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Slavic Specialties
Slavic Specialties
by Marjorie Nejdl, Dana Lumby
Spiral-bound from Penfield Pr
ISBN: 157216025X

This spiral-bound index card size book collects recipes from Slovenian, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, Hungarian and Russian traditions. Dotted with proverbs from these cultures. Rediscover your Slavic roots!
Gordon Ramsay s Just Desserts
Gordon Ramsay's Just Desserts
by Gordon Ramsay
Hardcover from Laurel Glen Publishing
ISBN: 1571457011

Gordon Ramsay's Just Desserts gives readers and cooks entrée to the in-house patisserie of his critically acclaimed London restaurant. His methods are classical, his desserts extraordinary, and his flair for teaching the basic building blocks for all 100 of these delicious recipes makes every masterpiece completely achievable. From the first few chapters dealing with simpler methods, Gordon paces cooks step-by-step, expanding their range with confidence. Desserts are never mandatory, but Gordon's mission to share his passion for flavor makes these treats simply irresistible.

Gordon Ramsay's Just Desserts is a very fine book of last courses from energetic three-star Michelin chef Gordon Ramsay, expertly marshaled for the domestic kitchen by Roz Denny. Ramsay's imagination is obviously caught by the sweet course: he expends a great deal of innovative thinking to it with fascinating results. He is inclined to roast his fruit, for example, caramelizing it for greater intensity of flavor; or he might deep-fry it, as in the elegant and fantastically nonchalant Fruit Tempura. Asian flavors appear in ethereal dishes like the Thai Rice Pudding with Coconut and Lemon or Banana and Passion Fruit Sorbet. Cheesecake is light and flavored with pumpkin. Proper homage is paid to comfort food, with recipes for Bread and Butter Pudding (Ramsay makes his with a baguette and laces it with Baileys Irish Cream) and Steamed Toffee, Banana, and Pecan Pudding. The chocolate recipes are particularly fine, with a Chocolate Mocha Tart standing out. Just Desserts is also an excellent primer of patisserie techniques; its explanations and illustrations of the standard syrups, pastes, sponges, and pastries of the restaurant kitchen, here translated into domestic terms, are particularly lucid. The professional mysteries of the mousse, the parfait, the bavarois, and the various manifestations of the meringue are made wonderfully clear. --Robin Davidson,

Healthy Mediterranean Cooking
Healthy Mediterranean Cooking
by Rena Salaman
Paperback from Frances Lincoln
ISBN: 0711214034
Eating the Mediterranean way is both an irresistible temptation and a healthy option with this collection of low cholesterol and high in fibre recipes. Dishes are quick and easy to prepare and feature cuisines of France, Italy, Spain, Greece, North Africa and the Middle East.
To the King's Taste: Richard II's Book of Feasts and Recipes
by Lorna J. Sass, Samuel Pegge
Hardcover from St Martins Pr
ISBN: 0312807481
From Zaiga s Kitchen: Marvelous Latvian Recipes for Soups, Salads, Main Dishes and Desserts
From Zaiga's Kitchen: Marvelous Latvian Recipes for Soups, Salads, Main Dishes and Desserts
by Zaiga Zatermane
Paperback from Glen's Press
ISBN: 1933338164

Latvian food is comfort food -- healthy, filling, delicious. These recipes for Latvian soups, salads, main dishes and desserts will make your meals true celebrations.

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English with a difference: A seasonal cookery book
by Steven Wheeler
Hardcover from Salem House Publishers
ISBN: 0881623997
Today in Bulgaria: Everyday Regional Cooking
Today in Bulgaria: Everyday Regional Cooking
by Margarita Kostova
CD-ROM from Pro-Culture Editions, Inc.
ISBN: 1893484076

This is the first in our series of CD-Rom cookbooks dedicated to regional everyday cuisine. These works add all the features of Multimedia to traditional cookbooks. New technologies allow us to add video clips and original songs from each country - to add a "flavor" to your dishes, all this as well as the traditional recipe card file. An innovation in cookbooks, this CD-ROM is an interactive lesson on Balkan everyday cooking, in particular, Bulgarian. It is not only a recipe book but a tour of Bulgaria Today. Several pages of text describe the unusual traditions of Bulgarian cuisine, in particular, the important place that grandmothers hold in the preparation of holiday and celebration dishes. The recipes are easy to understand and constitute everyday cooking. As you read each recipe, a series of images appear to show each distinct step of the way to preparing a Bulgarian Family meal tonight. Another feature is the printed booklet that accompanies the CD-Rom. It came be taken to the kitchen and used as a traditional recipe card file while you cook.
An Odyssey Into Greek Cooking
An Odyssey Into Greek Cooking
by June Marinos
Paperback from Terzopoulos Books
ISBN: 960722020X

A slogan for the 21st century could be eat Greek and stay healthy! Over 200 delicious recipes showcase Greeces healthy Mediterranean diet. Reflecting modern trends, as well as traditional Greek cooking, recipes have been adapted to suit todays weight and health conscious people. A true taste of modern Greek cooking. This is a cookbook that belongs in every kitchen. Full color photographs.

Magie en Cuisine (Portraits de Grands Chefs en Belgique et aux Pays-Bas) (French Edition)
Magie en Cuisine (Portraits de Grands Chefs en Belgique et aux Pays-Bas) (French Edition)
by Jan Bartelsman
Hardcover from Fotostudio Jan Bartelsman BV and Ruparo BV, The Netherlands
ISBN: 9074108156

Magie en Cuisine: 50 portraits and recipes of Holland and Belgiums best chefs. A short biography of each chef is included. The book comes in a luxurious slipcase. A few chefs: Geert van Hecke, Pierre Wijnants, Jean Pierre Bruneau, Rogier Soevereins, Jonnie Boer, Robert Kranenborg, etc. This book is in French.
Vegetarian Continental
Vegetarian Continental
by Nita Mehta
Hardcover from Snab Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 8178690608

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