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My Brave Boys: To War With Colonel Cross and the Fighting Fifth
by Mike Pride, Mark Travis
The remarkable rediscovery of the Civil War that is sweeping the nation now hits New Hampshire like the union front at Second Fredericksburg. The Pride/Travis book at long last gives the Fifth New Hampshire its due and will send Granite Staters scurrying to attics and libraries in search of their state's admirable Civil War past. The book is well written and meticulously researched, making this proud chapter of New Hampshire history seem fresh as a White Mountain autumn... The Publisher
Hardcover from University Press of New England

New Hampshire in the Civil War (The Civil War History Series)
by Bruce D. Heald
Book Description: In the course of history, few human events have had so compelling an effect and left such a deep mark on the nationís soul as has the Civil War. New Hampshire in the Civil War presents a unique and concise pictorial chronicle of the stateís volunteer regiments that served during the four very long and costly war years. ÝÝThis volume includes more than 200 vivid and accurate pictures depicting heroic battles scenes, maps, camp life, and more than 40 portraits of the men who served New Hampshire in battle. These chapters contain accounts of battles from the first bombardment of Fort Sumter to the sinking of the Alabama. Also included are glimpses of camp life, with its frying pan meals of ìsloshî and the illnesses accompanied by ìcold clammy sweat,î and of the famous Libby Prison. 
Paperback from Arcadia

Stand Firm and Fire Low: The Civil War Writings of Colonel Edward E. Cross
by Edward Ephraim Cross, Walter Holden, William E. Ross, Elizabeth Slomba
Paperback from Univ of New Hampshire Art Gallery

Running on the Record: Civil War-Era Politics in New Hampshire
by Lex Renda
Hardcover from University of Virginia Press

An Enduring Love: The Civil War Diaries of Benjamin Franklin Pierce (14th New Hampshire Vol. Inf.) and His Wife Harriett Jane Goodwin Pierce
by Benjamin Franklin Pierce, Daniel V. Biles, Sheila M. Cumberworth, Harriet Jane Goodwin Pierce
Paperback from Thomas Publications

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A History of the Fifth Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers in the American Civil War 1861-1865
by William Child
Hardcover from Old Books Publishing Company

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Race of the Soil: "The Ninth New Hampshire Regiment in the Civil War"
by William Marvel
Hardcover from Broadfoot Pub Co
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Second Regiment, New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry
by Martin A. Haynes
Hardcover from Old Book Shop Pubn

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New Hampshire Fights the Civil War
by Mather Cleveland
Textbook Binding from University Press of New England
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