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Polish Classic Recipes (Classics Series)
Polish Classic Recipes (Classics Series)
by Peter Zeranski, Laura Zeranski
Hardcover from Pelican Publishing
Media Published: 2011-04-05
ISBN: 1589809610
Hospitality and hearty food are the hallmarks of the Polish dining experience. This classic and concise cookbook features dozens of favorite Polish dishes showcasing a variety of flavors, preparation techniques, and ingredient selections. With titles given in both Polish and English, recipes range from cucumber salad and beet soup to pork cutlets and potato pancakes. A chapter devoted to pierogi presents the dumplings with an assortment of fillings, and the final chapter of sweets tops off any meal in true Polish fashion. Like all the books in Pelican's Classic Recipe Series, the entries in this collection were carefully selected to provide a cross section of memorable and authentic dishes. Organized by course, the offerings range from appetizers and salads to sides and sweets, featuring the most iconic and national of dishes--Hunter's Stew and Barszcz--alongside simple comfort food and a handful of desserts, including honey cake, poppy seed rolls, and chocolate mazurka.
Designed for the modern kitchen yet retaining traditional roots, each heritage recipe has been tested to perfection. Accompanied by notes on Polish holiday customs, history, and menu pairing suggestions, these dishes offer a flavorful sample of the Polish dining experience, as passed down from generation to generation.
Treasured Polish Recipes for Americans
Treasured Polish Recipes for Americans
by Sokolowski
Hardcover from Polanie Pub Co
ISBN: 0685226506

Treasured Polish Recipes for Americans
Edited by Marie Sokolowski and Irene Jasinski
Illustrated by Stanley Legun

Much time and effort has been spent in research and study of old Polish cookbooks and in collecting recipes from good Polish cooks in America. First published in United States in 1948, it was the first complete book of Polish cookery in the English language.

There are chapters on Appetizers, Soups, Meats, Poultry and Game, Fish, Vegetables, Mushrooms, Dairy Dishes, Pastries and Desserts. Recipes are included for famous Polish barszcz, for bigos, czarnina, pierogi, nalesniki, paszteciki... and hundreds of other interesting Polish foods.

It contains brief stories of Polish festivities and customs such as Christmas Eve (Wigilia), Harvest Festival (Do&#380ynki) and others.

The cover design is by the noted Polish Folk Artist Marya Werten. Original illustrations by Stanley Legun give the book a true Polish atmosphere. American housewives interested in new foods with foreign flavor will want this book. Person of Polish background will enjoy and treasure it. The book will make an original and individual gift for any occasion, like Christmas, Birthday, Mother's Day, or as an Appreciation gift.

Publishing House: Polanie Publishing Co, Minneapolis
Hardcover book measuring 5.7" x 8.8"
170 pages, illustrations
English Language Version

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Polish Heritage Cookery
Polish Heritage Cookery
by Robert Strybel, Maria Strybel
Hardcover from Hippocrene Books
ISBN: 0781800692

Today's Polish cuisine is a blend of hearty peasant dishes and more elegant gourmet fare, assimilating a broad cross-section of cultural influences (Lithuanian, Ukrainian, French, Italian, Jewish, Bohemian, Bavarian, etc.) without losing its distinct Slavic flavour. Polish Heritage Cookery is a very extensive and varied Polish cookbook with 2200 recipes in 19 categories.

