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An Indian Winter
by Russell Freedman, Karl Bodmer
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Paperback from Holiday House

Corn Among the Indians of the Upper Missouri
by George F. Will, et al

Dammed Indians: The Pick-Sloan Plan and the Missouri River Sioux, 1944-1980
by Michael Lawson, Vine, Jr. Deloria
Listed under Sioux

The Encyclopedia of Missouri Indians A to Z
Hardcover from Somerset Pub

Special Order

Five Indian Tribes of the Upper Missouri: Sioux, Arickaras, Assiniboines, Crees and Crows (Civilization of the American Indian Series, No 59)
by John C. Ewers (Editor), Edwin Thompson Denig
(Paperback - February 1976)

The Osage in Missouri (Missouri Heritage Readers Series)
by Kristie C. Wolferman
Listed under Osage

Uses of Plants by the Indians of the Missouri River Region
by Melvin R. Gilmore, Bellamy Parks Jansen (Illustrator)
(Paperback - December 1991)

The Petroglyphs and Pictographs of Missouri
by Carol Diaz-Granados, James R. Duncan
Listed under Rock Art

The Trail of Tears Across Missouri (Missouri Heritage Readers Series)
by Joan Gilbert

Indian Life on the Upper Missouri (Civilization of the American Indian Series, Vol 89)
by John Canfield Ewers
(Paperback - December 1988)

Indians and Archaeology of Missouri
by Carl H. Chapman, Eleanor F. Chapman (Contributor)
(Paperback - October 1983)

The Many Hands of My Relations: French and Indians on the Lower Missouri
by Tanis C. Thorne

The Prehistory of Missouri
by Michael J. O'Brien, W. Raymond Wood
Paperback from Univ of Missouri Pr (Txt)

Missouri: Indian Dictionary for Kids (Carole Marsh State Books Series)
by Carole Marsh
Hardcover from Gallopade Pub Group

Special Order

Journal of an Expedition to the Mauvaises Terres and the Upper Missouri in 1850
by Thaddeus A. Culbertson
Paperback from Ye Galleon Pr
Special Order

Mopan: Culture and Ethnicity in a Changing Belizean Community (University of Missouri Monographs in Anthropology, No 7)
by James R. Gregory
Paperback from Univ of Missouri
Special Order

Missouri Indians!: A Kid's Look at Our State's Chiefs, Tribes, Reservations, Powwows, Lore & More from the Past & the Present (Carole Marsh State Books)
by Carole Marsh
Hardcover from Gallopade Pub Group

Special Order

Journal Of Rudolph Friederich Kurz: An Account Of His Experiences Among Fur Traders And American Indians On The Mississippi And Upper Missouri Rivers (Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletins)
by Myrtis Jarrell
Library Binding from Reprint Services Corp
Special Order

With Pen and Pencil on the Frontier in 1851: The Diary and Sketches of Frank Blackwell Mayer
by Frank Blackwell Mayer, Bertha L. Heilbron, Thomas O'Sullivan
Paperback from Minnesota Historical Society
Special Order

Paradigms of the Past: The Story of Missouri Archaeology
by Michael J. O'Brien
Paperback from Univ of Missouri Pr (Txt)

Special Order
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