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Authentic Mexican: Regional Cooking from the Heart of Mexico
by Deann Groen Bayless, John Sandford, Rick Bayless.
Book Description: Americans have at last discovered Mexico's passion for exciting food. We've fallen in love with the great Mexican combination of rich, earthy flavors and casual, festive dining. But we don't begin to imagine how sumptuous and varied the cooking of Mexico really is. 

After ten years of loving exploration, Rick Bayless, together with his wife, Deann, gives us Authentic Mexican, the only complete and easy-to-use compendium of our southern neighbor's cooking. 

This all-embracing cookbook offers the full range of dishes, from poultry meat, fish, rice, beans, and vegetables to eggs, snacks made of corn masa, tacos, turnovers, enchiladas and their relatives, tamales, and moles, ending with desserts, sweets, and beverages. There are irresistible finger foods such as Yucatecan marinated shrimp tacos and crispy cheese-filled masa turnovers; spicy corn chowder and chorizo sausage with melted cheese will start off a special dinner; you will find mole poblano, charcoal-grilled pork in red-chile adobo, and marinated fish steamed in banana leaves for those times when you want to celebrate; and exotic ice creams, caramel custards, and pies top off any meal. There's even a section devoted to refreshing coolers, rich chocolate drinks, and a variety of tequila-laced cocktails. 

The master recipes feature all the pointers you'll need for re-creating genuine Mexican textures and flavors in a North American kitchen. Menu suggestions and timing and advance-preparation tips make these dishes perfectly convenient for today's working families. And traditional and contemporary variations accompany each recipe, allowing the cook to substitute and be creative. 

Rick and Deann Bayless traveled over thirty-five thousand miles investigating the six distinct regions of Mexico and learning to prepare what they found. From town to town, recipe by recipe, they personally introduce you to Mexico's cooks, their kitchens, their markets, and their feasts. 

More than one hundred illustrations carefully detail special cooking techniques as well as bring Mexico and its food to life. An introductory chapter shares Mexican culinary history and modern regional tastes and customs. And an illustrated glossary contains all that hard-to-find information about locating and working with authentic Mexican ingredients and cooking equipment. 

If, like the rest of us, you have a growing love for Mexican food, the reliable recipes in this book and the caring, personal presentation by Rick and Deann Bayless will provide meal after meal of pure pleasure for your family and friends.
Hardcover: 384 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.33 x 10.33 x 7.34 
Publisher: Morrow Cookbooks; (April 1987) 
 ISBN: 0688043941 

Beginning with Chiles
by Mary Lou Creechan, Jim Creechan. Paperback
Special Order 

Best from New Mexico Kitchens
by Sheila MacNien Cameron, Sheila MacNiven Cameron.

The Best of Mexico : A Cookbook
by Evie Righter (Editor), Steven Needham (Photographer)
Book Description: Among the world's great cuisines, the foods of Mexico stand out in their diversity and creativity. Rooted in its history of great and ancient Indian civilizations, inspired by the Spanish Conquistadores of the sixteenth century, and influenced by European tastes in the later revolutionary years, it is indeed a dynamic cuisine -- adaptable but remarkably complete even in its melding of different cultures. 

In The Best of Mexico, food editor Evie Righter has chosen the finest examples of culinary creativity from this intriguing and vibrant country. From the chiles, chocolate, nuts, and tomatoes puréed into exquisite sauces, to the corn, beans, avocados, and seafood combined into flavorful dishes, she presents the Mexican cook's ingredients and techniques in a clear and accessible style that will enlighten and inspire. 

Here are the favorite drinks, salsas, and tacos; festive dishes including enchiladas, tamales, and pozoles; elegant entréeslike Mole Poblano de Guajolote and Pescado a la Veracruzana, and well-loved desserts like Flan and Buñuelos. 

Color photographs throughout feature the dishes themselves as well as the bountiful waters and lively marketplaces so representative of Mexico. An essential guide to this distinctive cuisine, The Best of Mexico helps turn an ordinary meal into a fiesta.
Hardcover (October 1992)

Better Homes and Gardens Mexican Cooking (Better Homes and Gardens)
by Better Homes and Gardens, Carolyn B. Mitchell.

The Book of Mexican Foods
by Christine Barret, et al. Paperback 
(October 1991)

The Border Cookbook : Authentic Home Cooking of the Americam Southwest and Northern Mexico
by Cheryl Alters Jamison, Bill Jamison (Contributor).

Burritos! Hot on the Trail of the Little Burro
by David Thomsen, et al.