Old Polish Traditions in the Kitchen and at the Table (Hippocrene International Cookbook Series)
Old Polish Traditions in the Kitchen and at the Table (Hippocrene International Cookbook Series)
by Maria Lemnis, Henryk Vitry
Paperback from Hippocrene Books
ISBN: 0781804884
Here are nearly 100 recipes for such classic Polish favorites as "Beer Soup with Sour Cream and Cottage Cheese," "Roast Beef Roll with Mushrooms," "Roast Pork with Caraway Polish Style," and "Old Polish Royal Mazurek." Short essays also cover subjects like Polish hospitality, holiday traditions, even the exalted status of the mushroom. The recipes are traditional family fare.
Polish Sausages, Authentic Recipes And Instructions
Polish Sausages, Authentic Recipes And Instructions
by Stanley Marianski
Paperback from Bookmagic LLC
Media Published: 2009-06-29
ISBN: 0982426720
Most books on sausage making are filled with unknown quality recipes, this book is different. It contains carefully compiled government recipes that were used by Polish meat plants between 1950-1990. Those recipes were not written by restaurant cooks or college students running web sites, but by the best professionals in the meat science industry the country had. The recipes presented in this book come from those government manuals and they were never published before. These are recipes and production processes of the authentic products that were made by Polish meat plants and sold to the public. Most of those sausages are still made and sold in Poland. The unique strength of the book lies in those detailed instructions and after reading the book the readers will understand how to make all types of sausages, select the best meats and apply cures, smoke products with cold or hot smoke, and create their own recipes without adding chemicals.
Art of Polish Cooking, The
Art of Polish Cooking, The
by Alina Zeranska
Hardcover from Pelican Publishing
Media Published: 1989-01-31
ISBN: 0882897098
"A valued standard on Polish traditions and cuisine for thousands of readers in the United States and abroad." -Washington Post Polish gourmet traditions are as old as Polish culture, which has written history over a thousand years. And here is the definitive Polish cookbook, The Art of Polish Cooking, containing 500 authentic recipes which reflect the proud traditions of this ancient country. This cookbook is complete with recipes for hors d'oeuvres, soups, entrees, vegetables, pastries, desserts, and beverages. Special holiday menus are also presented, along with charming descriptions of traditional Polish feasts and celebrations. Polish cooking is characterized by herbs like dill, caraway seed, and green parsley. Sour cream is another essential ingredient. Author Alina Zeranska provides easy-to-follow recipes for favorites like Cabbage Rolls, Chicken in Dill Sauce, Meat Pierogis, and Fruit Mazurka. Mrs. Zeranska has translated these Polish recipes perfectly using exact American measurements. This is truly an authentic book of Polish cuisine for family use and elegant entertaining in the old world tradition.
Polish Holiday Cookery
Polish Holiday Cookery
by Robert Strybel
Hardcover from Hippocrene Books
ISBN: 0781809940
Polish Holiday Cookery acquaints readers with traditional Polish foods associated with various occasions and furnishes countless cooking tips and serving suggestions. This "instruction manual for the culturally aware Polish American" offers more than 400 recipes, along with a lexicon of basic foods and culinary concepts, ingredients and procedures, and sample menus. The clearly-written recipes facilitate the preparation of the dishes and their incorporation in the Polish-American mainstream culture.

Polish Holiday Cookery covers holidays such as Christmas and Easter, as well as celebrations year-round. Ideas for banquets, picnics, dinners, and family favorites abound throughout, ensuring that cooks have a selection of dishes for any occasion.

Polish Cookery : Poland s Bestselling Cookbook Adapted for American Kitchens
Polish Cookery : Poland's Bestselling Cookbook Adapted for American Kitchens
by Marja Ochorowicz-Monatowa
Hardcover from Clarkson Potter
Media Published: 1968-04-13
ISBN: 0517505266
Poland, like France, is a country where people really know food. One can stop at a wayside inn in the country or at a modest restaurant in a working-class city neighborhood and be served a meal worth remembering. Good food is a tradition.
Polish Cookery is an American adaptation of Uniwersalna Ksiazka Kucharska (The Universal Cookbook), long the most famous standard cookbook in Poland. All weights and measures have been converted to American usage, and suitable substitutions are provided for hard-to-get ingredients. The recipes range from the familiar to the exotic and include soups like Polish Mushroom and Barley Soup, Fresh Cabbage Soup, many variations of Barszcz, the famous Polish beet soup, and Sorrel Soup with Sour Cream.
The Poles are very fond of pates, dumplings, and meat pastries. In Polish Cookery, you'll find recipes for Meat Patties, Potato Croquettes, Venison Pastry, Partridge Pie, Game Pate, many variations on the celebrated Pierogi, or dough pockets, and Buckwheat Cakes.
Authentic entrees include Loin of Venison, Roast Wild Goose, Smothered Pike, Turkey in Madeira Sauce. Chicken Casserole with Currants, Smothered Duck in Caper Sauce, Hussar Pot Roast, Tenderloin Smothered in Sour Cream, and perhaps Poland's most famous dish, Bigos, or Hunter's Stew.
To round out the Polish meal, there are recipes for Mashed Turnips and Potatoes, Split Pea Fritters, Stuffed Kohlrabi, Fried Carrots, Mushroom Ramekins, and Pearl Barley with Dried Mushrooms.
Finally Polish Cookery offers such dessert treats as Almond Torte, Cracow Torte, Spice Cake, and Almond Babka.
Polish cuisine evolved over centuries, a combination of East and West, aristocratic hauteur and peasant fare. It is a rich culinary heritage that is faithfully represented here in Polish Cookery.

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