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Civil War Volunteer Sons of Connecticut
by Blaikie Hines
Reference Book that presents concise and comprehensive history of Connecticut’s involvement in the Civil War, Based on CT State Records of volunteers.
Paperback from American Patriot Press

Connecticut Yankees at Gettysburg
by Charles P. Hamblen, Walter L. Powell, Charles B. Hamblen
Paperback from Kent State Univ Pr
ISBN-10: 0970988877


The Old Nineteenth: The Story of the 2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery in the Civil War
by Richard Smith
Hardcover from White Mane Publishing Co.

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The Boys from Rockville: Civil War Narratives of Sgt. Benjamin Hirst, Company D, 14th Connecticut Volunteers (Voices of the Civil War)
by Robert L. Bee, Benjamin Hirst
Hardcover from Univ of Tennessee Pr

16th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry: Sergeant William H. Relyea
by William H. Relyea, John Michael Priest
Paperback from Burd Street Press

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Beloved Sisters and Loving Friends: Letters from Rebecca Primus of Royal Oak, Maryland, and Addie Brown of Hartford, Connecticut, 1854-1868
by Farah Jasmine Griffin, Rebecca Primus
Paperback from One World/Strivers Row

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Divine Soldier
by Janice Pruchnicki
Paperback from Quickstep Publishing

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The Civil War Diaries of Noah Webster Hoyt: 28th Regiment Connecticut Volunteers
by Noah Webster Hoyt, Stamford Historical Society
Hardcover from Stamford Historical Society

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Underground Railroad in Connecticut
by Ho Strother, Horatio T. Strother
Paperback from Wesleyan Univ Pr
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Preachers, rebels, and traders : Connecticut, 1818-1865
by Janice Law Trecker
from Pequot Press
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