Cafe Pasqual's Cookbook : Spirited Recipes from Santa Fe
by Katharine Kagel, et al.
Paperback (October 1993)

Chevys & Rio Bravo Fresh Mex Cookbook

Cocina De LA Familia : Mas De 200 Recetas Authenticas De Las Cocinas Caseras Mexico-Americanas
by Marilyn Tausend, et al.
Paperback (December )

Cocina de la Familia: More Than 200 Authentic Recipes from Mexican-American Home Kitchens
by Marilyn Tausend, Miguel Ravago (Contributor).
Paperback (December )

Cocina Mexicana Saludable : Recetes Autenticas Con Bajo Contenido De Grasa
by Velda De LA Garza, et al. Paperback

Cocina Tradicional Mexicana/Tradition Mex Cooking
by Blanca Nieto, Nieto Blanca. Paperback

Complete Book of Mexican Cooking
by Elisbeth Ortiz, Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz.
Paperback (February 1992)

Contemporary Mexican Cooking : Famous Chefs' Recipes for the World's Greatest Mexican Specialties
by Anne Lindsay Greer, Anne G. McCann.

A Cook's Tour of Mexico : Authentic Recipes from the Country's Best Open-Air Markets, City Fondas, and Home Kitchens
by Nancy Zaslavsky.

Cooking With Baja Magic : Mouth-Watering Meals from the Enchanted Kitchens & Campfires of Baja
by Ann Hazard, et al.
Paperback: 205 pages
Renegade Enterprises; ISBN: 0965322319; 1 edition

Cooking With Too Hot Tamales : Recipes and Tips from the Television Food Network's Spiciest Cooking Duo
by Mary Sue Milliken, et al.
Hardcover: 226 pages
William Morrow & Co; ISBN: 0688151213;

Cuisines of Hidden Mexico : A Culinary Journey to Guerrero and Michoacan
by Bruce Kraig, Dudley Nieto (Contributor). Paperback (November )

The Cuisines of Mexico
by Diana Kennedy, et al. Paperback (September 1989)
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Deleites De LA Cocina Mexicana : Healthy Mexican American Cooking
by Maria Luisa Urdaneta, Daryl F. Kanter. Paperback (December )

Eat Smart in Mexico : How to Decipher the Menu, Know the Market Foods & Embark on a Tasting Adventure (Eat Smart Series, No. 4)
by Joan Peterson, et al. Paperback

El Charro Cafe : The Tastes and Traditions of Tucson
by Carlotta Flores.

El Norte : The Cuisine of Northern Mexico
by James Peyton(Photographer), et al.
Paperback (November )

The El Paso Chile Company Margarita Cookbook
by W. Park Kerr, Duane Winfield (Photographer).

The Festive Food of Mexico
by Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz. Hardcover

Fiestas for Four Seasons : Southwest Entertaining
by Jane Butel. Hardcover

The Fire 'N' Ice Cookbook : Mexican Food With a Bold New Attitude
by Linda Matthie-Jacobs, et al.

The Food and Life of Oaxaca : Traditional Recipes from Mexico's Heart
by Zarela Martinez
The Food and Life of Oaxaca, by New York restaurateur Zarela Martinez, is a fascinating cultural study disguised as a great cookbook. Martinez is part of the new renaissance of Mexican food writers and chefs, including Rick Bayless and Diana Kennedy, who reaffirm that culinary awareness goes hand in hand with cultural awareness. 

In fact, Martinez, a Mexican, credits her time in Oaxaca as "redefining my whole understanding of Mexico." Oaxaca is one of the most biologically and culturally diverse regions in Mexico, echoed throughout The Food and Life of Oaxaca in both the recipes and the accompanying essays. Martinez adamantly insists that to cook a dish, you must first understand it. She provides not only the how-to of a recipe, but also the why. In the chapter on moles, she provides seven outstanding recipes and explains beautifully why the sauces predominate Oaxacan cuisine. Her section on tamales is simply one of the best available, providing solid instruction and Oaxacan variations of the traditional Mexican party food. Chefs new to Mexican cuisine will find the glossary of ingredients indispensable. And any chef will find Martinez's passion for her subject inspiring.--Mark O. Howerton -
Hardcover: 320 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.00 x 10.08 x 8.07 
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons; (December 8, ) 
ISBN: 0028603508 

Antojitos Mexicanos
by Catalina Alvarez
Paperback (December )
Delivery sometimes delayed.

Arizona Cook Book
by Al Fischer(Editor), Mildred Fischer (Editor)
Paperback (December 1974)

El Sabor De Mexico
by Patricia Quintana, Ignacio Urquiza (Photographer).
Paperback (December )
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Cocina Economica/Inexpensive Mexican Cooking
by Cano Puertos Blanca. Paperback
Out of Print - Try Used Books

El Cholo Cookbook : Recipes and Memories from California's Best-Loved Mexican Kitchen
by Merrill Shindler. Hardcover (April )
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Art of Mexican Cooking : Traditional Mexican Cooking for Aficionados
by Diana Kennedy
Hardcover - 526 pages (November 1989)
Bantam Books; ISBN: 0553057065
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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