, Wilbur E. Thompson
Paperback from Heritage Books

Shark of the Confederacy: The Story of the CSS Alabama
by Charles M., III Robinson
Hardcover from United States Naval Inst.

Storming Little Round Top: The 15th Alabama and Their Fight for the High Ground, July 2, 1863
by Phillip Thomas Tucker
Hardcover from DaCapo Press

Two Years on the Alabama: A Firsthand Account of the Daring Exploits of the Infamous Confederate Raider
by Arthur Sinclair
Paperback from Waterlow Company

Voices from Company D: Diaries by the Greensboro Guards, Fifth Alabama Infantry Regiment, Army of Northern Virginia
by G. Ward Hubbs
Hardcover from University of Georgia Press

Yankee Blitzkrieg: Wilson's Raid Through Alabama and Georgia
by James Pickett Jones
Paperback from University Press of Kentucky


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