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Appalachian Ohio and the Civil War, 1862-1863
by Susan G. Hall
Hardcover from McFarland & Company

Baltimore and Ohio in the Civil War
by Festus P. Summers
Hardcover from Stan Clark Military Books

For the Union: Ohio Leaders in the Civil War
by Kenneth W. Wheeler
Paperback from Ohio State Univ Pr (Txt)

All for the Regiment: The Army of the Ohio, 1861-1862 (Civil War America)
by Gerald J. Prokopowicz
Hardcover from Univ of North Carolina Pr

American Grit: A Woman's Letters from the Ohio Frontier (Ohio River Valley Series)
by Anna Briggs Bentley, Emily Foster, Rita Kohn
Hardcover from University Press of Kentucky

A Citizen-Soldier's Civil War: The Letters of Brevet Major General Alvin C. Voris
by Alvin C. Voris, Jerome Mushkat
Hardcover from Northern Illinois Univ Pr

The Civil War Letters of the Late 1st Lieut. James J. Hartley, 122nd Ohio Infantry Regiment
by James J. Hartley, Garber A. Davidson (Editor)

Between Rail and River
by James Rada Jr.
Paperback from A I M Pub Group

by James R. Rada, James, Jr Rada, James Rada Jr.
Paperback from Legacy Publishing (a division of Aim Publishing Group)

Beyond the River: A True Story of the Underground Railroad
by Ann Hagedorn
Hardcover from Simon & Schuster

Buckeye Blood: Ohio at Gettysburg
by Richard A. Baumgartner
Hardcover from Blue Acorn Pr

My Dear Parents: The Civil War Letters of William Garrigues Bentley of the 104th Ohio Volunterr
by William Garrigues Bentley, Nina Bentley Baker, Barbara Bentley Smith
Library Binding from McFarland & Company

Tom Custer: Ride to Glory (Frontier Military Series, 22)
by Carl F. Day
Hardcover from Arthur H Clark

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Fugitive Slaves and the Underground Railroad in the Kentucky Borderland
by J. Blaine Hudson
Hardcover from McFarland & Company

Hayes of the Twenty-Third: The Civil War Volunteer Officer
by Thomas Harry Williams
Paperback from Univ of Nebraska Pr

The Town That Started the Civil War
by Nat Brandt, Nathan H. Brandt
Hardcover from Stan Clark Military Books
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A Grassroots History of the American Civil War, Volume IV: The Life and Times of Colonel William Stedman of the 6th Ohio Cavalry
by Richard J. Staats
Paperback from Heritage Books

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Rutherford B. Hayes: Citizen, Soldier, President
by Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
CD-ROM from Legacy Publishing

Levi Coffin, Quaker: Breaking the Bonds of Slavery in Ohio and Indiana
by Mary Ann Yannessa
Paperback from Friends United Press

Raising the Banner of Freedom: The 25th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the War for the Union
by Edward C. Culp, Bvt Col Edward C. Culp, Tom J. Edwards
Paperback from

A Hundred Days to Richmond: Ohio's "Hundred Days" Men in the Civil War
by Jim Leeke
Hardcover from Indiana University Press

The Citizen-Soldier: The Memoirs of a Civil War Volunteer
by John Beatty, Steven E. Woodworth
Paperback from Univ of Nebraska Pr

Kekionga!: The Worst Defeat in the History of the U.S. Army
by Wilbur Edel
Hardcover from Praeger Publishers

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Tom Taylor's Civil War
by Thomas Thomson Taylor, Albert Castel, Margaret Antoinette White Taylor, Albert E. Castel, Lot 19 Section 1
Hardcover from Univ Pr of Kansas

The Weary Boys: Colonel J. Warren Keifer and the 110th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
by Thomas E. Pope
Paperback from Kent State Univ Pr

The Lightning Mule Brigade: The 1863 Raid of Abel Streight into Alabama 73rd Indiana, 51st Indiana, 80th Illinois, and 3rd Ohio Regiments, and 1st Alabama (Union) Cavalry
by Robert L., Jr. Willett, Edward G. Longacre
Hardcover from Guild Press of Indiana

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The Colton Letters: Civil War Perios 1861-1865
by Betsey Gates, Tom O'Mary, Quick Carlson
Hardcover from Daedalus Books
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The Redemption of Corporal Nolan Giles (Civil War Series, Book 1)
by Jeane Heimberger Candido
Paperback from Pride & Imprints

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The Most Incredible Prison Escape of the Civil War
by W. Fred Conway
Paperback from FBH Publishing
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