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The Battle of Glorieta: Union Victory in the West (Texas A&M University Military History Series)
by Don E. Alberts, Donald S. Frazier
Hardcover from Texas A&M University Press

Battle of Glorieta Pass: A Gettysburg in the West
by John Taylor, Thomas S. Edrington
Book Description: Following the third day of the Battle of Glorieta Pass, the Texans realized their predicament: "Here we are between two armies, one double ours and the other four times our number, 1,000 miles from home, not a wagon, not a dust of flour, not a pound of meat." While the Confederates had forced a Union retreat on the rocky, forested battlefield around Pigeon's Ranch, they could not press their advantage. 
The loss of 13 Confederate officers and 119 soldiers that day left them vulnerable, but the most crippling blow had come in the surprise destruction of all seventy supply wagons at Johnson's Ranch by Colorado Volunteers. So complete was their devastation that during a truce in the early evening, the Texans even had to borrow Union shovels to bury their dead. 

Edrington and Taylor combine data from records and documents with their firsthand inspections of the battlefield to reconstruct what happened on both sides of the line before, during, and after this controversial Civil War engagement.
Paperback: 192 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.57 x 10.01 x 8.03 
Publisher: University of New Mexico Press; ; (January )
ISBN: 0826322875 

Bloody Valverde: A Civil War Battle on the Rio Grande
by John Taylor
When Jefferson Davis commissioned Henry H. Sibley a brigadier general in the Confederate army in the summer of 1861, he gave him a daring mission: to capture the gold fields of Colorado and California for the South. Their grand scheme, premised on crushing the Union forces in New Mexico and then moving unimpeded north and west, began to unravel along the sandy banks of the Rio Grande late in the winter of 1862. At Valverde ford, in a day-long battle between about 2,600 Texan Confederates and some 3,800 Union troops stationed at Fort Craig, the Confederates barely prevailed. However, the cost exacted in men and matériel doomed them as they moved into northern New Mexico.
Paperback: 198 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.52 x 9.89 x 7.97 
Publisher: University of New Mexico Press; ;
ISBN: 0826321488 

The Civil War in West Texas and New Mexico : The Lost Letterbook of Brigadier General Henry Hopkins Sibley
by Henry Hopkins Sibley, Jerry Thompson, John P. Wilson
Paperback from Texas Western Press

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Civil War in the Southwest: Recollections of the Sibley Brigade (Canesco-Keck History Series, 4)
by Jerry Thompson, Donald S. Frazier
Hardcover from Texas A&M University Press

Civil War in Texas and New Mexico Territory
by Steve Cottrell, Andy Thomas
Paperback from Pelican Pub Co

Confederate Invasion of New Mexico and Arizona, 1861-1862. (Great West and Indian Series, Vol. 13)
by Robert Lee Kerby
Hardcover from Westernlore Pr
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The Civil War in Apacheland: Sergeant George Hand's Diary, California, Arizona, West Texas, New Mexico, 1861-1864
by George Hand, Neil B. Carmony
Listed under Arizona in the Civil War

The Civil War in the Western Territories: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah
by Ray C. Colton
Listed under Civil War Arizona

Sibley's New Mexico Campaign
by Martin Hardwick Hall, Jerry Thompson
Now available only from the UNM Press, this long out-of-print and hard-to-find classic tells the story of the Texas invasion of New Mexico during the American Civil War. In early 1862, Confederate General Henry Hopkins Sibley marched thirty-four hundred coarse Texas farmboys, cowhands, and frontiersmen into New Mexico and up the Rio Grande Valley. Although seriously bloodied, they repulsed Union troops at the Battle of Valverde. As the poorly supplied Texans pushed northward, New Mexicans stripped the land bare of food, fodder, and livestock. East of Santa Fe at Glorieta, Union volunteers defeated Sibley’s Confederates and burned their quartermaster trains, and the starving Texans retreated back down the Rio Grande to El Paso. For the UNM Press edition, Civil War historian Jerry Thompson has corrected the few factual errors in the original edition and has added a new map.
Hardcover: 304 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.12 x 9.45 x 6.45 
Publisher: University of New Mexico Press; ; (October )
ISBN: 0826322778

Texas and New Mexico on the Eve of the Civil War: The Mansfield & Johnston Inspections, 1859-1861
by Jerry Thompson, Jerry Thompson, Joseph E. Johnston
Hardcover from University of New Mexico Press

The Governor's Wife: A Novel of the Civil War in New Mexico
by James L. Palmer
Paperback from Morris Publishing

Battle of Glorieta Pass: The Colorado Volunteers in the Civil War
by William Whitford
Paperback from Rio Grande Pr Inc
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Louis Felsenthal, citizen-soldier of territorial New Mexico
by Jacqueline Meketa
from University of New Mexico Press : Published in cooperation with the Historical Society of New Mexico
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Colorado volunteers in the Civil War; the New Mexico campaign in 1862
by William Clarke Whitford
from Rio Grande Press
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Desert Tiger: Captain Paddy Graydon and the Civil War in the Far Southwest (Southwestern Studies Series, No 97)
by Jerry D. Thompson
Paperback from Texas Western Press
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Westward the Texans: The Civil War Journal of Private William Randolph Howell
by William Randolph Howell, Jerry D. Thompson
Hardcover from Texas Western Press
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The Guns of Valverde
by P. G. Nagle
Hardcover from Forge

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Glorieta Pass
by P. G. Nagle
Hardcover from Forge

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Best of Enemies
by Suzanne Pierson Ellison
Hardcover from Rising Moon

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