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War under Heaven: Pontiac, the Indian Nations, and the British Empire
by Gregory Evans Dowd
Book Description: The 1763 Treaty of Paris ceded much of the continent east of the Mississippi to Great Britain, a claim which the Indian nations of the Great Lakes, who suddenly found themselves under British rule, considered outrageous. Unlike the French, with whom Great Lakes Indians had formed an alliance of convenience, the British entered the upper Great Lakes in a spirit of conquest. British officers on the frontier keenly felt the need to assert their assumed superiority over both Native Americans and European settlers. At the same time, Indian leaders expected appropriate tokens of British regard, gifts the British refused to give. It is this issue of respect that, according to Gregory Dowd, lies at the root of the war the Ottawa chief Pontiac and his alliance of Great Lakes Indians waged on the British Empire between 1763 and 1767. 

In War under Heaven, Dowd boldly reinterprets the causes and consequences of Pontiac's War. Where previous Anglocentric histories have ascribed this dramatic uprising to disputes over trade and land, this groundbreaking work traces the conflict back to status: both the low regard in which the British held the Indians and the concern among Native American leaders about their people's standing--and their sovereignty--in the eyes of the British. Pontiac's War also embodied a clash of world views, and Dowd examines the central role that Indian cultural practices and beliefs played in the conflict, explores the political and military culture of the British Empire which informed the attitudes its servants had toward Indians, provides deft and insightful portraits of Pontiac and his British adversaries, and offers a detailed analysis of the military and diplomatic strategies of both sides. Imaginatively conceived and compellingly told, War under Heaven redefines our understanding of Anglo-Indian relations in the colonial period.
Hardcover from Johns Hopkins Univ Pr

Brothers of the Heart: A Story of the Old Northwest 1837-1838
by Joan W. Blos
(Paperback - October 1993)

Ritual and Myth in Odawa Revitalization: Reclaiming a Sovereign Place
by Melissa A. Pflug, Lee Irwin
Hardcover from Univ of Oklahoma Pr (Txt)

The Ottawa (Native American People)
by Kathi Howes, Katherine Ace, Rourke Publishing Group, Barbara A. McCall
Library Binding from The Rourke Book Company, Inc.

Pontiac and the Indian Uprising (Great Lakes Books)
by Howard Henry Peckham
Paperback from Wayne State Univ Pr (T)
Special Order

Potawatomi Indians of Michigan, 1843-1904, Including some Ottawa and Chippewa, 1843-1866, and Potawatomi of Indiana, 1869 and 1885
by R. Lantz
Listed under Native Americans

Yellowstone Kelly: Gentleman and Scout (Frontier Library (Ottawa, Ill.).)
by Peter Bowen
Hardcover from Jameson Books
Special Order

Forest Warrior the Story of Pontiac (Famous American Indian Leaders)
by Jill Wheeler, Paul Deegan, Liz Dodson
School & Library Binding from Abdo & Daughters
Special Order

"Haughty Conquerors" : Amherst and the Great Indian Uprising of 1763
by William R. Nester
Hardcover from Praeger Publishers

History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan
by Andrew J. Blackbird
Paperback from

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