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The Mitsitam Cafe Cookbook: Recipes from the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian
The Mitsitam Cafe Cookbook: Recipes from the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian
by Richard Hetzler
Hardcover from Fulcrum Publishing
ISBN: 155591747X Since the 2004 opening of the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC, the museum's Mitsitam Cafe (mitsitam means "let's eat" in the Piscataway and Delaware languages) has become a destination in its own right. Featured on Rachael Ray's television show and praised by reviewers nationwide, the Mitsitam Cafecontinues to receive accolades from both critics and visitors.

Drawing upon tribal culinary traditions from five regions--Northern Woodlands, Great Plains, North Pacific Coast, Mesoamerica, and South America--the cafe's offerings feature staples that were once unknown in the rest of the world in dishes such as:

  • Squash Blossom Soup
  • Cedar-Planked, Fire-Roasted Salmon
  • Pulled Buffalo Sandwich with Chayote Slaw
  • Corn and Tomato Stew
  • Cranberry Crumble
Replete with beautiful photographs of the finished dishes as well as objects and archival photographs from the museum's vast collections, The Mitsitam Cafe Cookbook showcases the Americas' truly indigenous foods in ninety easy-to-follow, home-tested recipes.

A 1995 graduate of the Baltimore International Culinary College, author Richard Hetzler worked at several fine-dining restaurants in the Washington, DC, and Baltimore area before joining the food-service firm Restaurant Associates at the Smithsonian. Hetzler was on the team that researched and developed the groundbreaking concept for the Mitsitam Cafe: serving indigenous foods that are the staples of five Native culture areas in North and South America. As the executive chef of the cafe, he continues to create and refine seasonal menus that showcase the Americas' native bounty.

Spirit of the Harvest: North American Indian Cooking
Spirit of the Harvest: North American Indian Cooking
by Martin Jacobs, Beverly Cox
Hardcover from Stewart Tabori & Chang
ISBN: 1556701861

The reissued James Beard and IACP award winner Spirit of the Harvest brings authentic Native American recipes into the modern home kitchen. This carefully researched cookbook presents 150 recipes from across the United States, incorporating many indigenous ingredients and traditional dishes from the Cherokee, Chippewa, Navajo, Sioux, Mohegan, Iroquois, Comanche, Hopi, and many other North American tribes. Each chapter is introduced by an expert on the region and discusses the cultures of major tribal groups, their diets, their ceremonial use of food, and the historic dishes they developed. Spirit of the Harvest celebrates the many cooking traditions that have stood the test of time and are still very much alive today.

Seminole Indian Recipes (Famous Florida Series)
Seminole Indian Recipes (Famous Florida Series)
by Marina Polvay
Paperback from SeaSide Publications
ISBN: 0942084357
Delivery sometimes delayed
This collection of authentic recipes is a reminder of a culture and cuisine as strong today as it was centuries ago. Included are such classics as Indian Fry Bread, Baconed Hominy, Fried Frog Legs, and Roast Wild Turkey. Most recipes call for easy-to-find ingredients, but there are also instructions for more unusual fare including Alligator Tail Steak, a generational favorite. Polvay, internationally known cuisine consultant and author, is often published in Town and Country, Gourmet and Bon Appetit.
Native Harvests: American Indian Wild Foods and Recipes
Native Harvests: American Indian Wild Foods and Recipes
by E. Barrie Kavasch
Paperback from Dover Publications
ISBN: 048644063X Practical primer on natural foods not only provides recipes for varied Native American dishes but also describes uses of ceremonial, medicinal, and sacred plants. From clambakes to wild strawberry bread, the volume is simultaneously a field guide, cookbook, and useful manual on herbal remedies. 139 black-and-white illustrations; 8 in color.
Earth Medicine, Earth Food
Earth Medicine, Earth Food
by Michael A. Weiner
Paperback from Ballantine Books
Media Published: 1990-12-12
ISBN: 0449905896

Long before there was pharmacology as we know it, the North American Indians cured illness and maintained health by natural means, using the healing plants of the forest, desert, and seashore. Their discoveries continue to have impact on modern medicine: over 25 percent of all prescription drugs contain plant derivatives, and the mainstream medical establishment is acknowledging the effectiveness of herbal remedies in treating certain illnesses.
Earth Medicine, Earth Food is an A-to-Z reference to the plant remedies and wild foods used by the Indians. Organized by condition -- from allergies to female complaints to wounds -- it explains which plants were used by different tribes to treat specific maladies, how they were prepared, and how to identify them in the wild. You'll learn that:
-- The Catawba Indians treated back pain with a tea of arnica roots
-- The Iroquois and Mohegans used the boneset weed for colds and fever
-- The Blackfoot Indians applied a paste of scarlet mallow to burns as a cooling agent
-- The Menominees cured insomnia with a tea steeped from the leaves of the partridge berry plant
-- The Onondagas drank pennyroyal tea for headache
Earth Medicine, Earth Food also discusses non-animal food sources consumed by the Indians such as nuts, seeds, berries, and ferns, and examines the relevance of traditional dietary patterns to the way we eat now.
With over 160 detailed illustrations of plants as they are found in nature, Earth Medicine, Earth Food belongs on your shelf next to such works as Food and Healing Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine, and guides to Chinese medicine.

