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The German Cookbook: A Complete Guide to Mastering Authentic German Cooking
The German Cookbook: A Complete Guide to Mastering Authentic German Cooking
by Mimi Sheraton
Hardcover from Random House
Media Published: 1965-10-12
ISBN: 0394401387

Here is the completely authentic book of German cuisine, from delicious soups to the greatest baking specialties of the world, complete with indexes and both English and German. In addition to the easy-to-follow recipes, the author discusses some of the great restaurants in Germany and how to order the traditional dishes. She researched these recipes for a year in the United States, eating almost every night in German restaurants, from the most expensive, to small neighborhood eateries, then traveled throughour Germany itself. Every recipe has been tested in her own kitchen--she guarantees that the ingredients are readily available and that the average person needs no special equipment in order to cook it.
"Few countries in Europe," the author writes in her introduction, "have landscapes more beautiful or maore varied than those of Germany. It is not a large country, slightly smaller than the state of Montana, but within this area there is almost every kind of terrain one finds in the Temperate Zone. The German cuisine is almost as varied as the terrain. Just as Bavaria passes as the archetype for the entire country, so the food of that section--the dumplings, sausages, beer, pork, and cabbage dishes--represents German cooking to the outside world Delicious though these dishes may be, they hardly begin to give even a clue to the whole spectrum of German cooking, which has more appeal than the average American palate than that of any other foreign country. Think of all the German dishes that have been taken over by Americans--not only hamburgers and frankfurters, with or without sauerkraut, but the jelly doughnut that was first the Berliner Pfannkuchen, Boston Creme Pie, that in Germany is 'Moor's Head'; the range of Christmas cookies; and even that old stand-by of ladies' luncheons, creamed chicken in a patty shell, that appears in every German Konditorei as Koniginpastetchen."
Here they all are, hundreds of them. So Prosit and gutessen: your health and good eating.
Taste of Old Germany: Recipes from my Colorado Restaurant and my Childhood
Taste of Old Germany: Recipes from my Colorado Restaurant and my Childhood
by Rita Bergstrom
Paperback from iUniverse
ISBN: 1450218644

After her husband's death in 1998, Rita had to take over their Old Germany Restaurant in Dolores, Colorado. Following in the footsteps of her husband, who was a certified German chef seemed almost impossible at that time. Yet Rita began looking for recipes in old-written notes and in cookbooks. Not satisfied with what she found, she began to create her own recipes, making them as simple and easy-to-follow as possible. With the help of friends and family, she reopened Old Germany Restaurant in February, 1999. At the end of 2008, they closed the restaurant and went into retirement, but Rita promised her customers that she would write a cookbook so that she could share her wonderful German recipes with them. From her delicious customer favorite, Chicken and Dumpling Soup to the traditional German entrée Sauerbraten with German Fried Potatoes and many wonderful desserts, Rita shares all of her favorite recipes. These recipes are the only constant that guided her through happiness and sorrow, through failure and success, through loneliness and comfort. Writing this cookbook was a very soothing endeavor that has brought closure to this part of her life. It is her hope that these recipes bring many satisfying meals to all.
Great German Recipes
Great German Recipes
by Miriam Canter
Spiral-bound from Penfield Pr
Media Published: 2002-08-01
ISBN: 1932043500

This book, in the popular recipe-card-file-size, stocking-stuffer format, is chock full of best recipes and notes about Germany, including information on German-American culture, language, and sites. The German specialties in this book are wonderful. Beverages of fruit punch and May wine are sure to please any visitor. Start your meal with a dandelion salad and Bremen herring served with Old-Order Amish bread! For a main course try stuffed cabbage rolls or venison Terrine with Black Forest asparagus and caraway potatoes. For dessert, try the Bavarian sweet rolls or Oma's apple dumplings!
German Cooking: The Complete Guide to Preparing Classic and Modern German Cuisine, Adapted for the American Kitchen
German Cooking: The Complete Guide to Preparing Classic and Modern German Cuisine, Adapted for the American Kitchen
by Marianna Olszewska Heberle
Paperback from HP Trade

A combination of traditional recipes with lighter, contemporary German dishes--from soups and salads to entrees and desserts--this cookbook is filled with more than two hundred easy-to-follow German recipes adapted for the American kitchen. Original.

Culinaria Germany
Culinaria Germany
by Christine Metzger
Paperback from Ullmann
ISBN: 0841603634

Food and culture are inexorably tied together. The Culinaria series reports on every aspect of the cuisine of a country within the context of the people who created it. One of the most successful series in cook book history, these new editions are updated with the guidance of first-class chefs, and come in a durable flexi-cover format to withstand abuse while spending time in the kitchen.
The teams behind each Culinaria volume spend months in the region they are working on, allowing them time to fully absorb all of the food and drink a country can offer. Profusely illustrated with spectacular photography and abundantly peppered with authentic recipes, these volumes are a treat for both the mind and the palate.
Learn about the history behind the dishes, their cultural significance, and how to prepare them.
Beautiful photographs take you on a tour from the local villages to inside the kitchen where you will find the final product.
Enormous variety of magnificent photographs and tempting recipes together with knowledgeable text that is easy for readers and cooks of all skill levels to understand.

Austrian Cooking and Baking
Austrian Cooking and Baking
by Gretel Beer
Paperback from Dover Publications
ISBN: 0486232204
302 authentic recipes offer the best in Austrian home cooking: beef broth with dumplings, potato soup, kalbsgulash, four kinds of schnitzel and more, including 171 dessert recipes -- apricot dumplings, Linzertorte, Sachertorte, apple strudel, and much more.
Mennonite Country-Style Recipes & Kitchen Secrets
by Esther H. Shank
Hardcover from Herald Pr
ISBN: 0836134427

Now available in a new layflat paperback edition. Esther H. Shank collected and perfected good recipes and useful food preparation tips for over 25 years. This is her prized collection of over 1,100 recipes and a legacy of kitchen know-how for inexperienced young adults caught up in the whirl of fast foods and busy schedules. Even experienced cooks will find helpful the hundreds of tips for success while baking bread and making pie crusts; as well as the microwave and quick-fix sections; identification of low calorie dishes; and many useful charts; tables; and diagrams. Winner of the 1988 Benjamin Franklin Award from Publishers Marketing Association.


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