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Blue Jacket: Warrior of the Shawnees
Blue Jacket: Warrior of the Shawnees (American Indian Lives Series)
by John Sugden
Book Description: 2001 Ohioana Book Award
Blue Jacket (ca. 1743–ca. 1808), or Waweyapiersenwaw, was the galvanizing force behind an intertribal confederacy of unparalleled scope that fought a long and bloody war against white encroachments into the Shawnees' homeland in the Ohio River Valley. Blue Jacket was an astute strategist and diplomat who, though courted by American and British leaders, remained a staunch defender of the Shawnees' independence and territory. In this arresting and controversial account, John Sugden depicts the most influential Native American leader of his time. 

John Sugden is an independent scholar and a former associate editor of Oxford University Press's American National Biography project. His books include Tecumseh: A Life, winner of the Society for Military History Distinguished Book Award. 
Paperback from Bison Bks Corp

Blue Jacket: Warrior of the Shawnees (American Indian Lives)
by John Sugden

Cummings' Vocabulary of Shawnee
by Richard W. Cummings

Denny's Vocabulary of Shawnee
by Ebenezer Denny

French and Indians of the Illinois River (Shawnee Classics)
by Nehemiah Matson, Rodney O. Davis

A History of Jonathan Alder: His Captivity and Life With the Indians (Series on Ohio History and Culture)
by Henry Clay Alder, et al

The Life of Tecumseh and His Brother the Prophet
The Life of Tecumseh and His Brother the Prophet
by Benjamin Drake
Paperback from University Press of the Pacific

Life of Tecumseh and of His Brother the Prophet, With a Historical Sketch of the Shawanoe Indians 1858
by Benjamin Drake
Paperback from Kessinger Publishing Company

The Shawnee Indians (The Junior Library of American Indians)
by Terrance Dolan, Terrence Dolan

A Sorrow in Our Heart: The Life of Tecumseh
by Allan W. Eckert
(Mass Market Paperback)

The Shawnee Indians
by Randolph Noe

The Shawnee (True Books, American Indians)
by Alice K. Flanagan, Brendan January (Editor)

Tecumseh: A Life
Tecumseh: A Life
by John Sugden
Paperback from Henry Holt & Company, Inc.
Tecumseh and the Quest for Indian Leadership
by W. Edmunds, R. David Edmunds
(Textbook Binding)

Tecumseh : Shawnee War Chief (Native American Biographies)
by Jane Fleischer, Hal Frenck (Illustrator)
(Paperback - December 1979)

Tecumseh: Chief of the Shawnee (Spirit of America Our People)
by C. Ann Fitterer
(School & Library Binding)

Tecumseh, 1768-1813 (Blue Earth Books: American Indian Biographies)
by Rachel A. Koestler-Grack
(School & Library Binding)

The Legend of Blue Jacket
by Michael P. Spradlin, Ronald Himler (Illustrator)

The Shawnee Prophet
by R. David Edmunds
(Paperback - April 1985)

The Shawnee-Northeast
by Janet Hubbard-Brown, Frank W., III Porter (Editor)

The Shawnee (First Reports Native Americans)
by Petra Press (School & Library Binding)

These Lands Are Ours: Tecumseh's Fight for the Old Northwest (Stories of America)
by Jan Naimo Jones (Illustrator), Kate Connell
(Paperback - June 1993)

The Tuscarawas Valley in Indian Days 1750-1797: Original Journals and Old Maps
by Russell H. Booth
Listed under Ohio History

White Bead Ceremony (The Greyfeather Series)
by Sherrin Watkins, Kim Doner (Illustrator)
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