A Taste of Heritage: Crow Indian Recipes and Herbal Medicines (At Table)
A Taste of Heritage: Crow Indian Recipes and Herbal Medicines (At Table)
by Alma Hogan Snell
Paperback from Bison Books
ISBN: 0803293534 Drawing on the knowledge and wisdom of countless generations of Crow Indian women, the well-known speaker and teacher Alma Hogan Snell presents an indispensable guide to the traditional lore, culinary uses, and healing properties of native foods.A Taste of Heritage imparts the lore of ages along with the traditional Crow philosophy of healing and detailed practical advice for finding and harvesting plants: from the key to creating irresistible dishes of cattails and dandelions, salsify and Juneberries, antelope meat and buffalo hooves, to the secret of using plants to enhance beauty and incite love. Snell describes the age-old practice of turning wildflowers and garden plants into balms and remedies for such ailments and injuries as snakebite, headache, leg cramps, swollen joints, asthma, and sores. She brings to bear not only her lifetime of experience but also the invaluable lessons of her grandmother, the legendary medicine woman Pretty Shield.With life-enhancing recipes for everything from soups, teas, and breads to poultices, aphrodisiacs, and fertility aids, A Taste of Heritage is above all a fascinating cultural document certain to enrich the reader's relationship with the natural world.
Foods of the Americas: Native Recipes and Traditions
Foods of the Americas: Native Recipes and Traditions
by Smithsonian American Indian, Fernando Divina, Marlene Divina
Paperback from Ten Speed Press
Media Published: 2010-06-08
ISBN: 1580081193
For many American Indians, food is more than sustenance--it is also of vital cultural significance. Salmon, buffalo, berries, acorns, quinoa, wild rice, tomatoes, chocolate, and especially corn--where these indigenous staples flourish, they have become a central part of Native American ceremonies and creation stories.

This illuminating book, produced in association with the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, celebrates the amazing diversity of the original foods of North, Central, and South America. Winner of a 2005 James Beard Award, Foods of the Americas highlights indigenous ingredients, traditional recipes, and contemporary recipes with ancient roots. Written by chef Fernando Divina and his wife, Marlene Divina (who is of Chippewa, Cree, and Assiniboine heritage), Foods of the Americas includes 140 modern recipes representing tribes and communities from all regions of the Americas.

Some of the specialties are:
Fry Bread
Turkey with Oaxacan Black Mole
Wild Rice and Corn Fritters
Venison with Juniper and Wild Huckleberry Sauce
Chilean-Style Avocado and Shrimp Salad

To complement the recipes, Foods of the Americas also features nine illustrated short essays by American Indian writers who offer personal insights into a variety of indigenous food traditions. With enticing food photography and images from the museum's collection, Foods of the Americas is not only an innovative tribute to the foods of the Western Hemisphere but also a gorgeous testament to the Native contribution to American cuisine.

Native Indian Cookbook: Wild Game, Fish, and Wild Edibles
Native Indian Cookbook: Wild Game, Fish, and Wild Edibles

Paperback from Stackpole Books
Media Published: 2007-07-10
ISBN: 0811734323
Feast on dishes that are simple to prepare, elegant to serve, and feature all types of wild game, fish, wild plants, berries, and nuts. This is the only book of its kind--presenting the culinary heritage of the North American Native Peoples in a practical way for the modern cook. Recipes include Wild Goose with Apple Raisin Stuffing, Wild Turkey with Oyster Stuffing, Salmon Rice Salad, Mad Bear s Elk Stew, Black Walnut Soufflé, Braised Venison and Vegetables, and dozens of others. Much of the material for the book was provided by the Lovesick Lake Native Women s Association. The research and information gathered from an extensive 2-year oral history project formed the backbone for this book. Also includes the collections received from the Cherokee in North Carolina and groups in the Southwest and Pacific Northwest.

Foods of the Southwest Indian Nations
Foods of the Southwest Indian Nations
by Lois Ellen Frank
Hardcover from Ten Speed Press
Media Published: 2002-08-06
ISBN: 1580083986
In this gloriously photographed book, renowned photographer and Native American-food expert Lois Ellen Frank, herself part Kiowa, presents more than 80 recipes that are rich in natural flavors and perfectly in tune with today's healthy eating habits. Frank spent four years visiting reservations in the Southwest, documenting time-honored techniques and recipes. With the help of culinary advisor and Navajo Nation tribesman Walter Whitewater, a chef in Santa Fe, Frank has adapted the traditional recipes to modern palates and kitchens. Inside you'll find such dishes as Stuffed Tempura Chiles with Fiery Bean Sauce, Zuni Sunflower Cakes, and Prickly Pear Ice. With its wealth of information, this book makes it easy to prepare and celebrate authentic Native American cooking. Includes sources for special ingredients and substitutions. Chapters are organized by the staples of Native American cuisine: corn, vine-growing vegetables, wild fruits and greens, legumes, game birds, meats, fish, and breads. 

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