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The Arapaho Tribe (Native Peoples)
by Allison Lassieur
(School & Library Binding)

The Arapaho Indians (Junior Library of American Indians)
by Vicki Halusha
(Library Binding - December 1993)

The Arapahoes, Our People
by Virginia Cole Trenholm
Special Order

The Arapaho Indians: A Research Guide and Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in Anthropology, No 4)
by Zdenek Salzmann
(Hardcover - April 1988)

Adaline Falling Star
by Mary Pope Osborne

Chief Left Hand: Southern Arapaho (Civilization of the American Indian, Vol 159)
by Margaret Coel
Paperback: ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.99 x 9.08 x 5.97
Publisher: Univ of Oklahoma Pr (Trd); Reprint edition (March 1988)
ISBN: 0806120304

In the Heart of the Rockies
by G. A. Henty, G. C. Hindley

The Shadow Dancer
by Margaret Coel (Fiction)
Book Description: Margaret Coel's mysteries, set on the Wind River Reservation, have been acclaimed by Tony Hillerman, who called her "a master." Now she presents her newest and most engrossing tale. 

James Sherwood, aka "Orlando," has resurrected the old Shadow Dance religion, having his followers dance for days at a time for the promise of an Indian paradise. For Orlando and his followers, nothing must delay the coming of the New World-not even the investigation of Ben Holden's death. Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden and her friend, Father John O'Malley, believe that Orlando has more to do with it than he lets on. But to get the proof they need, they will have to learn his dance.
Hardcover: 291 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.02 x 8.64 x 5.54
Publisher: Prime Crime;
ISBN: 0425186407

Horse Raid: An Arapaho Camp in the 1800's (Odyssey (Smithsonian Institution).)
by Susan Korman, Bill Farnsworth (Illustrator)

What You See in Clear Water: Life on the Wind River Reservation
by Geoffrey O'Gara
Listed under Shoshone

The Four Hills of Life: Northern Arapaho Knowledge and Life Movement (Studies in the Anthropology of North American Indians Series)
by Jeffrey D. Anderson
from Univ of Nebraska Pr

Killing Raven
by Margaret Coel (Fiction)
from Prime Crime

In the Heart of the Rockies
by G. A. Henty, G. C. Hindley
from Lost Classics

One Hundred Years of Old Man Sage: An Arapaho Life (Studies in the Anthropology of North American Indians Series)
by Jeffrey D. Anderson
Book Description: Sherman Sage (ca. 1844–1943) was an unforgettable Arapaho man who witnessed profound change in his community and was one of the last to see the Plains black with buffalo. As a young warrior, Sage defended his band many times, raided enemy camps, saw the first houses go up in Denver, was present at Fort Laramie for the signing of the 1868 treaty, and witnessed Crazy Horse's surrender. Later, he visited the Ghost Dance prophet Wovoka and became a link in the spread of the Ghost Dance religion to other Plains Indian tribes. As an elder, Old Man Sage was a respected, vigorous leader, walking miles to visit friends and family even in his nineties. One of the most interviewed Native Americans in the Old West, Sage was a wellspring of information for both Arapahos and outsiders about older tribal customs. 

Anthropologist Jeffrey D. Anderson gathered information about Sage's long life from archives, interviews, recollections, and published sources and has here woven it into a compelling biography. We see different sides of Sage—how he followed a traditional Arapaho life path; what he learned about the Rocky Mountains and Plains; what he saw and did as outsiders invaded the Arapahos' homeland in the nineteenth century; how he adjusted, survived, and guided other Arapahos during the early reservation years; and how his legacy lives on today. The remembrances of Old Man Sage's relatives and descendants of friends make apparent that his vision and guidance were not limited to his lifetime but remain vital today in the Northern Arapaho tribe. 

Jeffrey D. Anderson is an associate professor of anthropology at Colby College. He is the author of The Four Hills of Life: Northern Arapaho Knowledge and Life Movement (Nebraska ).
Hardcover: 140 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.76 x 9.28 x 6.40
Publisher: Univ of Nebraska Pr; (March )
ISBN: 0803210612
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