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Hungarian Cookbook: Old World Recipes for New World Cooks, Expanded Edition
Hungarian Cookbook: Old World Recipes for New World Cooks, Expanded Edition
by Yolanda Nagy Fintor
Paperback from Hippocrene Books
ISBN: 0781812402

These enticing Old World Hungarian recipes were brought to America by the author's grandparents, but they have been updated to accommodate today's dietary concerns and faster-paced lifestyles. The author also explores the seasonal and ceremonial observances still practised by Hungarian Americans: bacon cookouts, fall grape festivals, weddings, Christmas, New Year's, and Easter.
by Aniko Gergely
Paperback from hf ULLMANN
Media Published: 2010-10-01
ISBN: 3833149965

Each individual volume is a true treasure trove of information: discover the wealth of specialities in the featured countries and their regions, learn about the traditions and distinctive peculiarities of the various cuisines--and be inspired to achieve your own sumptuous culinary highlights.
The Hungarian Cookbook
The Hungarian Cookbook
by Susan Derecskey
Paperback from William Morrow Cookbooks
Media Published: 1987-10-14
ISBN: 0060914378

"Our appetite for this interesting cuisine, a melding of Germanic, Slavic, Tartar, and Turkish influences, has been whetted by [this] excellent new work."--New York Times
The Eastern and Central European Kitchen: Contemporary and Classic Recipes
The Eastern and Central European Kitchen: Contemporary & Classic Recipes
by Silvena Rowe
Hardcover from Interlink Books
ISBN: 1566566703

The fresh ingredients and unfamiliar flavor combinations of Central and Eastern Europe are capturing the imaginations of gourmet stores and restaurants in the West, as borders open up and Europe is extended. We're enjoying dishes such as goulash, stroganoff, pierogi and borscht as we feast on a wealth of culinary traditions that stretches back for generations.

Silvena Rowe turns to countries such as Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Georgia, Russia, and the Ukraine for her inspiration. She cooks game with sweet-and-sour stuffing, sauces and marinades; smoked fish; wild mushrooms; fruits such as quince, figs and pomegranates; and seeds and grains such as lentils, pearl barley and poppy seeds. She plunders the traditions of the poor and wealthy alike in her quest to bring us a taste of what is put upon the tables in these countries. The food is untamed and the flavors are strong.

Alongside Silvena's recipes are photographs of the food markets, farms, homes, grand cafŽs and restaurants of Eastern and Central Europe by renowned photographer Jonathan Lovekin.

As the author describes is her book: "The soups vary from the hearty winter warmers of Hungary to light, delicate, chilled summer soups; the stews encompass goulash and the aromatic braised lamb recipes of Georgia; and there are legions of dumplings, including the classic pierogi, the delicate uszka, the savory leniwe and the hearty pyzy. Subtle, yet forceful, marinades; pickles and preserves; smoked fish, sausages, and meats-they all play a role in this rich and almost unknown treasure trove that can rival the culinary cultures of France and Italy in its depth and breadth."

Food Wine Budapest (The Terroir Guides)
Food Wine Budapest (The Terroir Guides)
by Carolyn Banfalvi
Paperback from Little Bookroom
Media Published: 2008-06-17
ISBN: 1892145561

Despite its vast repertoire, variety, and recipes bursting with flavor, Hungarian cuisine is one of the most underappreciated and unknown European cuisines. There are few Hungarian restaurants outside the country so those who are interested in discovering Hungarian cuisine (and any food lover should be!) must go to Hungary to sample everything firsthand, prepared with real Hungarian ingredients-now by a new generation of talented chefs and winemakers. Despite the fact that last year more foreign tourists visited the city than ever before (36.6 million), there are still no guidebooks written in English focusing on Budapest restaurants and Hungarian food. Carolyn Bánfalvi has written the first culinary guide to Budapest, Food Wine Budapest. This book is a practical guide that contains the vocabulary you'll need (one obstacle to discovering Hungarian food and wine is the difficult Magyar language); dozens of restaurant, café, and shop reviews; and descriptions of Hungarian dishes and wines. The Hungarian wine industry is young, dynamic, and relatively little known outside of the country, which makes sampling its wines deliciously adventurous. The book will ensure that readers have memorable eating and drinking experiences. Throughout Food Wine Budapest there are also sidebars providing local color and in-depth information.
The Paprikas Weiss Hungarian Cookbook
The Paprikas Weiss Hungarian Cookbook
by Edward Weiss
Hardcover from Random House Value Publishing
Media Published: 1988-08-24
ISBN: 0517411199
A Taste of the Past: The Daily Life and Cooking of a Nineteenth-Century Hungarian-Jewish Homemaker
A Taste of the Past: The Daily Life and Cooking of a Nineteenth-Century Hungarian-Jewish Homemaker
by Andras Koerner
Paperback from UPNE
ISBN: 158465595X

A Taste of the Past is an entertaining reconstruction of the daily life and household of Therese (Riza) Baruch (1851-1938), the great-grandmother of the author, Andras Koerner. Based on an unusually complete cache of letters, recipes, personal artifacts, and eyewitness testimony, Koerner describes in loving detail the domestic life of a nineteenth-century Hungarian Jewish woman, with special emphasis on the meals she served her family.
Based on Riza's letters, part one offers an imaginative sketch of growing up in a religious middle-class family in the 1860s and 70s in an industrial town in western Hungary. Part one also describes Riza's reactions to the dilemmas posed by the early signs of Jewish assimilation. In part two, the heart of the book, Riza has married, moved to a smaller town near the Austrian border, and become the central figure of a large household. Koerner recreates a typical day in the life of Riza and her family, peppering his narrative with recipes of the food she served for breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon coffee-and-cake, and the much more modest evening meal.
Riza's family was religious, and Koerner also describes the special foods (pike in sour aspic, cholent, apple-matzo kugel, and much more) she served to celebrate the Sabbath and the six major Jewish holidays. Short introductions to the recipes describe the evolution of the dishes through the centuries, their role in Jewish culture, and how cultural influences and religious traditions shaped Riza's cooking.
More than 125 evocative pen-and-ink illustrations bring Riza's story and her food to life. A Taste of the Past offers an enchanting look at Jewish daily life in western Hungary in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, a time when middle-class Jews were increasingly assimilated into mainstream Hungarian life and culture. Such small-town Jewish life had completely disappeared due to the Holocaust. Koerner's book revives this lost world and invites the reader to be a guest in Riza's house to watch her caring for her family, shopping, cooking, and preparing for the holidays. By offering easy-to-follow updated versions of her recipes, the book also allows readers to savor Riza's dishes and desserts in their own kitchens, thus completing this experience of a visit to the past.
The Wines of Hungary (Classic Wine Library)
The Wines of Hungary (Classic Wine Library)
by Alex Liddell
Paperback from MITCH
ISBN: 1840007893
 Hungary has 22 wine regions, and a once-proud tradition that had to be completely reinvented after 45 years of communism--during which time the entire structure of grape growing and wine production was altered beyond recognition. This fascinating reference details that readjustment, which continues to this day, and shows how it has developed through privatization, foreign investment, and the dedication of small producers who struggle to achieve quality standards despite a chronic lack of capital. More than 300 wine producers are featured, not only from the famous regions like Tokaj and Villany, where significant progress has been made, but also from the lesser-known regions that may yet have the potential to make world-class wines.
Feasts: Food for Sharing from Central and Eastern Europe [UK version of the US title The Eastern and Central European Kitchen: Contemporary and Classic Recipes]
Feasts: Food for Sharing from Central and Eastern Europe [UK version of the US title The Eastern and Central European Kitchen: Contemporary & Classic Recipes]
by Silvena Rowe
Hardcover from Mitchell Beazley
ISBN: 1845331567

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